MONDAY MOOD: How to Not Kill Your Spouse During Quarantine

Ok girls, let’s be honest… how’s everyone surviving being with their spouse 24/7 right now?! Personally, we did pretty good up until like Week 6 and then it started getting pretty damn old. Half joking but even in the happiest of marriages, everyone being together at all times weighs on you. We’ve definitely been feeling it and plus just with all the extra craziness, uncertainty, and #HomeSchool, it’s no surprise there’s extra stress on relationships. Hubby and I have been together for over a decade so we know each other pretty well but you better believe we both drive each other cray at time. Here are some ways we’re dealing with the circumstances right now and staying on each other’s sides (most of the time!).

Alone time

I’m sure we’re all craving a little bit of this right about now if you’re quarantining with your loved one. If you have kids, this is even more important but take time out for yourself and let your partner have their space too! With the whole family being together 24/7, I think it’s important that every family member get a little solo time to do what they want to recharge. No one is used to everyone being home at all times so we all kinda do our own thing for at least an hour or so a day. That makes family time at dinner and all that even more special too! Whether it’s taking a walk, sneaking in a workout, taking a bath or hiding out in your room and watching a show you love solo….do it. It’s all good for the mind and soul.

Know each other’s limit

If you guys have been together for a while, you know their limits and they know yours. Try to be kind during this time and if you see your partner about to lose it, step it and be the bigger person – or just let the argument go.  The last word feels good at times but it’s not productive, especially in already kinda tense times. This also goes for when your hear your spouse starting to lose their patience with kiddos too. Homeschooling is no joke and I think we can all agree we appreciate those teachers more now than ever before. Whenever either one of us are starting to get frustrated with the kids (yup definitely happens over here too) we each try to step in with a fresh approach and give the other one a breather.

Remember why you’re together

Watch your wedding video, look at old pictures together, watch videos of when your babies were little and remember why you fell in love with that person if you’re really struggling. We’ve actually recently gone deep into the camera roll looking up old photos of when the kids were little and it was such a good reminder of how blessed we are and how lucky we are to have each other especially in a time like this. We are definitely missing our weekly date night but are trying to have a glass of wine (or bottle let’ssss be honest) out by the fire after we put the kiddos go to bed or something cute that feels like date night. It’s fun to have no-kiddo time and kinda bring it back to when we were just young, carefree and dating.

Split up chores

We usually have a lot more help around the house which I’m SO grateful for. But with everything happening, we’re obviously delegating less and are all responsible for more stuff around the house. We’ve found it helpful to talk about chores and figure out who is doing what based on what they don’t mind doing as much. If your hubby hates the laundry, offer to do it. If you hate bathroom cleaning, maybe he doesn’t – so chat about it and then delegate between the fam. It’ll save little arguments or resentment when someone is lagging on chores.

Have compassion

I’m trying to remember this in general with people right now. No one knows how to deal with this pandemic as the majority of us haven’t been through something like this before. So if hubby seems a little more stressed than usual or whatever, try to let it go and hopefully they’ll have the same compassion when you’re freaking out.

Do little things to make each other happy

This is something we’ve been pretty good at over the years and I think it’s helped keep us happy. It’s more about the little daily things over here like making a meal he loves or doing a little more waiting on him (he looooves that). I’ve been thinking of fun ways to keep everyone’s spirits high around the house and it definitely goes a long way. A major win for him is GOLF. I’m sure I’m not alone with the frustration of the game being 5 hours longggg, but I know it brings him so much joy (and he’s in such a good mood after he’s finished) so I try not to give him a hard time about playing and he loves that 😉


Alright I hope some of these tips resonated with you and I always love to hear how you girls staying sane in your relationship right now too! Lemme know!

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  1. This was so so good and I was happy to see I’m practicing most of them already so I’m not doing as bad as I feel like I am on those off days. Thank you for this❤️

  2. Love everything about this post!!! Thank you so much for always being so, so real! I’ve always enjoyed your content (been following you forever) and especially during this unprecedented time. Such a huge fan of yours and the community you’ve built with your Honeybee fam 🙂

    1. awwww thanks so much Tiffany! Such a nice compliment to wake up to and so glad you girls appreciate these posts. I think we are all having a moment right now lol

  3. First of all y’all a beautiful couple. I agree with you 100%. My husband and I mostly get along and we have been married 20 years. After a month both of us working from home, having our kids back from college and our grandkids staying with us I was ready to ring their necks. I sat down with everyone one day and laid down the law. We all are going through this and we have to work as a team giving each other space for work and school. Now we got our grove on and enjoying spending time with my kids and grandchildren but most of all my alone time with my hubby.

    1. Thanks Monica and it’s nice to know were not the only one losing it over herrrre. Always love hearing how you girls are dealing and adjusting too!

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