Honeybee Health // Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays

Alright ladies a few of you requested a Honeybee Health post so here’s a quick little round up of recent meals, grocery store finds and some tips for staying on track during the holidays!

It’s that time of year where temptation yumminess is all around us! I’m all about those extra little holiday indulges but just try not to go H.A.M  😉 at every chance you get. During the holidays I try to keep my eating during the week on track as best as I can. With so many parties and social outings  I always end up having way more sweets and cocktails than I normally should so healthy ordering while I’m out and meal prepping at home have been in full force lately….


Out to lunch and had this healthy (and yummy) rotisserie Chicken, brown rice, arugla and parmesan bowl. It was tasty and super filling!


Out to dinner at an Italian restaurant with the fam bam last night and I opted for the Kale salad and added Salmon. I asked them to hold the breadcrumbs and pancetta that came on it and it still tasted amazing with out. I also had a glass of wine and snuck a few bites of the kiddos pizza.

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I’m so glad that we have so many healthy options available to us here in SoCal! I had some meetings in LA a few weeks ago and I ordered this healthy grilled chicken and brown rice bowl…and I’m totally craving it again today!


Treat YO’self!

It’s the holidays after all so just try to keep your indulgences in moderation. The pumpkin pie at Urth Caffe in Laguna is AMAZING! Pumpkin Pie is actually one of the lower calorie pie options out there (if you’re keeping track). This one was quite a large portion so I shared it will the hubby  and also had a yummy honey vanilla latte…HEAVEN!

and a few more tips for to stay on the track during the holidays…

1.) Try to stick to wine and bubbly (or a liquor with soda water) instead of creamy cocktails and punches. The calories and fat in those drinks can add up quickly!

I also try (“try” being the key word) 😉 not to drink during the week so I can indulge in a couple glasses on the weekend.

2.) Always eat before you arrive to a party

Chances are you are going to indulge when you get there so it’s better to not come ravenous and to eat something healthy before you arrive to avoid over indulging in all the comfort food appetizers.

3.) And if you do a little too much overindulging just add on an extra 30 minutes of cardio the next day!

Trust me you’ll feel so much better after you do!


and a little grocery cart check in!

These are pretty much the standard items you will find in my cart every week. I always keep tons of veggies, fruits and lean proteins on hand. I don’t know about you but I always eat SO much better when I have a fully stocked and prepped fridge! Those chicken meatballs are for the kids but are so good I eat them too!


Weekly prep in the works!

 Early on in the week I try to do some sort of prep like this with lean proteins and roasted veggies. This week was grilling up some turkey burgers and roasting some asparagus and brussel sprouts. I just toss the veggies in olive oil and sea salt and roast them on 400 for about 20 – 25 minutes. We are all SO busy during the week so having these healthy options on hand makes staying on track so much easier.

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and I usually steam up a big pot of rice to have on hand for the week as well but I always buy these organic rice pouches that we can microwave in a hurry too.


and ladies when I get down…I get down!

If you’re in Orange County the pineapple upside down cake at Wildfish is hands down the best dessert I’ve ever had (way better than Mastro’s butter cake) but be warned it is crazy rich…which I love! Like you’re going to be nauseous when you’re done;) They serve it with butter pecan ice cream and this amazing caramel sauce and it’s out of control!


Rushing off now because Luca’s waking up from his nap  but if you girls have any questions or requests  for future Honeybee Health posts just let me know! I have school lunches on line up for next week!

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  1. Alwaysss love these posts! which restaurant was the chicken and rice bowl from in LA it looks amazing! also where was that yummy pineapple cake from? would love a roundup of your fav OC food spots!

    1. hi babe the rice bowl in LA was at a place on 3rd called Goldies and sorry totally need to update the post as i forgot to mention the cake is from Wildfish in Newport Beach!

  2. Hi Andee! I know you’ve said that you’ve been 115 pounds for years now but do you have a range that you like to stay in? Or do you ever fluctuate? I struggle with how strict I should be. Thanks!!

    1. hi babe you know I honestly have probably been this weight (minus two pregnancies 😉 for about 10 years now! I really think just sticking with this lifestyle kind of clean eating style choices is the reason. I really am pretty disciplined most of the time but definitely give into those indulge as well!

  3. Thank you so much for these posts!!! It’s nice to see how you keep it all together as a busy mom. Love your balance girl. Do you know how many calories you eat in a day? Keep being you! 👌🏼

    1. thank you so much Christa! Im definitely not making it to the gym as much as I used to these days ;( so keeping my eating on track is key! I would say I aim for about 1700 and probably end up more around 2000ish. Hope this helps and thanks for the love xoox

  4. Hi Andee! I love these posts. It really helps me stay in check. Just curious..how tall are you? It helps to know that for fit of some of the clothing as well! You can never tell in pictures! Thanks!

  5. Love these health posts!! Great reminders for when I need to get back on track. I also love that you include the kiddos food/snack items. Healthy snacks for kids is a never ending/ongoing battle in my household! How often do you work out, & what sort of exercises/classes do you do on the regular?

  6. Where is that first dish from?!? Please tell me in the OC area, that looks delish! Honeybee Health posts are some of my favorites! Keep them coming!

  7. I LOVED this!! Thank you so much for sharing. Your healthy meals look delicious! I’m jealous and inspired to get creative with my own salads.

  8. Keep these posts coming! Would love for you to add quick weekday meals you make for yourself and the kiddos. Can’t have enough of those!!

  9. These health posts are also my favorite. It’s refreshing to see what thin, beautiful women actually eat (so many swear they eat pizza, deep fried foods, and other junk on the daily). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Lisa I always try to keep it 100 with you girls. I definitely make an effort to eat clean and always think its important to show that it does take work xo

  10. i LIVE for your nutrition posts!! thank you so much for doing them, help me stay on track and give me great inspiration!! really appreciate it

  11. omg i must try wildfish now! that looks soooooo good!!! and i’ll be going to zinque in newport today bc you’ve been posting so much about it! Hope you have a great thanksgiving week!

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