4 Rosés You Can Drink All Day

Where are all my rosé lovahs at? I’ve spent the summer “sampling” lots 😉 and I’m excited that we still have warm weather for a while because I’m not quite ready to give them up! Feel like rosé has come such a long way in taste and popularity over the past few years and now I honestly reach for it over and over again in summer. We always have some chilling in the fridge for dinners outside or for when friends pop by (…or when mama has had a day!) We all know Whispering Angel, Josh and Miraval are amazing, but this summer I found a few more that I wanted to share! You girls also suggested some great rosés when I asked earlier in the season so tried some of those and sharing as well…



Cote des Roses

Have you girls seen this bottle? It’s super pretty (especially the bottom and the glass cork) and I love how they look when being stored or out for parties. Also super yummy and we just stock up at Target. The taste is lightly sweet but super refreshing, just like a rosé should be. Definitely a crowd pleaser and an amazing price.

Fleurs de Praire Rose

Another Target purchase that is a great price at $16 a bottle and another pretty, simple bottle! I love using bottles like this where the label isn’t too extra for parties and tablescapes. This one has a hint of citrus that is super summery and yummy!

La Vielle Ferme Rosé

You girls won’t believe this one is only $8 and honestly very good for the price! It’s super light and easy to drink and I’d be fine sipping on this allll summa long. If you tend to go through a bottle quickly 🙂 this one is honestly the best bang for your buck!

Summer Water

Thank you to the girls who recommended this one too. I can’t believe I had never tried it. Such a cute name and Insta worthy bottle right here and luckily the taste lives up. I will say this one is a bit sweeter/fruiter but not in a way that I mind. It’s a little grapefruit and watermelon combo and just very easy to drink!


If you want to talk wine some more, I shared this supppper easy Watermelon Frosé recipe earlier this month and my 5 Wines (under $20) You’ll Always Find in Our Home post too!


What’s your go-to rosé you girls drink? Anyone try Lisa Vanderpump’s rosé?

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  1. Great post! Makes me sad that rose season here in CO is just about over :(. I always buy the Cote de roses but should really venture out a little more 😂. Do you have any good sparkling rose recs?

  2. My husband and I just discovered and love Decoy’s Rose. We’ve been buying it on repeat the last 2 months. I think it ranges for $13-$19 depending on where you buy!

  3. Hi Andee! The La Vielle is 9.99 for a 1.5L at Costco. I went to the one at The District (Barranca and Jamboree) 😊

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