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Alright lovelies I was planning on posting my NYFW recap today but it turns out I have A LOT more pictures that I had thought, so stayed tuned for that post in the next day or two! Today i’m doing a Honeybee Health post as you girls have been requesting one and it’s been a minute so here we gooooo with some random shots lately….

I’ve said it before but healthy eating is a lifestyle for me. I have pretty much been the same weight for the last 10 years (minus two pregnancies 😉 because I stick to clean eating andddd also indulging in moderation. That means even when travel. For breakfast at the hotel while I was in NY I ordered the greek yogurt, granola (only used half) and berries for breakfast. Healthy, filling and yummy!


Out to lunch i’m usually a salad kind of gal. I LOVE a good salad and kind of hate making them at home so that’s usually my go to when I’m out. The key is opt for ones loaded with veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats. I usually try to steer clear of bacon and cheese and opt for a balsamic/ vinaigrette (totally had to look up the spelling of that lol)  dressing instead of a creamier one.


My go to quick snack at home that the kids love too. Strawberry greek yogurt, fresh berries and my favorite granola. Some granola can be a caloric nightmare and  this one has a less calories (but I still only use a couple spoonfuls).


Out to breakfast with my brother last week and I went for the breakfast burrito. He wanted me to show you his which had eggs, cheese, bacon hash browns and gravy lol. Mine however was egg whites, veggies, avocado and I opted for salsa instead of cheese. It may not have tasted as good as hash browns and gravy butttt I have to say it was still pretty good!


another healthy scramble! I can’t remember if I showed you girls this one or not so forgive me if I am reposting but egg whites, spinach and feta is my favorite combo. I thought this veggie bacon sounded sketchy but I gave it a try and it was actually REALLY good. I shared one I picked up from Trader Joe’s on my SnapChat grocery haul a couple weeks ago and you girls who warned me that it wasn’t very good were right! So I’m going to try the one from Whole Foods you recommended, so stay tuned!


Healthy Lunchin’ on the go at Lemonade.

There are so many good options but the Broccoli + Ricotta and the Avocado + Tomato salad are my favorite!

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Zinc Cafe has the best Avocado toast in town. I add two poached eggs on top of mine.


Kind of obsessed with Brussel Sprouts right now (I know, how lame did that sound 😉 but its true! Whole Foods sells them pre washed and cut so I just toss them in olive and sea salt and roast them in the oven for 15 minutes. I  love having them prepped and on hand for the week.


A quick and healthy lunch with a rotisserie chicken mix and Brussel sprouts I prepped earlier in the week. I sautéed rotisserie chicken breast with some olive oil, sea salt, peppers and onions and added some white beans to it. Healthy, filling and SO good!


Out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I would love to have breadsticks, pasta, pizza and wine butttt I try to be good most of the time. So I dominated some breadsticks, had a big ol’ healthy salad and you know my wine is never far behind ;)) In the words of Bethenny Frankel ” you can have it all, just not at once”. Did you guys ever ready her book from years ago? I think i’ve talked about it before but it was actually pretty good. I did feel some of her  book was a little extreme but she really did have some great points in there.

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and of course a little dominating is a MUST! As mentioned before I always make it point to splurge with Ava and let’s be honest she didn’t have to twist my arm with this Smore’s donut!


Treat YO’self

Hope these were helpful for you girls and you’re all having a great week! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my Kate Sommerville GIVEAWAY over on The Honeybee Facebook page.

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  1. I totally read Bethenny’s book…loved the advice about having it all but not all at once. You have the best self-control when traveling…that’s always when I let it loose! 🙂

  2. I so wish I was as disciplined as you. This stuff looks so good. I might need to take a trip to Whole foods. I have never shopped there because it is a little far from my house.

    1. I agree with Tenneh, the bacon in your photo is totally the Morningstar brand. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15+ years and tried just about every veggie bacon out there and this one is the best! My fiancé tells me that it looks/tastes/smells like the dog treat “Beggin’ Strips” (just follow the cooking instructions, because it can become the consistancy of them), but I swear it’s good! You can find it at most bigger box grocery stores and I think Whole Foods!

  3. Didn’t your brother try to show his breakfast himself via the “Seefood” method? ?
    I’d sure like to find pre-prepped Brussels sprouts, cutting those ends is murder on my fingers, though I must admit, I much prefer mine with chunks of slab bacon thrown in there ?

  4. I love your health post! I’ve been obsessed with brussel sprouts too lately so your not the only lame one? Next time after your roast them, mix up some balsamic vinaigrette and honey and toss the brussel sprouts in that, you will thank me later!

  5. Hi Doll! I love coming to your page and following you on Insta (sorry – I’m really not a creeper lol). I’ve always struggled with my weight (i’m not terribly overweight but I’m 154 lbs at 5’5″. I’d like to lose 20 but I struggle when the cravings for food kick in. You have so much self control – what do you do when you get cravings for one of your favourite all time foods?? i know a little is in moderation but I get cravings literally every day! any tips would be amazing and greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. thanks so much babe and you’re totally not a creeper 😉 I hear you on the cravings struggle. I crave and have something sweet everyday! I struggle the most in the evening after dinner when we are watching a show and I want a snack at 9pm. I will include a lot of mu go to under 200 calorie treat options on my next Honeybee Health post but first I try to have some chamomile tea with agave nectar or after lunch Ill have a coffee at home with real creamer and agave. Yes it sounds lame but it usually kicks that craving. If that doesnt work I’ll take the kids for a frozen yogurt (and just always stick to the smallest size and minimal toppings). Hope this helps and ill share more options soon!

      1. Thank you so much! I am definitely willing to try this to help kick my cravings and get rid of these last few pounds. Thanks so much for responding…it means a lot to us followers! 🙂

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