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After polling you girls on if you’d like a look into our recent schedule, it seemed like a lot of you were into it so I wanted to whip this post up. I’m always interested in how people’s day-to-days look and seems you girls are too! TBH our days are ever changing this year but lately this is our daily routine- short school days and homeschooling included. Hope you girls are all hanging in there if your schedules are still looking different too!


Kids are up around 6:45 and we’re finally at a glorrrrious age where they just come on downstairs on their own. They usually turn on the TV and grab their own breakfast letting mom and dad sleep in until around 7:15. It’s been 9 years since we could sleep in until 7:15 so this has been ahhmazing I tell you!!

I usually put the yogurt or fruit on the bottom shelf of the fridge so they can be more independent with breakfast. I also leave muffins and croissants on the counter for easy grabbing.

After they eat, they both get themselves dressed which is another awesome stage! Well lately, Ava has actually been asking me the night before to lay out her outfits which is super sweet…I’ll take it while I can get it because I’m sure the day is coming where mom will not be cool.

We switch off on school drop off but usually the hubby’s on drop off duty and I take the pick up as I tend to lag in the morning.

The hours the kids are in school are limited so I have to use that time wisely. If I’m taking it outdoors and not working out in my garage,  I have to sneak in my outdoor workout during that time frame before pick up. It’s kind of nice because it forces me to make it happen. If it’s a non workout day, I use those school hours to jump right into blog post prepping, responding to emails and DM’s and working on whatever content I have coming up that week.


The kids are only in school a couple hours a day still so after pick up, I make them lunch. Lunch usually switches between a fruit plate, this healthy smoothie they love, sandwiches, etc. I’ll do a post on what I usually eat for lunch soon for you girls since I know that’s a request.

After lunch, I usually give them 30 mins of free time to play with their toys, their favorite backyard activity or watch a show (not ideal but we’re still juggling this new schedule so it helps when I’m trying to get work done, too). Then it’s back to Zooms and work packets. Ava’s pretty good about doing her thing but we still have to be pretty hands on with Luca. I struggle here a bit as we’re definitely not teachers and the kids tend to need quite a bit of help. But I will say being this hands-on (even as frustrating as some days are) you get a better grasp of where your kids at and what they really need to work on.

They’re both done for the day around 1:30 and with sports and after school activities not being in full swing, we really struggled here last year. We had to get creative with activities so I formed a small flag football group with a few moms to get our boys outside and running around – and the sibling girls ended up loving it and joining in, too. Fingers crossed baseball and soccer are back on in some form this Spring because that stretch from 1:30- 8:00 bedtime can feel like a long one.


Around 5ish I start dinner (and about the time mama pours a glass of wine) but trying to be better about less wine on the weeknights as you can read about here. 😉 We all hang together in the evenings and then around 7ish start getting showered and ready for bed. Bedtime seriously still feels like it takes an hour so it’s usually 8:00-8:30 by the time lights are finallllly out for them.

8:30 and on are time for just the hubby and I that I really enjoy. We catch up on the news, our days and plans for the week. We used to watch series (I feel like we’ve seen them all but lmk what you girls have been watching lately!) but the past couple weeks we took a break and have been watching old movies we hadn’t seen in forever. If I have projects due, I’ll hop back on while a show is on and finish drafts and editing some nights too (but typically try my best to disconnect after the kids are down). We actually tend to stay up pretty late and don’t go to bed until 11ish.

And that’s are routine as of late!

Would love to know if your girls schedule looks similar! How’s everyone holding up?

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  1. WOW! We’re in-person school full time and I still feel like I’m trying to fill the time. Great Job mama!
    We recently finished The Flight Attendant and loved; Queen of the South–So good! Watching Ted Lasso now and it’s funny.

  2. We’re currently watching Your Honor on Showtime and Servant on Apple TV. Also just finished The Night Stalker on Netflix and that was one heck of a murder mystery!

  3. Thanks for this inspo, always so perfectly balanced. But feel like it miss something : where is the “everyday decluttering, cleaning, laundry” time? It’s my daily crazy struggle.

    1. oh yes forgot to add this~ Honestly is feels like an all day at random times kind of thing with the kids home all day right now. We try to tidy up in the evening when the kids are in bed so it’s fresh when we come down in the morning.Also feel like I’m always cleaning up the main living area quickly throughout the day.

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