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Goooood morning lovlies! Sorry for the delay as I meant to have this post up a couple weeks ago but never the less 😉 I’m always excited to do these Honeybee Health posts! Today I’m diving into what’s in my Trader Joe’s shopping cart! So let’s get to it!

I’m sure I’m not alone in my looove for Trader Joe’s! Typically I like to fill my cart to the brim there because it always feels like a steal compared to when I go to Whole Foods. I try to buy about 70% of my groceries at Trader’s and then hit up Whole Foods for the the other 30% (usually for more fruit, meat and specialty items). Wine, flowers and tons of snack options for the kids are ALWAYS staples in my Trader Joe’s cart.

I go HAM 😉 in the first aisle/veggie section. I stock up on bagged salad, veggies, riced cauliflower and riced broccoli. The more veggies I have in our house the better we eat!

Pretty much every night before dinner (while I’m cooking) I’ll cut up cucumbers, peppers and carrots and put them out on the table. Without fail my kiddos start munching on them which I love! Ava has always been an amazing eater and Luca is all over the place. He will eat cucumbers (with a little salt ;)) and some carrots, so with him we take what we can get. It also helps me to fill up on veggies first too so I don’t over it at dinner (or steal the kids nuggets…which I still do sometimes ;).

and is this the year of cauliflower or what?! I swear it’s errrrwhere 😉 Traders has a million and one cauliflower options and I’ve tried several!

This cauliflower gnocchi is definitely worth the hype! While I think I still need to master the art of making it (it didn’t turn out so pretty) it still tasted so good!

I bought this cauliflower crust and am going to make it this week! Any suggestion please share if you girls have tried it!

This cauliflower stir fry is SO good and super easy to make. I love making up a bag at the start of the week to have on hand for healthy lunches. You girls DM’d telling me to add an egg so I’m going to try that next time. If you take your lunch to work, this would also make a super easy meal prep on the go option too!

For the kiddos! My kids are obsessed with seaweed paper! Those hummus snack packs are so easy to grab and go. They love those peanut butter filled pretzels (and I try so hard to stay away because I can seriously eat the whole bag ;)). Those turkey corn dogs are also a staple and love that they’re nitrate free too.

#MomConfession…I steal A LOT of my kids snacks. I love that most are smaller portions and they’re just so easy for on the go. These juice boxes are hands down my favorite (and love even more than our HONEST juice boxes). I love that they have 50% less sugar and they taste really good too.

Also my number one place to get treats for the kids is Trader Joe’s. The mini cones and mini oreo ice cream sandwiches you see in the cart are the best! They’re the perfect size, taste amazing and only have about 5 grams of sugar each! Holla!

His Cereal

My hubby loves his Raisin Bran and Frosted Wheats.

and I’m over here like give me all the fiber! I’m not that big on cereal anymore (think I just got burnt out over the years) but when I do it’s usually super high fiber packed like these two here. With the Fiber O’s I’ll usually toss in a hand full of raisins to sweeten it up bit and with the High Fiber cereal I’ll usually add a tiny bit of agave nectar and my favorite vanilla almond milk (pictured below).

I’ve tried a million different almond milks but really love this Vanilla one from Traders. I love that it has a hint of sweetness to it.

and can I get an AMMMMEN for the Trader’s wine section?! Here and Target are my go-to place to stock up on wine. I have several but Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is one of our favorites.

And there’s a little something sweet in the cart for me too! These Brownie Coffee Crisp sandwhiches are SO good and think around 200 calories! So definitely give these a go if you girls have been thinking of trying them.

I also really love their Christmas items…especially for decorating! So maybe I’ll do another Christmas Trader Joe’s Haul too for you girls next month (let me know if you want to see it). Okay hope you girls enjoyed this post and as ALWAYS please feel free to share your favorites from Traders too!


The holiday season is quickly approaching so you may also want to check out my How to Create a Killer Cheese only using Trader Joe Items post I did last year too!

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  1. Love this!! TJ’s is on my errand list for today, and I am definitely going to look for some of these 🙂 I second the suggestion about the cauliflower fried rice with an egg— so good!!

  2. Besttttttt Traders dessert- the chocolate chip cookie icecream sandwiches. And they’re only 450 calories each! 🤣 Ugh I cant stop buying them!

  3. The cauliflower pizza crust is really good but can be hard to work with (it’ll literally fall apart if you aren’t careful) so here’s what I do. Don’t throw away the cardboard the crust comes on, cook it on a pizza stone per directions and when you have to flip it use the cardboard to slide under it and flip that way then cook again following the directions. I then like to broil it for 5 minutes to get it more “crusty” then I just too it with the TJ’s pizza sauce, fresh moz and prosciutto. It’s so good 🙌🏻

  4. Love this Andee, thank you 🙂 Can you do a day in meals post? It would be great to get some ideas for meals and family meals to stay on track year round.

    1. Hi babe yes i’d love to do one of those for you girls! Ill be honest family meals are hard for us because unfortunately I always have to make something different for them but I can share what i make for the hubby and I and what I make for the kiddos!

  5. Great post, Andee! I’m very intrigued by that cali-gnocchi. Thanks for the sauv-blanc wine rec – always looking for tasty cheaper wines since i go through it rather quickly and feel less guilty if i need to toss it. Do you have any good red recommendations ? I may or may not be a wino :/ ;). I also steal my toddler’s snacks — I’m the worst, but just can’t help myself.
    Cannot wait for more honeybee health posts.

  6. I love Trader Joe’s 😫 I have to agree with all of your picks! Haven’t tried the savignon blanc yet but I’ll grab it next time I’m there (tomorrow 😆)!
    The cauliflower crust is good but I agree with Ali’s comment! It’s tricky and the cardboard helps! I love making a garlic olive oil and brush that on there with artichoke hearts, spinach, green bell pepper, mushrooms and then top with fresh Roma tomatoes and oregano 👌🏼😋
    Loved this post! Xo can’t wait for the Christmas one!

  7. Check out nom nom paleo for a tutorial on how to cook the gnocchi that she posted on Facebook. Excited to see Honeybee health back on the blog!

  8. Yes please do a Christmas haul! I would also love to see an effortless cheese platter – something simple but yet fun! I get so intimidated with creating a cheese platter and I need help in knowing how to create one!

    1. thanks babe will definitely do a Christmas haul for you girls. As for the cheese platter just click the highlighted words about it at the bottomof my post and it will take you to the one I already did xoxo

  9. Great post and I’ve been neglecting Trader Joe’s recently and this made me miss it tons! Some of my favorites not mentioned here would be their low fat mozzarella (can’t find a better one!), everything bagel seasoning, frozen soy ginger cod, their frozen brown rice (it’s just magically better), balsamic veggies and their pumpkin spice cake mix is ridiculous (I sub out heavy cream for almond milk)! I hope you enjoy!

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