The One Thing I Never Wanted in My Backyard

I’ll be honest, a trampoline is one thing I NEVER wanted in my backyard but enter Week 3 of quarantine and herrrrre we are.  I had a trampoline growing up and loved it, but here in SoCal our backyards aren’t very big. We only have a small area of grass so a trampoline was something I never thought I wanted in our backyard but have to say, it’s been our new best friend during this quarantine. I always get asked where we got ours so today I’m sharing it along with some others at all price points (…if you’re in need of a little sanity-saving as well).

I wanted to make sure that if we committed to a trampoline, that we went all in and got one large enough that could grow with them through the years. We went with a 16 ft oval shape trampoline with netting. I also knew I wanted an all-black one because our backyard/patio is somewhere we live basically year-round and wanted something that (kind of ;)) blended in. This one truly has been great so far. The kids are obsessed with it and use it non stop. If you’ve been contemplating adding one of these to your backyard too, I found a few at all price points…



Also linking these wiggle carts I get asked about frequently in my stories (seriously the best $35 you’ll spend!). My kids have used these to death over the years.

What sanity savers 😉 have you welcomed into your household during this quarantine?!

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  1. Hi Andee – I committed to a trampoline a few years ago. Where I am, our backyards are a bit generous so it’s not so intrusive. However, word of caution, the trampoline has literally killed the grass it sits on top of.

  2. Andee! I JUST had this conversation with my little girls today. They rushed in the house on what was the most beautiful spring day in Wisconsin (after being so briskly cold up until today): “MOM! Please, please, PUH-LEASE CAN WE GET A TRAMPOLINE?!” And, of course, I ticked down the list of why we couldn’t and blamed it all on breaking necks and spinal cord injuries and what I used to see when I practiced pediatric nursing. (They don’t challenge my scary stories…yet.). While I realize they bring a lot of happiness, I hate how intrusive they look. Though your all black one looks stylish! We spend a lot of time in our backyard, too…I thought about installing it so the actual surface of the trampoline is ground level – dig a hole in the ground, drop the trampoline frame in the hole, boom – ground level trampoline. This would be tough to do in Wisconsin with the changing seasons, but maybe not in SoCal? I have friends who did this in their backyard in Arizona and it’s the coolest!

  3. And THANK YOU for sharing your trampoline info and for offering different options with various price points!

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