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Morning loves! I’ve had a lot of requests lately for what I buy on Amazon (and I can see why because honestly what did we do before Amazon Prime?!)  😉 so I thought I would introduce a new series on The Honeybee called Amazon Cart Check. I’ll be sharing my most recent purchases from Amazon with you girls who want a little peek into what products we buy from there and am kicking it off today with my first post so hope you girls enjoy!

If you all follow along on my insta stories you saw that I was in the process of creating a mini home gym in my garage. We share it with our kids (as we created a play area for them in there) and I literally only have a small corner of the garage. It’s not a big fancy at-home gym but it’s my little sanctuary where I can hop on my treadmill and do some floor work and abs when I’m short on time. I’ll share another shot of it on my insta stories today (and save it to my FITNESS highlight tab). I pretty much ordered 100% of what I have in my home gym from Amazon and set it up in a day! So here is what I’ve purchased and the pieces I work out with at home….





This weight rack was one of my first items to purchase for my home gym. I use them for arms, abs, squats, lunges, you name it. I loved the style of this rack and that it didn’t take up a ton of space. If you prefer weights with rubber ends This Set is pretty great too.

You girls have heard me rave about my Amazon Echo before and seriously didn’t even realize how much I would use it. It’s now made it’s way into my home gym and I can’t workout without it in there!

So I wasn’t sure that this oversized fitness mat was a necessity but now after having it for a few weeks I’m so glad I purchased it! I use it so often to floor work and abs and it’s pretty easy to clean!

A full length mirror is a must and This One is such a great budget-friendly option. I plan on ordering a second one and stacking them side by side.

I just added two sandbag weights to my home gym. I got the 15 and 25 lb options and love to use them for abs and weighted hip thrusts.

This bench was a must and I also ordered two additional risers because I like to work with three on each side. I also have this padded mat I put on top of it to add a little cushion for glute work.

and lastly I used this resistance band in so many different ways (not to mention it’s great for travel too) and will share some video snaps soon if you girls are interested.

Okay I hope you girls enjoyed this new series!

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  1. Great suggestions! If we can ever get our basement cleaned out I’d love to move our elliptical down there and set up a workout area… awesome to know I could do it all via Amazon!

  2. Loved this post! My garage isn’t heated, but my daughter suggested setting up a workout area anyway because exercising should provide enough body heat with a thin thermal vest. I am glad to see what I should buy. (Note: My house was built in 1934 and not deep enough for my SUV so there is plenty of room. This is a 2-family in the city.)

  3. Love seeing what people buy on amazon! And this is perfect because I am moving into a new house and setting up a garage gym too. Can I ask what treadmill you have and if you like it? Thanks!

    1. Hi babe we have one by LIVESTRONG which is from literally 10 years ago! Ill probably have to get a new one soon so ill share what we end up going with. We probably paid maybe $1000 for it and it has been great all these years!

  4. Great minds think alike lol. I took a spare room downstairs and made a craft room for my “creative side” and took partial if another room to have as my workout corner. I’ve got my Pilaties machine, some weights, bands & my 3rd echo for music When I’m feeling good about exercising I feel the need to create😉

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