How to Totally Kill it This Year

I was thinking back to my goals post I did last year and how 2019 was all about delegating, getting more organized now that we were moved into our home, make more videos (finally started on that here!) and a few other things that I was pretty proud of. Obviously LOTS fell through the cracks but I will say I focused on a few specific areas and feel good about growth there. As I’m putting together my goals for 2020…yep, still workin’ on that…it got me thinking about ways for all of us to feel inspired. If you’re like me and always a million and one things running through your head at all times, it helps to literally write it all at out and tackle accordingly! I know you girls are probably already working on resolutions but if you’re in need of a little late inspo like me, I thought this post would be fun. So here are a few ways to totally kill it this year – some that I live by and some that I’m working on myself!


Can I get an amen?!  This was one of my main goals for 2019 and it took forever because we were a hot mess but finally feeling good about the organization factor of house. I will confess I have not always been a super organized person. It wasn’t until recently that I have started being better about it and have to say it’s kind of addicting. My suggestion is to spend an hour or two a week cleaning up spaces that get a lot of use – pantry, fridge, the entryway of the house, bathroom drawers. I also like to spend like 10 minutes before bed just sprucing things up. I shared my tips on organizing your fridge & pantry right here along with the budget items. My makeup vanity (aka most used section of the house) was in desperate need for organizing and can’t tell you how good it felt to tackle that too. If you are in the same boat definitely check out my vanity organizing post for tons of inspo! For you girls always lugging your makeup around, I’m obsessed this $13 makeup case for keeping everything together!


I’m a gym girl but totally get that it’s not everyone’s thing. Honestly I have a hard time making it some days so my at-home gym has been LIFE (sharing more details soon, promise) and I’m also trying t be more flexible with my routine. It doesn’t have to be an intense gym workout or boot camp. Focus on moving daily whether it’s a class, playing soccer with the kids, going for a hike…whatever you fit into the schedule. I recently rounded up some Amazon workout budget friendly picks you girls might like!


I swear we have 13 calendars between my phone, computer, editorial calendar, kids calendar, etc but I try to keep our events and family stuff on one Google Cal. This way I can share with the hubby and we both can add or remove things when we need. We also have a running grocery and to-do list that we both can add too which helps with #MomBrain.


Alright this is one I need to take note of myself over here because dang 2019 wore me OUT. Our social life seems crazier than ever and though I love it, I felt like certain priorities slipped because of it. I’m looking forward to doing a little bit less this year or at least re-prioritizing what matters most.


I actually love going to the grocery store and usually do the shopping myself but for those crazy weeks, grocery delivery yasss! I also subscribe to Amazon items that we use 24/7 so they automatically come every few weeks. You can do the same for razors (I use Billie), cleaning items, clothes for kids, beauty boxes, etc. I’m all about that subscription life since it’s one less thing to remember.


I lagged at cooking healthy meals at home last year and am trying HARD to get back into it. I find that I do my best when I stock up on groceries a couple of times a week and then have about 8-10 rotating meals that I know are fam-friendly. I have a ton of these recipe options on this Pinterest board, but for more grocery inspo see this post. I started a new meal delivery box plan i’m trying out so will share more soon!


This was another thing I went crazy on in 2019 and though I’m still working on my control issues, I’m getting there! If you can delegate tasks you’re not good at or really hate doing, I’d suggest trying to find a way. I know it needs to be budgeted in but I’ve found that I’m a much better person and more productive when I can hand tasks off.

Alright girls, hope you liked this post since it’s not something I do too often. Let me know if you like these kind of posts and found it helpful. As always I love hearing your tips too so please feel free to share!


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  1. I’m loving that you are starting these life/talk type of posts! Keep them coming please 😃. Trying to be more organized is a big one for me this year, but I’m not going to lie, it isn’t easy getting started! I finally tackled my sons bedroom and playroom after 8 months of thinking about it and it feels so good! Ha

  2. ooo I just love your new years posts. they are like tradition now. I swear it was yesterday that you post 2019 goals and past year review.

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