What I’ve Learned in 2020

Happy NYE loves! As i’m sitting here (with a glass of bubbly) attempting to write this closing of the year post, i’m struggling trying to put into words all the emotions this year has brought on. 2020 was a roller coaster kind of year that I think most of us can agree, we’ve just been along for the ride. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely left its mark on each and everyone of us.

While at times this year has definitely been challenging, frustrating and overwhelming…it’s also been a year of learning, growth and appreciation. This year was about adapting, finding the joy in simple things and appreciating all the littlest things we SO took for granted before. It’s been a year of working on patience, relinquishing control, lowering expectations, fighting set backs and continuing the never ending task of trying to find a balance.
 I feel like I have always been a pretty grateful person. I don’t tend to dwell on the negative and try my best to keep looking forward and think that has played a big role this year.  I shared a few years back that when I was a teenager, I lost my dad and stepmom in a car accident. There are events in your life that happen (and if you’ve personally experienced them then you know) that forever change who you are and your outlook on life. It’s events that make you realize that everyday is a gift (as cliche as it sounds, trust me it’s true). Even on the shitty days (and trust there were plenty of those this year), I just tried my best to be grateful. Grateful for my family, my health, still having a job and grateful for friends and neighbors who all rallied together to still make this year special for the kids. Yes there were a lot of days that I felt super frustrated, drained, anxious, defeated and unsure but at the end of the day just had to focus on the good and be grateful.
So rather than pouring out what a Sh!t show of a year it’s been ….i’m taking this time to thank 2020 for the reminders.
Thank you for reminding us to appreciate things we once took for granted and reminding us what/who to prioritize in our lives. While I am anxiously awaiting the return of friendly embraces, itineraries, crowded cafes, trips to the movies, full days of school lol and a normal daily routine….for now it’s continuing to focus on that grateful mindset and setting intentions for 2021! Lawwwwrd let’s hope this year is kinder to all of us.

Cheers to a New Year loves! 

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  1. I totally agree. Our perspective on life had a lot to do with how we experience highs and lows. I myself had so many struggles but oddly look back with major gratitude for this crazy year. Love to hear your thoughts Andee. Hoping for a better year for you too!

  2. Well said! The challenges we faced in 2020 were like no other, but being grateful for the things we sometimes overlook are now etched in our minds to remember not to take for granted. Here’s raising a glass to a new year filled with the best!

  3. Well put! It is much easier to point out all the negatives 2020 offered as opposed to focusing on the positives! There really was so much to be thankful for in 2020! Happy New Year!

  4. I can connect with you so much! Such an inspiration and it makes more sense of why you are the way you are. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Amen! Thank you for the reminder to be grateful even when its hard and to try and find Joy in all our circumstances. Happy New Year.

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