Fitness Confessions and 2021 Goals

New year, new you? For me it’s more like new year and need to get back to the old me! ;). I’m sharing some fitness confessions in today’s post with a look back on 2020 and where I’m SO ready to be in 2021!


(Workout Set is c/o Fabletics and sneakers are this pair HERE (they’re from the kids section and I just order two sized down from my women’s size)

I shared a few 2020 posts last week (Best of Beauty Products, Top Sellers of 2020 and a What I Learned in 2020 more personal post) but today I’m sharing some fitness confessions that I have a feeling I wasn’t alone on. In 2020 it was safe to say that the wine consumption was up and the workout sessions were down. It was a wild year and honestly, through the first quarantine, we were literally drinking just about every night. I don’t know if it was boredom, stress or just a little something to help take the edge off all the anxiety and uncertainty buttttt wine nights were no stranger in 2020.

The second half of the year we kind of got into the swing of things but the wine indulging was still at an all-time high. Combining that with a decrease in workouts and it’s safe to say I tacked on a few lbs. Now the few lbs are not something I’m stressing out about because I definitely don’t have room to complain in the weight department… but I do love working out and eating well overall as it just makes me FEEL so much better. In 2021 I’m ready to get back to meal prepping which always helps me eat cleaner. I also plan on sharing on stories to give you girls some inspo…and to help keep me accountable as well. I would like to say no drinking during the week and saving it for the weekends, but I’m going to “realistically” aim for only drinking only once during the weekdays and save the other indulging for the weekend. 😉 I just love a glass of wine at dinner with the hubby after a long day and feel like with my kiddos only in school for 2.5 hours a day…..sometimes that weekday glass is needed (can I get an amen?! ha).

As for workouts, I am most definitely a gym-going kind of girl. I’ve always loved the people watching and motivated by taking tons of different classes to switch things up. Gyms in SoCal have pretty much been closed for the majority of 2020 and the brief amount of time they were open, I honestly just didn’t feel comfortable going. I’ve never been more grateful for the small space in my garage I transitioned into a home gym as I definitely got my use out of it this year. Also now realizing I don’t think I’ve ever shared a full post on my section of the garage I converted into a workout space. I shared a post on everything I purchased for my home gym but let me know if you girls are interested in a quick tour and I’ll put a quick one together for you.

Now while I do love my home gym, I am so missing all my old workout classes and boot camps. I’ve forced myself to take workout outdoors but am going to do that more of that in 2021!  I always feel so much better after I force myself to do them. Some local gyms here have converted outdoor spaces so this year I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone and try some new ones! While I love my home workouts I get bored easily so different classes help keep me motivated. So this is where I’m at and motivated to get to it!

Alright ladies! How are you doing checking into 2021? Ready to get back on track? What kind of creative ways have you come up with for workouts since the pandemic started?! 

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  1. Amen to the daily wine nights of 2020! Totally guilty of that over here too. And like you, I’m a total gym bunny and it’s been such a challenge transitioning to at-home workouts. I definitely lacked the motivation especially the second half of 2020. But I’m feeling hopeful for 2021 and ready to get back to the old me: strong, fit, confident! Thanks for your transparency in this post! Love it!
    Ps-I’d totally love a garage gym tour!

  2. We are very fortunate to live in a neighborhood in the burbs north of Chicago that offers a ton of walking/biking trails, sled hill, green space, tennis, several playgrounds and a small lake with a private beach. We have taken full advantage of these offerings over the past year to keep up our fitness. We have also transitioned to home workouts with free weights, resistance bands, jump ropes, flat and incline bench, and a few other pieces of small equipment. I have also been using Alo Moves. There are hundreds if not thousands of workout classes with incredible production quality all for only $99/year. It’s also been really key to wear our Apple watches daily to keep us motivated by seeing calories burned!

  3. Yes, please share all the clean eating and fitness things! I’m all about it. Had a baby 6 months ago and let’s just say I have A LOT of work to get back to prebaby shape. The extra consumption of wine and snacking hasn’t helped and I need all the motivation! Ha. I totally get the wine struggles – my goal is to limit it to 2-3 nights/week, but it will look more like 3 if I’m being honest. Love you honeybee health posts and would like to see more😉😘

  4. Oh boy!: Did I ever fall off the exercise planet it was 2020. When the wine started coming in by the cases & I turned on the news something shorted my “logic thinking” circuit (LOL) So when I saw your post this morning motivated me to go through my active wear, rearrange my workout area, and make a “goal list” on what I need to focus on! Thanks girlfriend.

  5. I too am a gym-going girl and love to mix up my routine with different classes, so the Variis by Equinox app has been my saving grace! Equinox, Rumble Training + Boxing, SoulCycle, Precision Run and more all on one app. It’s the best! My favorite is mixing Rumble Training with a SoulCycle arms series burnout. 🔥

      1. They do! You can take EQX and SoulCycle classes live every day, and they drop new on-demand classes every Monday/Thursday.

  6. Would love a garage gym tour! I am going to try to make a little space in our side garage for one and love inspo!

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