Honeybee Bridal Series: How to Still Make a Bridal Shower Special Right Now

Even though I got married over a decade ago (where does the time go?), I know there are a lot of you girls who are either planning weddings or are part of a bridal party/family who is celebrating someone getting hitched soon! A close friend got married a few years back (and  my best friend is getting married in a few months!) and I had so much fun helping to plan all the events and make her feel special throughout the process. I had shared some of that on the blog, specifically hosting a backyard bridal shower and how to throw a bridal shower from a few years ago, but I wanted to revisit since I know 2020 and 2021 are a tricky year for all things weddings and events!

If you’re working on throwing someone a bridal shower this year and still want to make it special, even if it can’t be traditional, I hope this article is helpful! I have a few more Bridal Series posts coming your way so stay tuned whether you’re a soon-to-be wifey, part of the bridal party, hosting a wedding event, or are a guest at a wedding this year!

Get her favorite meals

Since bridal showers are usually catered if they’re big, you probably won’t need too much food. So whether you’re getting food brought in for the small group or are making your own, you could surprise the bride with some of her favorite food from restaurants she’s been missing lately or recreating that cuisine if you’re a good cook. Since a lot of restaurants haven’t been open (until more recently, at least here), this could be a sweet way to treat her to her favorites while at home!

Rosé tasting

Since you’ll have more time with fewer people there, this could be a fun activity for the bride and intimate group! Grab a handful of bottles and do a blind taste test for the bride and anyone in attendance.

Video recording

If her friends and family won’t be attending, ask everyone to record a 60-second video with well wishes or something they want to say to the bride leading up to the wedding- and show how everyone is celebrating her from afar. This is another option instead of Zooming everyone in incase that feels awkward or forced for her. You can just play it while you eat and drink and even surprise her with it!

Create a virtual book

If you want a keepsake for the bride, I love the idea of having her close friends and family write a little message or letter in a book leading up to her shower, and then you could give it to her there. This is a cool site where everyone can write their message on their own virtually and then they can compile and print it!

Go all out with decor

I love hosting and would definitely still want to make the bride feel like the day was a special event for her, so I suggest going all out with decorating! If you’re doing something outdoors, here’s how to do a Backyard Bridal Shower Brunch it before or you could even do picnic-style if it was a really small group and the bride was more casual. Rose ice cubes are a pretty touch and here are some ideas for decorating the bar cart for the event. And an informal brunch could be cute recreating something like this– could even be cute to do a sleepover the night before if it’s just you and a couple friends, including the bride!

Make it a spa experience

If you’re hosting an intimate bridal shower for someone but you’re not having many people there and won’t be celebrating in typical fashion, it could be nice to make the day a little bit longer for the bride (in a good way). You could have a full day of pampering, from mani/pedis at the house to at-home facials for the small crew who is there – or really anything to make the day all about the bride. After all, it’s still a day to celebrate her and treat her before the wedding- it might just have to look a little different. You could even have a masseuse come to the house if you felt OK with that.

Surprise her with gifts

Send out the bride’s registry or website to people she’d usually have in attendance to let people send gifts to your house before the shower, so she’s still showered with gifts the day of! Since it’s the year of loungewear, we’re actually planning on doing a “loungerie” shower for my besties coming up in May which I think is so much better than all that lingerie you never ned up wearing 😉

Alright ladies, your turn! What creative ways did you help celebrate your brides this year?!!

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