My Crazy Easy (and Healthy) Trader Joe’s Dinner Recipe

Alright my lovelies! Sorry for the brief delay but here is my CRAZY EASY (and healthy) Trader Joe’s recipe I shared on insta stories last week. I’ve literally been making this meal for years and the hubby loves it too. It’s perfect for those nights you’re in a hurry because it only takes about 15 minutes to make. So here’s what I use…

I’m all about lean protein and tons of veggies so this meal is one of my personal favorites!

What You’ll Need

Olive oil

Bell peppers (I prefer red or yellow)

One onion

A package of spinach

 Two packs of Trader Joe’s chicken sausages (they have several flavors but the garlic herb is our personal fav).

(You’ll have a little leftover but it makes for great prepped lunches too!)

And lastly, whatever carb you want to use. You can do brown rice, cauliflower rice, pasta or basically any other carb of choice depending on how healthy you want to be. We usually do ours with white rice because we prefer the taste but you can sub in healthier options too.

Step by Step

First, chop up your onion and peppers and slice your sausages like I did in the picture.

Next, heat two tablespoons of olive in a pan on medium heat. Add your chicken sausages to the pan and saute until it reaches your desired doneness. The sausages are already pre-cooked so it really is your preference on how firm or crisp you want them (we like to cook ours on high until they are more crispy).

Set the chicken aside and add a little more olive oil to the pan to saute your peppers and onions (2-3 minutes). (I prefer to only use one pan but I cook veggies and protein separate so I can get our sausages really firm and crisp.) Once you’ve sauteed your veggies, add your chicken sausage back into the pan and start adding in your bag of spinach. It seems like a lot of spinach but it wilts down pretty quickly so you can add as much as you like (and I’m all about piling in as many veggies as possible).

And lastly, top it on your carb of choice and add sea salt to taste!


Bon Appetit!

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  1. Sounds delicious. I’m at Trader Joe’s every week. My whole kitchen is filled with foods and Tangerine juice from your store. I buy everything from your store. Awesome food!

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