10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s From Home

With the kids only being in school a couple hours a week and all the at-home time lately, I wanted to round up some things we’ll be doing this year to still make the holiday special. My kiddos love this holiday and I know it’s usually because of all the social interaction (…and candy obviously) but since they can’t do their usual thing, I found some other ways they can still enjoy Vday! Whether you have kiddos or you’re just looking for a way to celebrate with your man or Galentine’s style (a personal fave!), here are 10 ideas…

Blind Rosé Tasting

You know I’m down for any excuse to try some new vinos and you could do this with any type- but I think rosé is perfect for the occasion. Grab a few bottles or ask a friend to bring a couple if you’re celebrating with someone and then do a blind taste test. I think the hubby would be into this so we’ll plan on this once the kids go down.


One of my favorite things to do with the kids is to bake and they honestly love it too- we did Mini Valentine’s Donuts a couple years back and they were a HIT and I’m thinking about doing heart-shaped waffles the morning of with this waffle maker! Valentine’s Day usually has a ton of cute baking accessories to choose from so I’m rounding up some of the best stuff I saw below and how cute are these heart aprons??:

Sweets Board

To switch things up, I love making a sweets board instead of a cheese board (or both) for holidays.I did one for Halloween and am thinking of surprising the kids with one full of Vday candy on this Heart Board this year!

Give back

Obviously a lot of in person volunteering stuff can’t be done this year but I know there are a couple local organizations that let kids write valentines/sweet notes to nursing homes or to drop off items for kids in need.  Or maybe we’ll do a little basket of sweets and cards for the delivery people the week of Valentine’s Day. You could also go to certain hospitals with signs for the men and women working overtime right now. I think this is a great way to show the kids how to pass it on- and even buying the person’s drink behind you in the Starbucks drive thru counts!

Make Valentine’s

I’m honestly not sure how Valentine’s will go this way in terms of passing things out but we do have a couple families we’ve been quarantining with so I think our kids will probably pass things to each other in between the group. Depending on your situation or school rules, I always like the idea of getting Valentine’s that have some DIY component so it’s something to do with the kids (or them with their friends) or at least choosing ones that have a little gift attached. Here are the ones I’m loving this year:

Movie night

Since the holiday falls on a weekend this year, I plan to spend the afternoon wrapped up with blankets and the fam on the couch and I’ll grab some matching PJs for the kiddos. It’s a good excuse to hang twinkle lights, cuddle up with the desserts we baked and enjoy the love. You could even do this outside if you live somewhere warm like we did for Ava’s birthday a couple years ago (she was obsessed!!!).

Spa day

Since Vday is on a Sunday I thought Ava would like the idea of doing a little girls spa afternoon at home. Face mask, robe, nails, some tea…she’d love it and you know mama would too. If you’re wanting to do a solo spa day, don’t miss my at-home facial routine which is calling my name right now (I might do this for me and Ava but skip a few steps- she’d love the steamer though).

Decorate minimally

I’m trying to go extra with holidays lately just to make it feel more festive around the house for the kids. So while I’m not a huge Vday decorations kinda girl, I’ll take an excuse to dress up the bar cart and swap in fresh florals around the house that feel festive without being too much.

Make a new cocktail

If you’re not into the rosé tasting or wine in general, try out a new cocktail for you and your guy or roommates. I thought it could be fun to do something from this list and obviously skip the booze for the kids so they still feel involved and festive. My hubby is an Old Fashion lover now so I would love to learn how to perfect his drink!


Those are few festive and fun ways to celebrate low key this year. How do you girls plan on celebrating?!

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