DIY Rose Ice Cubes (Video)

Happy Saturday lovelies! You girls know I’m alllll about the little extra added details so today I wanted to share a quick DIY video on how I create my rose ice cubes that will add a pretty and playful touch to any wine or champagne set up! They’re super easy to do so hope you enjoy this!

I did this on a larger scale for a bridal shower a couple years ago and they were such a hit! You only need a few things and they literally take about 3 mins to prep! I suggest filling up whatever beverage container you are using with bagged ice and just sprinkle in the pretty rose ice cubes on the top so you don’t have to make a ton of trays.

All you need are Oversized Ice Cube Trays (I prefer the square ones), garden shears, water and flowers. I like to use spray roses as they are slightly smaller and fit very nicely in the trays.

Step One

Fill the Ice tray about 3/4 full with water

Step Two

Clip the roses at right at the base of the flower- so its only the bud (no greens needed)

Step Three

If your roses aren’t fully open yet you can gently take your fingers and start pulling them apart until they open to where you want them.

Step Four

Put them in the water and fill any additional water you in the tray  until it’s almost to the top (it’s okay if they aren’t completely submerged in the water and to be honest I kind of prefer them coming out at the top a little).

Step Five

Place in the freezer and you’re done! I like to make two trays  (depending on my container size) and just sprinkle them on top. They make such a pretty little addition to any setup and are always a photo worthy crowd pleaser.


Hope this was helpful for you girls! If you have a Bridal Shower coming up, you can also check out my Bridal Shower Brunch post and What to Wear to a Bridal Shower post.

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