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Happy Friday ladies! We have a busy weekend ahead with lots of fun Halloween festivities (YEAH!) but I wanted to share some shots with you from the Bridal shower I threw for my best friend at my home last weekend. I absolutely LOVE hosting parties so I had to go all out for my girl!

If you girls followed all the behind the scenes on Snap you saw it FREAKIN rained the day of her shower! Literally showers for her shower ;( It started out bright and sunny with no call for ran….then it poured…then it dried up (and we set everything up)….THEN IT DOWN POURED FOR HOURS and ultimately had to move everything inside. I was super bummed  but we made the most of it and the bride was super happy which was all we could have asked for! Luckily my girl Vanessa Lentine Photography came just in time (she literally had 3 minutes) to snap a few shots before the down pour….



I kept the outdoor decor pretty simple with just a few solid white extra large balloons and wanted the long dramatic table to be more of the main focus. I rented the chairs, tables, linens and had overhead outdoor lighting installed and am SO happy with how it all came together!


We stocked up on small white candles from Target and am SO glad we did because they made all the difference when we had to move the event indoors.




I wanted to include a little “Bride to Be” or “MRS.” sign for the back of her chair but we forgot to pick it up so we made a simple bow with some leftover tulle and it worked great!







A lot of you girl were asking about my Champagne Tub. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it since I purchased it. It’s from Crate and Barrel a few years ago and This One is pretty much identical. I also love This Drink Dispenser (under $40!) and actually just bought another as I find it just looks so much nicer than some of the other ones out there.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

If you girls follow me on PINTEREST  I am forever pinning party planning ideas (and now tons of Holiday stuff!). I pinned something like this months ago and knew I had to try it myself. I just purchased some flowers from Trader Joes and ordered THESE OVERSIZED ice cube trays. I made a couple batches of the oversized flower cubes to put on top of the regular ice and it turned out so pretty.



For favors we kept it sweet and simple with a little canned bubbly from Seven Daughters Wine . I mean really you just can’t go wrong there 😉 This is one of my favorites and the guests loved them too.


Love Love Love this girl!!

(My Dress (also a shorter version HERE) and OBSESSED with THIS Pretty Blush Dress for Under $100 HERE) // Her Dress)


and a big shout out to all the bridesmaids who rocked it and helped bring the entire set up indoors. I’m talking full makeup, heels and in pouring rain….you girls rocked!


I have to say even though I was so bummed about having to bring the party inside, it actually turned out super charming indoors. The heavy rain and lightening outside made it that much more cozy.


I hope you girls all enjoyed these shots! I have a party planning bug now and i’m itching to host another event! Hope you girls all have the best weekend!


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    1. hi love there is a local mediterranean place here that is SO good and they do really great catering platters so I ordered a big salad, some apps and chicken and salmon kebab skewers. Super Tasty and Easy!

  1. I love hosting parties too! SO much fun coming up with all the fun ideas! All these pics are so beautiful and can’t wait to use the ice tray idea next!

  2. HI! can you share what invites you used or where you bought from??!!! looking for the perfect ones for a wedding shower!

  3. Hi 🙂 This is stunning. Have you done a baby shower before? Or maybe let me rather ask, how can I switch this up to be baby shower appropriate? Because this is exactly what my friend wants for her baby shower soon.

    Thanks ! 🙂

  4. How did you get the flowers to not float to the top of the water when making the ice cubes?? Mine were sticking out!!

  5. Having trouble mirroring the flowers in ice? What would you suggest? Could you please share more details on that 🙂

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