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Morning Lovelies! You girls have been asking for more daily snaps of my meals and snacks so i’ve been trying to  share more on Snap and Insta-Stories but wanted to elaborate a little more for you on here. So here is a quick Honeybee Health post with all kind of randomness lately …..

I’m not normally big on new years resolutions but I have REALLY slacked on cooking lately. It’s been a lot of throw together in hurry type of meals because we’ve all been so busy. I am on a mission on getting back to trying at least one new meal a week (or something that is a little more exciting than that easy go to pasta or tacos).

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I posted this Skinny Mac Taco Chili last week and were obsessed! I got the recipe from Pinterest and basically anything by SkinnyTaste is a hit in our household. I was so excited to see you girls tagging and sending me pictures of you making it too! This one is seriously delish! I cheated slightly and just used a pre made taco seasoning from Whole Foods and also just used a regular pasta I already had (in place of the gluten free one the recipe called for). I can’t wait to share more dinners with you girls. If you have favorites (or favorite healthy recipe Pinterest accounts you love to follow PLEASE SHARE!)

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A typical dinner in a hurry…. Grilled protein, steamed rice and roasted veggies. I LOVE steak but always opt for super lean cuts like filet mignon. I sautéed up some mushrooms and onions and just roasted the asparagus with a little olive oil and sea salt. You could most definitely choose a healthier grain but we just love steamed white rice in our house.

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Always in my fridge

Berries are a no brainer. High in nutrients, Low Calories  and the kids gobble them up!

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I used to food prep ALL the time but with two kids, a new home build, and juggling blogging and the kids schedule I have SO slacked in this department. I just started getting back on track on with it (and will have a full post on all the prep I do soon). At the beginning of the week I make up a big batch of veggies. This week was roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes. I just toss them in olive oil and a little sea salt and roast on 400 for about 25 minutes (and maybe a little longer for the sweet potatoes depending on how you prefer them).

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Fresh cut veggies every week. I always open them up when I’m cooking dinner and magically they all disappear.

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Another prep I frequently do is ground turkey with peppers, onions, and spinach  and a side of steamed rice. I make a big batch early in the week to have on hand for quick and healthy lunches.

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Grocery Checkout Shot

A bunch of healthy favorites and some treats mixed in too. I’m all about healthy eating but also want my kids to grow up in a house where they remember Pancake and Bacon Sundays and chocolate chip and cinnamon rolls baking too.

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Another grocery cart check in

I when almost half of my cart is filled with fruits and veggies!

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Breakfast Staples!

My go to protein waffles and favorite peanut butter. I’ve shared these a million times because everyone in our household loves them. I also love taking them on the go because they have a hint of sweetness and can easily be eaten plain and perfect for on the go!

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Another favorite breakfast i’ve shared before! These sweet potato pancakes are amazing (and the kids LOVE them too!)

I shared these new Starbuck Egg White Bites on instagram last week and they’re SO good. My only complaint is that they’re aren’t really big enough to be super filling. I prefer the egg white spinach and feta wrap if you’re looking for a something more filling. These Egg Bites are so yummy though and perfect for snacking!

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If you love cottage cheese I just started getting these and LOVE them! My hubby wasn’t a huge fan (I think he thought it was yogurt lol) but this small cup is packing 16 grams of protein and only 9 grams of sugar. They’re perfect for on the go healthy snacking. The strawberry chia flavor is really good too.

and as ALWAYS treat yo’self….

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I’m currently putting this post together up in the air and working on my second mimosa 😉

(hey at least i’m balancing it out with my raw almonds )

I hope you girls all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Hi love – kind of a silly question, but do the shredded Brussels sprouts your buy from WF have a strong smell? I purchased the WF while Brussels sprouts once and they stunk!!

  2. I hear ya with used to being able to food prep ALL the time, but with a baby and working FT, it is nearly impossible :(. I keep telling myself I’ll get back on track next week. ha…I’m lucky if I make dinner once/week. Your post is giving me motivation to get back into food prepping! It really does help to have a bunch of food prepped on hand during the week. As you mentioned in your post, I’d love a full FOOD PREP post ;)!

  3. YUM this is making me hungrayyy! You’re always so on point with your eating! I’m trying to keep it as consistent as possible over here but always need a little motivation! 😉

  4. Andee I LOVE these posts 🙂 thank you! Where and when did you first learn about “clean eating” do you recommend any books or resources to learn more and get started? Thank you 🙂

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