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Alright loves, per your requests I’m making an effort to bring back my Honeybee Health posts and make them a weekly thing! Yeah! If you’re new to my site (welcome!!) my Honeybee Health posts cover anything from daily eats, wellness products, grocery cart check ins, healthy recipes and basically anything and everything related.  I know a lot of you have requested a ‘Day in Meals’ Post so I have that in the works for you girls, but today I thought I would share how/what I eat on vacation… so let’s dive right in!

I asked you girls on Instagram if you’re more of drinker, eater (…or both;) when you’re on vacation. Personally I am a drinker. I know that I will indulge quite a bit more in cocktails when I’m on vacation (and will frequently be in a swimsuit….motivation right there;) so I do my best to just continue to eat how I normally do when I’m at home.

So let’s just dive right into the cocktail department. When you have views like this everywhere, it feels like a crime to say no to a good cocktail. At home I TRY to keep my wine and cocktails to the weekend but when on vacay it’s usually multiple dranks a day ;). At home I also usually drink wine, champagne or a skinny margarita but when I’m on vacation I tend to splurge on the higher calorie drinks.

I had been dreaming of this gin and tonic from the Kimpton hotel all year and couldn’t wait to have it. It’s so refreshing and love that they add mint, cucumber and melon balls! (I think I may try to recreate it at home).

On the beach or poolside….no fries or nachos here.

It’s all about fresh fruit and veggies (like I said nothing more motivating than being in a bikini all week long)

I always get so excited when I see a Hummus and Veggie plate option on the menu! This one also came with ranch so I asked for double hummus instead.

For lunch it’s all about lean proteins and veggies (I try to eat more complex carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice but I totally eat white rice and regular potatoes too. The key is just moderation)

I always love ordering ceviche because it’s packed with protein and usually pretty clean.

Fish Tacos are always my go-to on vacation. I just ask for them to be grilled (not fried) and with no aoili or creamy sauces.

Salads are a no brainer. I added Grilled Shrimp to my wilted kale salad with sweet potatoes. (please take note of the delicious skinny margarita on the left to balance it out 😉

I’ve mentioned it before but I have something sweet every. single. day.

I usually have a second cup of coffee every afternoon (need that #momlife pick me up) and yup, I use whole fat half and half creamer and agave nectar to sweeten it. I’ve been drinking coffee for 800 years 😉 and should probably be able to drink it black by now but I still prefer it this way. I’m sure it adds a couple hundred calories to my daily intake but Let. Me . LIVE. 🙂

I also am a huge fan of pre-packaged mini cookies (if you give me the whole box I always end up having more than just a few). They go perfectly with my afternoon coffee and sometimes I’ll switch it up and have a small godiva chocolate or just anything sweet around 150 calories and under. I can share some more of my sweet option picks if you girls want in another post.

At dinner the hubby and kids usually will share some sort of rich chocolate dessert which I pretty much always pass on but daytime Gelato or frozen yogurt….sign me up!

I mentioned that I always have something sweet and usually twice a day. The second time is at night time (I know, I know not the best time to have it) but I’ve been trying to be better about not doing that. I’m obsessed with this Mighty Tea I tried recently. It’s Chamomile but also has lemon in it and is so good. If you’re a tea girl def check out this brand. After dinner I automatically crave something sweet, so I’ve been having a cup of this tea with a little agave nectar and it usually satisfies that sweets craving. If it doesn’t then I’ll have one of my other go sweets. I have a few and as mentioned above can a do a post on them if you girls are interested.

Okay I hoped this helped and at the end of the day you’re on vacation so #treatYoself!  If you go a little overboard don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track as soon as you’re back home. I’m so glad you girls are into these Honeybee Health posts too! Next up I’m thinking a Trader Joe’s Haul….whatcha think?!

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  1. Would love a TJs haul post! I love that place! I agree the Mighty Leaf teas are super good. Love the chamomile citrus 🍋

  2. If you haven’t, you must try the Tazo Lemon Loaf tea! It is honestly so darn close to the lemon loaf pastry at Starbucks, and with a little honey or agave it’s out of this world!

  3. I LOVE the Honeybee health posts! Im a new mom, and I am DESPERATE to find a way to eat better! Like how do you prepare food for you family? and what do you eat if they want to eat bad? do you meal prep?

    – Stephanie

  4. Love this post so much! I’m the exact same.. I literally NEED something sweet right after lunch and dinner.. it’s the strangest thing but I totally try to curb it by having a coffee and usually that does the trick but if not.. helloooo brookside chocolate acai and coconut bliss ice cream YUM

  5. I’m so glad you are bringing back the Honeybee Health posts! I still refer back to your old ones for inspiration. Can’t wait for a TJ haul post! Maybe a new kid’s health post too? Thanks

  6. Yay!! My favorite posts 🙂 Would LOVE to read a TJ’s haul. Was curious why you choose agave over honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar etc. Is it personal flavor choice or health benefits?

    1. Hi love so agave is lower on the glycemic index so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar level as much. Also I find with honey I have to add a lot more of it to sweeten it than i do with agave. I have heard good things about coconut sugar too but I haven’t tried it yet. Do you like it?!

  7. Love these posts Andee. Please share your under 200 calorie treats. I try to do the same, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth but want to stay fit so I know it’s all about moderation. I’ve never tried the half and half and agave in my coffee. I’ll have to try it instead of coffeemate. All those ingredients probably not good 😉

    1. thanks babe…Im so glad you girls love these posts too. I def have a sweet tooth too so ill share some of what I eat. Also yes I just like that even though there is fat and sugar at least the ingredients all ones i can pronounce 😉 Although I do buy a creamer for my hubby by Coffee Mate but its their organic one and it’s pretty good too.

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