New Year / New You?

Hello 2019! I hope you girls don’t mind but I passed on the lengthy recap of 2018 that were taking over insta stories this week because  honestly I feel like I share bits of our life on the daily so no need to overwhelm the gram with the play by play of the year right?  I’ve never been big on resolutions but I am big on reflections! I re read over last years post and sharing some thoughts today and personal hopes/goals for 2019…

In 2018 we finished our new home and celebrated 10 YEARS! of marriage (whhhhat?!) so I would say it was a pretty great year! Luca started school (and loves it YEAH!) and Ava has turned into such a little lady (no really WTH!?)! Just happy, healthy and grateful!  I went back over last years post and honestly can (surprisingly) say that I lived up to most of my resolutions. My goal was to put my phone away more. Well to be completely honest that could still use a litttttle more work;)  but I did make some progress in checking out a little more instead of stressing over a “good time to post” or worrying about numbers as much. Social media has become such a beast and while I love it because it’s a huge part of my job it can be SO consuming if you let it.

I think we can all agree that the phone. social media and internet addiction is at an all time high. It’s always nice to take a break but I feel like we all just hop right back on right? For me it’s part of my business so I am grateful for it but i’m curious to see where it will all transition from here.We recently hosted a friend of one of my family members in our home and literally as soon as she walked in the door she started videoing and taking selfies (i’m talking for the four hours that she was in our home). It was such an eye opener and I know the mid twenties generation is like this but I was seriously in shock. I legit had just met this girl and  I remember how awkward and intense it was. I remember thinking omg is this what people feel like when they are out with me?! I really do try to keep my shoots in more private locations most of time, snap a quick pics when i’m out (without voice commentary -hence why most of my stories are silent or boomerangs 😉 and keep my video chats with you guys to my car so that i’m a little more mindful of other people when i’m out in about. Anyone else feel that way when you see people out about doing this stuff or is it just kind of a given now and it doesn’t bother you?! Anyhow it was just something that really caught my attention and a personal goal/reminder that I want to be a little more mindful about that this year.


Comparison was another big one I tried to tackle in 2018. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing (especially in my industry), where they’re going, how many likes they’re getting…and honestly do we really care?! Does it really matter? As long you’re happy, healthy and focus on your own growth… that’s what really matters. I think having kids REALLY put things into perspective for me. Anytime I get sidetracked with those thoughts, my kids always remind me with how much we have to be grateful for. Last year one of the moms in Ava’s class passed away of cancer. She was so beautiful and young and left two boys behind and I just tear up now thinking about it. I am a firm believer in everyday is a gift so be SO grateful.

Ask for Help

This was at the top of my list last year and I am so glad I finally learned to relinquish (a little) control. You girls ask how I do it all and the truth is I don’t and I can’t by myself. After doing everything on The Honeybee myself for the last 8 years  I finally  realized something had to give. I was super stressed and it resulted in being short with my family at times because I was stretched too thin. I We realized something had to change and I decided it was time to take a chance and expand the team. I added 4 people to The Honeybee team last year and it was the BEST thing I could have done! I’m so grateful for the people behind the scenes who help bring my visions to life and helped bring some sanity back! Trying to run a business, be there for drop off and pick up, volunteer in the classrooms, make time for the hubs, finish decorating our home, create content and still trying  to sneak in workouts -I was on the verge of shaving my head like Britney in 2007 (yes I just looked up the date;). My inner control freak is still a work in progress but I am thankful for taking that step and asking for help!

Organization Please

I’ve NEVER been a super organized person. I’ve always been one who just works really well on the fly and under pressure. However, now that I have people that work for me I am sure it adds stress and anxiety to their highly mapped out and organized schedules, so for their sake i’m trying my best to get more organized this year!

Letting go of relationships that no longer serve you

Gosh this is a tough one for me and is a new goal in 2019. I have a lot of acquaintances but I don’t have a ton of close close friends.  It takes me such a long time to really open up and let someone in so when you’re in…you’re in! That being said I definitely feel like I hang on to relationships a lot longer than I should. I’m sure we have all been there before where you should be done with a friendship for whatever reason but you always find yourself saying “but we’ve been friends for so long” or “they did XYZ and for me back then”. The truth is that people change or maybe you change… but in 2019 i’m focusing on letting go of relationships that no longer add to my life. I think you just know when it’s time to sever ties and sometimes it may take years but you’ll know.

Plan more trips with my mom

This one is at the top of my list! I used to take multiple trips a year with my mom before I had kids and since having Ava and Luca, her busy schedule and my work schedule… we just don’t get to take them like we used to. It’s something I’ve been wanting needing to make a priority. I lost my dad and my stepmom when I was a teenager and wish that I had got to spend more time with them. Now that my mom is getting older it just makes you realize that you just never know how long they will be with us. As mentioned above….every day is a gift and I really just want to do more with her.

Volunteer More

This is another one that i’ve been wanting to do and i’d love to find ways to incorporate Ava in it as well. We do quite a bit of  a  donating during the year (products and financially) but I also want to see about donating TIME doing something for others. I think Ava is at a great age for this so if you moms have any ideas in this area I would love to hear them!

Travel to New Places

We are creatures of habit and always love going back to our favorite spots but I would really like to take the kids to experience new places! I remember doing a road trip across country when I was a kid and still remember the Grand Canyon, Stopping at Four Corners and tons of other really cool things along the way. My husband complains about the 70 minute drive to Palm Springs- so cross country is out for us 😉 but i’m looking for new adventures. I really want to see the Northern Lights, Zion National Park looks amazing, and Big Sur would be awesome to show the kids! If you have rec’s on these or other family vacations/experiences PLEASSSSSE share!

