6 Ways to Take Care Of Yourself That Don’t Involve Fitness

New year, new nothing?! Ha don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see a new year and to have a fresh start but I think we all knew 2021 wasn’t going to THAT different from 2020. We’re more settled into our restrictions and at-home orders but I think we can all agree that the past 10 months have been really hard in a lot of ways. As I mentioned in my Fitness Confessions and 2021 Goals I’m working on lessening the wine (for better overall wellbeing) and focusing on myself and my health a bit- and I’m also trying to find ways to feel good along with all the heaviness and anxiety of this past year.

If you girls are looking for a little relief or some wellness tips that don’t involve fitness resolutions, I hope these help!

Social Media Break

It took some time off during the holidays and it was awesome! I love doing these breaks every so often but found myself not doing them too much in 2020. I think between the madness of the kids being home and all that, I’d find myself mindlessly scrolling the news or social media to just break up the day. Which obviously didn’t help with all the stress of the news, etc.! I’m reminding myself to take these breaks more often, even if for a day, and shooting for 1x a month.

Get Outdoors

I know this is easy coming from SoCal where it doesn’t drop below 60 in the winter but I swearrr by fresh air and getting outside for a mood booster. I’ve been walking with a girlfriend lately (social distanced, don’t worry!) and it’s the best release- or even sipping wine outside on the weekend around a firepit instead of from the living room changes things up for you cold-climate babes. Some girl chat, endorphins from the walk, time outdoors…it’s honestly the best. We’ve been trying to get the kids outside on the weekends or in the afternoons more to burn off all that energy from E-learning- it’s good for the whole fam.


When my tub isn’t doubling as a part time closet, 😉 a bath feels super luxe. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, it always helps me wind down in the evening. (*Bonus lock the door so the hubby and kids don’t interrupt that relaxation time lol)


I feel like I am definitely getting old because I was just saying to myself how much I love pinning! It always relaxes me and I find so much Inspo there without all the noise and pressure of IG if that makes sense. I’ve been pinning non stop for the desert casa and also some healthy food ideas to kick off the new year. Come PIN with me if you like!


I haven’t actually read a book in years though this is on my list for 2021! Instead of zoning out with Netflix or more work every night, I want to take a night or two a week to read. I know lots of girlfriends say this chills them out and makes them feel less stressed so I’m down. I don’t have any recs but just asked a girl on my team who I know is a reader- she suggested The Nightingale, In 5 Years, Where’d You Go Bernadette and Verity so I’ll give those a shot.

At-Home Spa Night

I already wrote a full post on my At-Home Facial routine so I’ll leave that for you girls! I try to do this on Sunday nights. You can take it full spa mode with music, candles lit and lights dimmed, and some hot tea or vino. If you’re missing those massages, this is a good time to pull out the Massage Gun or Neck Massager to really bring you a spa vibe. Ahhhh YEA!

Simple Morning Routine

Don’t worry- I’m not about to suggest a 20-step morning routine bc you know I don’t have time for that. But I think we’ve all heard about the power of a good morning routine- and it’s something I’m trying to get better at. I feel my best when I wake up 30 minutes before the kids and have my coffee, so I’m thinking I’ll try to grab a book or stretch during this time to start the day on a quieter note. I have a few girlfriends who swear by hot lemon water first thing (30 min before coffee) for energy, healthy digestion and it’s good for your skin so I’m going to try that out, too. Let me know what you girls do in the morning to set your day up and wish me luck ha!

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  1. You will LOVE verity! I suggest starting with that. It does have some tough moments to read as a mom but it’s such a good, captivating book.

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