MONDAY MOOD: 6 Ways to Wind Down After a Hectic Day

I feel like more than ever I need a little help winding down  after a long day with the whole fam and trying to balance work, home school and daily household tasks to keep our home running efficiently. I naturally have a good amount of energy, especially when I’m being consistent with workouts and clean eats so sometimes I struggle with “turning OFF” at night.  And all you mama’s know that there’s always a million tasks lingering before you feel like you can focus on yourself and chill out.

Quarantine has honestly been kinda nice for this reason since we’re all at home and have more time at night to relax. Since I’m with the kids ALL day, I don’t feel as guilty ocassionally doing me at night and hiding in my room to wind down. Here are some of my fave ways to relax after a busy day:

WINE down

Do you love that this was the first one that came to mind? 😉  All I have to say is I think between the hubby and me, we should be buying stock in the wine industry at this point, ha! I’ve definitely been drinking more than usual but with quarantine, home school and not many social things to look forward to, it’s something nice to add to the schedule after a long day that always helps me relax. I try to keep it one small glass and then don’t feel bad about it because #balance right?! A glass of wine and my backyard hangs playlist always helps me and the hubby wind down for the day. You girls can see my favorite rosés and budget-friendly reds. I also SO appreciate all your budget-friendly wine recs you shared last month and we have diligently been trying them so an updated budget-friendly wine post coming your way soon!

Head Outside

I’ll admit we weren’t really a bike riding family and will say one positive thing to come out of this quarantine has been getting back to the basics. I’ll share more on this in a full post because I do think there have some positives to come out of this quarantine. But on the topic of winding down, we started doing some family activities that have been really great. My ideal night lately is heading down to the beach for a little sunset stroll with the fam (the beaches are wide open then). We’ve also been taking evening bike rides and family walks which is nice now that it stays light so late. Even chilling in the backyard after the kiddos go down is nice – there’s something about being outside in the warm evenings that’s crazy relaxing.

A little bit of Pampering

You girls seemed to love my At-Home Facial post which I was so happy to see! I’m definitely missing my monthly facials but I have to say I get pretty excited to open up my skincare drawer and use all the goodies and tools I already own. Nothing better than putting on some music, hiding out in my bathroom, and doing some skincare to get a little me time! I’ll be sharing more of At-Home Beauty Hacks this week so stay tuned for that.


Okay I feel like a broken record but every time I get on Pinterest I always find myself thinking to myself ” Gosh, I love Pinterest”. It feels like Instagram without all the noise and pressure. I always find so many inspiring things and it’s just so relaxing for me. I shared that I love Pinterest and mood boards on my tips for finding motivation and I’m also all about it in the evening. I tryyyy not to be on my devices leading up to bedtime but sometimes if my hubby is watching something I’m not into, I’ll grab my laptop (and wine) and pin for a bit. This is usually when I’m just pinning for fun vs. looking for something specific of meal planning or whatever. So come PIN with me if we’re not Pinterest friends already!

Stretch and Recover

It depends on what type of workout I’ve done that day but if I’m hurting, the hubby and I like to chill out with some recovery tools like this killer one which is on sale! That really gets deep into muscle tissues and soreness and my husband uses it nightly (it will probably be on my Fathers Day Gift Guide coming up soon). I love This Neck and Shoulder Massager as well that I am planning on sharing on my next Self-Care Saturday stories segment. It looks ridiculous (because you wear it around your shoulders) but LOVVVE this thing! If you like a deep massage in your neck and shoulders, this will be your new best friend! Mine are always tense so this $49 device does the trick! I would recommend only using for 15 mins or so at a time. I used it for 30 mins one night because it felt SO good but was sore the next day.  This CBD Recovery Cream is also awesome and this doTERRA cream is another favorite over here if you have sore muscles (FYI it packs a punch!).

Prep for good sleep

If I’m exhausted, I usually start winding down as soon as the kids head to bed. I’ll wash my face, take a shower and do my regular skincare routine. I purchased a few things this year that I have been eyeing for awhile and have to admit they’ve been a nice addition to my bedtime routine. This is the first time in life that I have worn an eye mask and this Silk One is life! I felt so extra buying it but have to say I use it often. I was waking up as soon as the first bit of light came through the cracks of our windows so this sleep mask has been amazing! Lastly, I’ve started using my diffuser on the regular and add some essentials oils and the hubby is loving it too 😉


Alright girls, these are a few ways I wind down for the evening. What do you do at night too chill out??

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  1. I started wearing an eye mask too! I also bought a $20 headband headphone set so that I can wear it while I sleep. It connects to my phone through Bluetooth so I can listen to the sound of rain (or a podcast) to fall asleep but it doesn’t block out my Phone alarm in the morning. It has been a game changer since my guy snores. I have also been seriously setting up my bathtub as of late. The brand 100 Senses is just to die for! I’m obsessed with all of their products. They smell heavenly, are packaged beautifully and have motivating mantras written on the packaging. Baths are so calming but I don’t make enough time to indulge in them. These products are inspiring me to make time.

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