The Best Sauvignon Blancs for Around $20 & Less

If you’ve been a Honeybee reader for a while, you know I lalalove my wine! So much so that I’ve already shared several wine posts like 5 Wines (Under $20) You’ll Always Find in My House, Reds Similar to Prisoner Wine and of course, The Rosés You Can Drink All Day but surprisingly I actually haven’t covered my wine of choice… Sauvignon Blanc!

I live for a good crisp glass of sauv blanc and it’s definitely the time of year I make the switch to it (and rose mixed in). So with that, I wanted to list out my fave bottles- and they all happen to be around $20 or less. You know I’m not extra when it comes to my wine… hope you enjoy the list! I’m also sharing my must-have wine accessories- cheers babes!


This $15 bottle is newer to me but I really like it! Super refreshing and crisp, especially when served extra chilled. The bottle is nice and neutral too which you know I like.


Slightly more on the fruity side but light which I like. This is a $20 bottle so it’s perfect to bring to girls night or whatever.

Kim Crawford

I always have a bottle of this staple in my house! It’s probably what I’ve bought the most over the years and every restaurant seems to carry it holla! It has a really faint sweet taste but super smooth.


The hubby and I both like Decoy wines ($20 for this bottle) and this one is delish! I like the citrus vibe of it.


This bottle tops my list at $23…told ya I wasn’t extra about my vino! It’s more tropical tasting and a great spring/summatime choic.

Oyster Bay

Can’t beat the $11 price tag for this one!


This is another go-to brand for me, especially for bridal showers or anything with the girls since the brand is cute and it’s under $10. Definitely a crowd-pleaser, easy-to-drink white.

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