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Summer is here ladies so there’s no better time than now to keep that eating on point. I’ve had lots of requests for diet and exercise posts lately so i’m going to start incorporating more of those for you girls. Today i’m sharing all kinds of Honeybee Health snippets of my grocery cart check ins, at home lunches and how I order when i’m out to eat. So here we go….

First things first, my Grocery Cart Check In’s…..

Being the one who does the grocery shopping in our household I feel like I am responsible for what we end up eating. If I bring home junk…we eat junk. I should share a snap of the stuff my husband brings home on the rare occasion that he runs to the  grocery store for us. It’s safe to say his grocery cart check-in looks much different than mine. 🙂

I try to fill the majority of my cart with fruits, veggies and lean proteins. The items you see in the next couple pics are pretty much weekly staples in our household. These turkey burgers have been a go to mine for years. I love that there only a package of four so they don’t go to waste. I grill them up at the beginning of the week to have on hand for healthy and quick lunches.

Fruits and Veggies please!

Berries, peppers and cucumbers are always a hit with my kids so those are a no brainer each week. Pre cut brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes are always in my cart for my weekly prep. I was thinking about putting together a more in depth post on my “weekly meal prep” for you girls so let me know if you’re interested in seeing that. I can go into more detail on what I make and any questions you have feel free to leave bellow and I will try to answer them for you!

We are on the go go go (as I am sure many of you are as well) so there are no “made from scratch” breakfast’s around here on the weekdays. I still try to keep it healthy for the kids with these pre made mini pancakes, sweet potato pancakes and protein waffles. We’ve been eating these for years and the whole family loves them. The protein waffles with a little peanut butter and agave are SOOO good. I also really love those raisin ezekiel muffins that are perfect for grab and go. These are all available at Whole Foods. Greek yogurt is always stocked in our fridge. They have probiotics (healthy bacteria for your gut 😉 are low in sugar and higher in protein than regular yogurt.

Staples from Trader Joes

Lots of fresh veggies for weekly prep and to have on hand for meals. I love these hard boiled eggs that are already cooked and peeled. They’re a great grab and go option for protein in a hurry.  My addiction to the riced cauliflower and riced broccoli is real girls! It’s SO easy to make, takes great and is a great option if your looking to cut carbs. If you haven’t tried it yet …get on board!

Okay let’s talk DINING OUT….

Consistency is KEY!

Eating healthy really has to be more of lifestyle if you want to stick to it.  Even when i’m out to eat I am always trying to eat healthy and I pick and choose my splurges.  Grabbing lunch to take the beach I opted for this uber colorful salad. Nothing like being in bikini  to keep those food choices in check. 😉

Out to breakfast with the fem..it.’s an egg white omelette with broccoli, cauliflower, vegan cheese (i’m not vegan but it tastes bomb!) avocado and served with a side of brown rice. This may look bland but it actually takes really good.

I would say 90% of my dining out looks something like this. Big Salads with some sort of lean protein (usually seafood because I don’t make it a ton a home) and pretty much always a glass of wine. I am definitely a believer in treating yourself so I always say pick and choose your splurges. You know it’s funny I always refer back to Bethenny Frankels book I read literally a million years ago and some of her topics have just always stuck with me. She said something along the lines of “you can have everything, just not all at once”. You can have pizza, breadsticks, wine but just not all at once. Pick and choose your splurges. If you have wine trying skipping the bread. If you have pasta opt for a salad to start. It’s all about everything in moderation.

Another dinner out with grilled salmon, veggies, a glass of wine and I usually end up stealing a slice of the kids pizza.

AT HOME Lunches

I am ALLLL about that weekly prep. It seriously helps keep healthy eating at home on track and so much easier. We’re all so busy around here that having healthy options already in the fridge and ready to go is a HUGE help. My home lunches vary week to week depending on what I prepped but here are a couple from last week….

Shredded rotisserie chicken, bell peppers, onions, fresh shaved corn and  riced broccoli. Yummy Filling and healthy!

I posted this lunch on my insta stories last week and a lot of you were asking about the meatballs. They’re BBQ chicken quinoa meatballs and I get them from the pre made (behind the counter section) of Whole Foods. I had them with my weekly prepped roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and riced cauliflower. SO good!

Let’s talk about the SPLURGES…

As mentioned about I am a big believer in TREAT YO’SELF. I tend eat super clean about 80% of the time and then indulge the other 20% of the time. I’m not really into chips or fried food. For me it’s all about cocktails, sweets, killer cheese plates and my weakness for big ol’ soft pretzels. Those are my go to splurges every so often. Whatever your splurge is, definitely still Treat Yo’self in moderation.

Frozen Yogurt is another favorite of mine. Pressed Freeze is made with wholesome and healthy ingredients butttt I cover mine in chocolate sauce and almond butter 😉

and lastly I always make sure I indulge with my little ones. Whether it’s weekend donut shop meet ups or after swim ice cream dates, I feel like it’s super important to indulge with them too.


