5 Wines (Under $20) You’ll Always Find in Our Home

Since we’ve moved into our new neighborhood , I feel we’ve been entertaining more than ever before and I looove it!  I’m all for  throwing together a quick app or cheese board and popping open a bottle of vino to share with neighbors. I love seeing what other peoples go to wine picks are, so today I thought I would share five wines (under $20!) you’ll pretty much always find in our home.

Now when it comes to Wine, I have to say I really don’t discriminate #CanIGetanAmen?! 😉 (with the exception of Chardonnay- just have never really been a huge fan). My first choice is usually always Sauvignon Blanc (and tend to always go with ones from New Zealand) and of course can’t go wrong with Rose’. I have several other favorites but feel like you really don’t need to spend more than $20 for a good bottle. So here are  five that I pretty much always have on hand.

You know you can’t go wrong with a little Kim Carwford! It’s one of my top picks for Sauvignon Blanc and probably my most purchased wine. I also love Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc and Cupcake Vineyards makes a great one under $10 too!

Another white wine favorite is Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc. I randomly tried it at one of our favorite restaurants  a few years back and have been hooked ever since!

Let’s talk budget friendly bubbly.  You girls know i’m all about Freixenet and have probably seen it on my instagram several times over the years. It tastes great, the packaging is cute (great for entertaining) and it’s pretty budget friendly.

So with reds I honestly have to say I don’t experiment enough in that department. I feel like they make me sleepier for some reason and pretty much only drink them in the Winter. I do really love Pinot Noir because it’s smooth and easy to drink. My go to pinots are always Estancia, Wild Horse and then I also really LOVE La Crema (but feel like that one is usually over $20). If you have favorite smooth red please share as i’d love to try more!

and last but not least….Rose’ all dayyy! Okay I feel like Rose’ deserves it’s own full dedicated blog post because I have SEVERAL favorites in that department. Maybe i’ll do that one next month but for now i’ll share that Whispering Angel  (although depending on where you purchase it-its runs pretty close to $20 or more) and Cote des Roses are two of my budget friendly buys.


Alright now it’s your turn! What three bottles are always in your shopping cart?!


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  1. You are my girl; this post is perfect 👌🏻🥂🍷! I’m always looking for great tasting, cheaper wines ;). I do love the Kim Crawford sav – it is such a steal. I’m definitely a red girl, but tend to drink more whites/roses during the warmer months. My favorite red is the Justin Cabernet Sauvignon. I also really like both the Decoy Pinot Nior and Cabernet. Those wines are usually in the $20-$25 range though, but are worth it and are super smooth. I used to get this bottle of New Zealand Pinot noir from Traders for like $10 that I loved. I believe the brand is “The Pass”. I haven’t had it in a few years since the traders I live near doesn’t sell wine 😬, but I remember it being real good!

    1. oh thank you!!!!! and no they dont sell wine at your Traders?! Im sad i’m a little further from a Trader Joes now but when I do make a run i defintiely stock up. Ill be on the lookout for The Pass! one. Thanks babe

  2. Love me some Estancia!! My current fave red is Willamette Valley Whole Cluster grapes Pinot Noir. Tastes amazing and so smooth. It may be a little more then $20 but worth every penny! Everything from Willamette Valley I’ve tried has been SO good. They have my fave Reisling too.

  3. So glad you shared these! Elouan is one of my go to Pinot Noirs, easy to drink but still has “character” (usually $25 but compares to higher priced Pinot’s) La Crema I have to agree with you on, that’s a reliable go to. For Sauv, KC is of course always in my wine fridge, but you must try Nobilo, specifically with the blue label. I get it for $9.99 at Total wine or my local grocery (Gelson’s & Ralphs, even CVS) and it’s one of the best out there, also on many restaurant’s wine lists! Love whispering angel, if you’re focused on budget friendly price points, try Gris de Gris ($9.99 at Total wine) and Famille Bougrier (they also make my fave Chenin blanc, $11-12 at TW). If you can find Fleur de Mer Rose 2016, it’s worth the $20, but 2017 I would stay away from, major difference in taste. Try the Justin Cab for sure, especially with a nice filet, I can go on and on 😉 Love that you did a wine post, please keep us updated with new finds!

  4. Oyster Bay is my fave Sauv Blanc – try it!! Pairs perfectly with oysters 🙂 Looking forward to trying Kim Crawfords!

  5. Bread and Butter pinot noir is a fave! Their chard is awesome too but I grab multiple bottles of their pinot noir when I do liquor run!

  6. Thank you for this post Andee! I’m always looking for recommendations. I’m totally with you on your sauvi selections – KC and Whitehaven are my go tos. For reds, Meomi Pinot, Justin Cab, and Frei Bros Cab. Around November, Trader Joe’s comes out with their limited supply of their Platinum Reserve Yountville Napa Valley 2016 Cab which is really good. They run out quickly each year so be sure to stock up 😊

  7. Meiomi is one of the best pinot noirs you can grab for $20! They also have a rosé and a sparkling wine that are definitely worth trying. 😊

  8. This is by far the most important discussion you opened up :). I know you aren’t a fan of reds, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on Zolo (malbec) from BevMo ($8 ish with the 1 cent sale). I am also really like Radius (cabernet) from Total Wine ($11) I’m taking notes! Thanks so much, girl.

    1. ;))) Def the most important! I’m glad you girls can share some favorites too! Oh I used to love Malbecs when I drank more reds…will have to look for the Zolo one. Thanks love!

  9. LOVE the Whitehaven Sauv Blanc!! My friend worked for a wine distributor and turned me on to it. She also got me into the Pinot Grigio from THRIVE (sold at Whole Foods). It’s a really good one, if you like Pinot Grigio, and affordable too at like $14-$15 I think. Definitely recommend it! If you like reds, my boyfriend really likes the 19 Crimes Cab Sauv, says it’s good, but I’m not a red fan. There was also a white made by this company called Germann (or German) that was really good, but I can’t ever find it anywhere 🙁 And I also love Rose as well. Will definitely have to check some of your recommendations out too Andee, thanks for sharing!

  10. I always have either Apothic Red, Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon (the aged whiskey barrel is AMAZING) and Josh wines (practically all of them lol)

  11. Bread and Butter Pinot Noir is probably my favorite budget friendly red. So smooth and delicious! Can never buy just a bottle.

      1. I live in NYC and can generally find it in random wine stores but haven’t seen it in Whole Foods or Trader Joes. But since the wine is from CA, I’m sure the wine stores out there carry them! Great post by the way! So helpful. Really all your content I just loveee <3.

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