Freakin’ Cook More

Yes “freakin” cook more 😉 because obviously I didn’t come through on this one from my 2018 resolutions lol. Our days are just so jammed packed that I feel like i’m making the same quick healthy meals all the time. I’m sure i’m not alone in that department but I see how much my hubby loves a new GOOD meal (I swear it’s his love language) so I really want to to be better at that for him on that this year.

The Year of Introducing Videos

Aka trying new things. You girls have been requesting it for forever so i’m going to give it a go and at least see if it’s a fit. If I suck please feel free to tell me lol. I’ve always been on the fence about videos as I felt they weren’t my thing (and I have the slightest idea on how to edit etc) but love doing insta stories so figured what the heck. So stay tuned for those and wish me luck!

Okay so sorry for the novel! This was just supposed to be a quick check in but somehow turned into a long rambling of random thoughts! 😉 Thank you girls so much for being here and following along with us. I’d love your feedback or to hear your goals in 2019 too! 

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  1. Andee I loveeeeed this post!!! It was my favorite yet! Every topic you touched on hits so close to home for me & made me reflect on changes I need to make in my own life. Thank you for always sharing your heart & not just your incredible fashion sense with us! This is why you’re everyone’s favorite;)) Cheers to 2019 mama! Xo

  2. Wonderful post! You are so inspiring and classy. The topic about spending more time with your Mom really hit home for me because I moved away from my parents almost 10 years ago and only seen them about once a year now. I just see them getting older and older and it scares me! Time truly is precious. Thank you for the reminder. Keep being wonderful!

  3. Long time reader/follower – first time commenter! You’re legit beautiful inside and out. Seriously. So inspiring! I loved how authentic this post was!

  4. Been a long time follower and love this post so much more than anything. You have covered all the important topics and I love that all your goals are around family and friends, not the business and numbers.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new year! Followed you when I had my first and now our kids are just about the same ages. Love love your style and everything you share. Love your heart to hearts and although I never get a chance to read them all, I do read some and can totally relate. Anyways, I’ve been feeling the same about social media and all that. I love looking, but it consumes me! I can literally be on Fb or IG and before you know it, it’s been an hr. My goal this year rather than another weight loss goal that I’ve never been able to tackle down is to spend less time on my phone. Social media stuff to only once a night. Hopefully I can do it! It’s only 1/4! Lol. Anyways…. just wanted to let you know where we vacationed with our kids and loved! We went to Aruba and went to Maui twice. Got married in Maui actually. Kids loved it and food is amazing! If you ever decide to go, shoot me a msg and I’ll send recs!

    1. Thanks so much for following along with us and commenting today love. Glad you appreciate these posts. And yes Hawaii is finally on our list this year so thank you for sharing. Have you guys done Kauai with kids? That was our favorite but we went before kids.

  6. Love this post!!

    I grew up in California and my parents would rent a car and we would drive up the pacific coast highway and make stops in Monterey, Santa Barbara and a few other places. Then we would fly back home. It was one of my fav things as a kid. Catalina island is also fun and not too far 🙂

    1. That sounds so amazing!! I remember seeing the big red wood trees when I was little with my parents and it was so magical. I hope to make that northern cal trip with the kids soon!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, you always inspire me so please keep doing what you’re doing!! Also cannot wait for the videos! 🙇🏼‍♀️

  8. You’re so inspiring! As beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Have you ever thought of hoping over the border? Vancouver is a quick flight! There’s so much to see/do/ eat and Whistler is beautiful in all seasons with tons to do for the whole fam! <3

  9. I loved this post. Like others have said, I feel like I got to know you a little bit more and you really are so beautiful inside and out!

  10. Love this Andee!!! So relatable and I’m with you on cooking more. And you are so right about that making husbands happy. Mine seriously turns into a little boy so happy eating and being at home. Def one of my goals too! Happy new year!

  11. Loved this post. My goal for 2019 is to make memories as a family. My husband was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma (aggressive and incurable brain cancer). It is unbelievable how your entire life can change in an instant. Zion National Park is on our list to visit this summer as soon as the kids get out of school. We are also planning a trip to New York if Michael is able to fly. I can let you know how Zion is and any tips I can pass along. xo

  12. I can’t wsit for the video’s/tutorial. And PLEASEgive it awhile before u decide if it’s for you or not. The more you do it the better you’ll be. I’m sure you’ll get lots of positive feedback and just ignore the jerks that have nothing but mean comments.

    Love everything you do!!


  13. Hi Andee!
    I loved this post! Something that stuck out for me was letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. As a mom and as I grow older I find it a lot harder to make and hold on to new friendships and I now look at those losses in a different way…they weren’t meant to stay and I shouldn’t dwell on them because they no longer serve me in a positive way. So thank you for putting that out there. Also I love your blog, style, and content 🙂
    In regards to a recommendation for a place to visit….have you been to Antelope canyon in AZ….the pictures are beautiful…hoping to go this year 😍.

    1. Amen love. Same here, I have definitely hung on to friendships (probably years) longer than I should have but agree with you completely. If it’s not adding positively to my life i’m finally at a place where i know it’s time to appreciate what they is was and move forward. So thank you for sharing too!
      And yes Antelope Canyon is definitely on my list- I think it’s close to Zion and looks stunning!!

  14. You are seriously just such a genuine and likable person, Andee! Your resolutions are inspiring – a few of them I need to focus on too. Asking for help seems so simple, but it’s tough to do (buuuut it’s life changing when you actually do it). Spending time with your mom is such a great way to put things in perspective! I know every time (most every time 😉 I see mine, it helps ground me. Also, yes to video! You will not suck, trust me. Happy 2019, beautiful!


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