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Honeybee Health posts are most definitely one of my top priorities for you girls as we kick off the new year! I know it has been a heavily requested area (and also something I am super passionate about) so I promise to deliver to you girls consistently this year! As we’re wrapping up our stay here in Cayman I thought I would share a few snaps on what I eat while on vacation. I do my best to stay on track with my eating but of course make time for splurges too. So here’s how I order when we travel…

Before I dive into the phone pics I will say that I really do try to eat the same way when we travel. I’m all about lean proteins, tons of veggies and complex carbs. It’s the way I’ve eaten for over 15 years and has totally become a lifestyle for me and just works. I never feel deprived or that I am missing out. Honestly fried foods just don’t do it for me and I really just don’t crave them. My splurges have always been cocktails so when I’m on vacation I definitely indulge. I think the key is finding your splurge-worthy item – what is reallllly worth those extra calories for you? Figure out what it is and treat yo’self! in moderation. Ice cream and cocktails over here, please 😉

Here are some meal shots via the camera roll


At the house it usually looks like a piece of raisin Ezekiel bread and a little almond butter but when ordering out… two eggs over easy and a thick slice of avocado toast are usually my go-to. I’m all for the protein, healthy fats and omegas in this combo. My husband also ate half of my toast bc it was super filling.  Side note – don’t judge the rose’ for breakfast butttt in my defense it was 11:00 and I’m on vacation right?! 😉


Most lunches looked something like this…

Hearty salads with tons of veggies and topped with lean protein. The kale salad above had farro, pecans, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, a little bit of goat cheese and I ordered a side of grilled Mahi.

Another lunch staple was grilled fish or shrimp tacos.

I always make sure the fish is grilled and ask for no aioli. These tacos didn’t have a ton of veggies on them so I ordered a side salad and of course, a little rosé was in order.


This one could go for lunch or dinner but still the same theme…lean proteins and tons of veggies! This wilted kale salad has sweet potatoes and corn and I topped it with grilled shrimp.

Treat Yo’Self

As mentioned, adult beverages are always my splurge and I definitely indulge more frequently on vacation.  It just feels like you need a glass of rosé or skinny marg in hand while on the beach right?! My go-to drink order is a skinny margarita, a glass (or two 😉 of rosé or a Paloma. I try my best to steer clear of the Pina Coladas and calorie-heavy drinks (because they just don’t do it for me – with the exception of a frozen peach margarita when in Cabo. 😉

And last but not least I always indulge with my kiddos! There’s always room for gelato! Hazelnut is pretty much always a go-to!

Alright ladies – What’s your Vacay splurge of choice ?!

Hope you liked this post and let me know what other Honeybee Health topics you’d like to see here this year?!

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  1. Ahhhh yes – my favorite posts!! You are always such an inspiration on how to eat healthy but also enjoy life 🙂 Would love to see a post on how you treat your first week back from vaca (after indulging in a few too many rosè’s). Do you go back to eating normally, do you add in a green juice, kick up the cardio etc or no? Thanks babe xx

  2. love love love these posts. I struggle with moderation on vacation. My goal for 2020 is to be more mindful of this while traveling this year. I always feel great going into a vacay and leave feeling like crap. Seeing how you choose your splurges is super helpful! Will definitely revisit this before my next trip!

    1. oh good so glad this was helpful! i feel like you can have splurges just not everything at once and every day lol But def treat yo’self when you’re on vacay!

    1. maybe a little pasta if I feel for it. I’m Not really a nachos person (although I could do some chips and salsa sometimes) and rarely order a burger (unless turkey).

  3. My goal for 2020 is to eat more like your choices. As a rue Italian Mediterranean eating should help me get started….so I’ll have definitely splurge on gelato!!! Thanks for the encouragement as I sit here into the second week of the new year newly diagnosed with breast cancer (I am doing well) with “faith”comes strength! Including my bff bloggers lol thank you 😉

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