Okay I hope this was helpful for you girls! Let me know if you’re interested in a more in depth post on my weekly meal prep or any other Honeybee Health topics you’d like to see one here! xo

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  1. Love these posts! Random question, but do you eat guacamole? And if you do, what do you eat it with since you don’t eat chips? Chips + guac is a major weakness of mine!!

    1. yes i loooove Guac. I just try to keep my chip portion in check. I would say probably eat only around 10 chips but heavy on the Guac.;) And I’m usually also having a skinny margarita as well so really try to keep those chips in check and save room for my chicken fajitas (a go to healthy eating option at mexican restaurants)

    2. Natasha – I eat sometimes eat guac with carrots (the ones that are cut in the shape of chips), or plantain chips from Trader Joe’s. Just a couple ideas if you’re looking to ditch the chips 🙂

  2. Hi Andee this is a great post, thank you for sharing all your ideas 🙂 Where did you learn about clean eating? Do you count calories or macros? How often to you indulge in treats?

    1. Gosh that is a good question. I will go more into this on my next Honeybee Health Q&A! I used to count calories but not anymore I just have a pretty good idea now from doing it for so long. And yes I definitely indulge in treats everyday but ones that are around 200 calories and under. I only splurge on big items like cupcakes, donuts, milkshakes etc a couple times a month.

  3. Honeybee health posts are my favorite! You motivate me to eat better although I’m not nearly as disciplined as you ;). You have me addicted to the riced cauliflower and broccoli! I just bought a riced cauliflower with sweet potato mix that I’m excited to try. Would love for a weekly meal prep post, another day in meals, and a workout post. Thanks love 😃

    1. thanks so much babe and ohhh where did you find the rice cauliflower and sweet potato mix?!! and yes weekly prep will be up next and am working on a workout post for you girls too!

  4. This post is AMAZING. So fitspiring I love those Applegate turkey burgers!!! We always get them 🙂 Perfect wrapped in some butter lettuce!

  5. Mama question for you! I also have a Luca, and he’s around your Luca’s age 🙂 he turned 2 in March and even though it breaks my heart, he’s such a picky eater. So, are your kids those awesome adventurous toddlers and so they eat what you eat?

  6. Andee, i love love when you do these posts!! Hope they keep comin’ 🙂 would love to see a weekly meal prep one too!

  7. Thanks for another great update Andee! I wish that shrimp salad would appear in my fridge for lunch! Have you ever done the Whole 30 cleanse?

  8. Love your Honeybee Health posts! I’m 8 months pregnant with baby #2 and definitely looking to get in to a good routine post-baby to lose that baby weight! Love your reference to the book…you can have it all, just not at once. Great motivation! Would for sure be interested in your weekly meal prep 🙂

  9. I would love to see more on meal prep!! I’ve been following since before Ava was born, and now I have two little of my own 🙂

  10. Love this post, You are by far my fav blogger! Please continue health and exercise posts, oh and meal prep for the week! It is so great to see how much hard work and effort it takes to have an amazing bod like you!
    Ps I also love all things about kiddos! My boy is 14 months and I just love your Little’s style!

  11. Love the food post!!! Great inspo and helps with ideas!! Thank you!! If you could showcase how you cook with the riced broccoli and cauliflower that would be very helpful! love your blog!!!

  12. Would love to hear your in depth “weekly meal prep” 🙂 I enjoy your heath and fitness posts and snaps!

  13. i LIVE for your posts about nutrition! they are always so inspiring and give me great ideas. i have followed you for years. more meal prep, more nutrition posts, more cart check ins, thank you for them!

  14. You are so versatile in your blogging. I’d love to know more about your meal preps! Your advice has helped me so much in my ‘diet’, and i’m slowly learning to make it more of a life style. Thank you for taking your time out of the day to do this for us!

  15. Hello Andee, It’s Anais “the french one” ^^, i’m wondering if you have any tips or advices for someone – like me – who litterally eat junk for few weeks and gain back any single pounds. How to go back in shape quickly? How to detox or help your body? Did it happened yo you sometimes to just eat junk for few days?
    With love, Anais

  16. Can you do a post that focuses on your exercise routine and any thing helpful you can recommend that helped you get back into shape after baby? And yes, to weekly meal prep post too. I’m sure that helps keep things on track. I went real hard on meal prep once, it was like Thanksgiving and I can’t imagine doing that every week, so I stopped. I need to reinvent the meal prep thing so I actually will do it!

  17. What do you do with the sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts? I guess I’m wondering what’s your cooking technique with those. Also post more meal ideas if you get a chance. Loving all these suggestions! You’re the bomb!

  18. Hi, I’m new to the riced broccoli/ cauliflower game. Is that bowl above raw or is everything cooked?
    Love your blog by the way.

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