Mini Valentines Day Donuts your Kids will Love to Make

If you babes followed along on my insta stories yesterday, you saw we did a little rainy day baking sesh. I’ve been wanting to make homemade donuts for some time now and honestly don’t know why we waited so long. The kids LOVE to bake so we conjured up something suppper cute and festive to drop off to some little friends in the neighborhood!

As mentioned above I’ve been wanting to make homemade donuts for a while now so I finally tracked a mini donut tray and  making the donuts was actually super easy!

I’m sure you girls already know by now that I didn’t make the donut mix from scratch #ain’tnobodygottimeforthat ;). I saw this Stonewall Kitchen’s Chocolate Donut Mix and knew I had to try it. Have you girls tried any of their stuff? It’s amazing! All of their dips, sauces and mixes are SO good.

To make the donuts you just need a few ingredients from the pantry and then you bake them in the oven and they’re ready in 15 minutes. I love the fact that they are baked and not fried-so a little bit healthier! The frosting didn’t come ready made in a little packet however, it was SUPER easy and took all of 5 seconds to make. After the frosting came the kids’ favorite part-decorating (aka sampling) the donuts! We had sprinkles, candy pearls, conversation hearts and the cutest edible metallic hearts.

 After the donuts cooled we put them in treat boxes and tied them with ribbons and added some cute tags (Donut Ever Let Me Go, I Like you a Hole Bunch, and I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You) and mini toy toppers like these Heart Bubble Wands, Glitter Hearts and Fuzzy Poms and they turned out SO cute!

So here are the little treats we made to get into the Valentines Day spirit!

The kids had so much fun giving these little treats out that we are already thinking about the next holiday we can do this for!

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