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One of the best parts about moving last year was being able to go through everythinggg in the house and get organized. And after hours and hours on Pinterest, I found some amazing organization options for our fridge & pantry – all from Amazon. My Fridge and pantry need some SERIOUS TLC again so I ordered several of these pieces in today’s post to help get things back in order.  All of these options are pretty budget-friendly and can make for such peace of mind in your kitchen so hope you girls enjoy!




ONE – These are liiife! We store everything from food to kids crafts in these and I can always find a use for more. Love that the kiddos can easily reach inside them too.

TWO – Where my wine girls at?! Love this option for wider fridges or pantries. You can usually fit a few different booze bottles in these too if you don’t store them on a bar cart.

THREE – This is great if you don’t have a lot of drawer space in your home. I like having a couple in the pantry for surplus stuff after a Costco run too. These save SO much space!

FOUR – We don’t drink much soda around here but love these for La Croix, Spindrifts, or cans I store for mixed drinks and parties. Great for beer drinkers too and easy to grab from instead of dealing with cardboard boxes all the time.

FIVE – One of my faves for grabbing all the small stuff like seasonings, leftover takeout sauces, etc. These make SUCH a difference for the random little things!

SIX – This specific organizer is great if you have a taller fridge or pantry shelves. Ours are alwayssss full of wine (you can see the budget bottles we stock up on here btw).

SEVEN – We go through coffee pods like crazy so this is a must! Perfect to store in a drawer or cabinet next to the Keurig. Great for any of you tea drinkers or for the hot cocoa pods for kids.

EIGHT – Another nice option for cans, dog and cat food, etc.

NINE – If you have kids, then you know Lazy Susans are game-changers. We love storing kid’s snacks in these so they have access (plus they think it’s fun). I’ve also seen this used in offices, which I think is genius for pens and office supplies!

TEN – Spice racks or cabinets are always such a HOT MESS so I love that this display lets you see everything at a glance. You can also put certain baking supplies, etc. in it too! If you’re really trying to get crazy, organizing alphabetically helps when you’re cooking (someday right? ;P)

ELEVEN – Awesome spot for lots of dry good boxes like crackers, quinoa, oatmeal, etc.

Do you girls have any other organization must-haves?

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  1. Usung cereal boxes from Lock & Lock you can find on QVC shopping network. Your pick works well in my fridge & pantry too. Love being organized takes the stress out of prep lol

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