If You Love Prisoner Wine, You’ll Love These 4 Reds Too

You babes are gonna love today’s post because it’s all about one of my our favorite things… wine! We tryyyy to hold out for the weekend but usually only make it till about Wednesday. 😉 Wine is usually our weeknight choice and I’ve been a forever rosé girl (listed out some fave rosés in this post) but lately I’ve been lalaloving red as well! Our go-to has been  Prisoner and after asking you girls for your favorites on Insta, sounds like you love it too! Today I wanted to share a few  that  were mentioned multiple times on Instagram by you guys! that are on my list to try…

Orin Swift

This one was the most mentioned by you girls by far. Machete, 8 Years in the Desert, and Papillion were called out as the best reds. A lot of you said the flavors were very similar to Prisoner and that it’s even made by the same winemaker as Prisoner! I’d say it’s definitely a little more on the higher end with most bottles being between $40-$60. Might be a good one to pick up for date night at home or to celebrate something!

Noble Vines

This one is new to me but was mentioned by a few of you so wanted to include it. I read up on it and the grapes are grown on vineyards in France and it’s only $12!  Someone said it was very comparable to Prisoner, so sounds right up my ally.


Apothic is 100% a must! Their red blend called Inferno is so yummy and has such a different flavor profile. It’s aged for 60 days in a charred whiskey barrel but still comes in at only $14 per bottle. This is one the hubs doesn’t mind sipping on.


I feel like Josh is everywhere on Instagram right now. Lots of other bloggers and fellow mamas are drinking it. Their cabernet is probably my favorite. It has an almost kind of cinnamon flavor to it along with the taste of blackberries – soooo good and perfect for winter vibes! And at only $15-$20 per bottle, it’s definitely worth a try and keeping it in your regular red wine rotation. Love the Pinor Noir too.

If you have any other amazinggg reds that we need to try, drop them in the comments!

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  1. We love Decoy (their Pinot Noir and Rose) for a more affordable wine- we always have a ton stocked since my husband will do the 6 bottle special at Ralph’s 😉

  2. Oh yes, decoy reds are yummy. One of my go tos and favs is Justin Cabernet!! This post is making me miss wine😩 (I’m currently preggo). Summer can’t come fast enough! Lol

  3. The other red blend that I’ve found at TJs that we’ve found to be really nice for the cost is Cocobon and Cocobon Dark. Really surprising for the low cost.

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