A Valentine’s Breakfast Idea Your Kids will LALALOVE!

I pretty much LOVE every holiday and always have way too much coming up with little things that the kids would get a kick out of. There’s just nothing like seeing the excitement on their faces and creating fun little traditions with them. Today I’m sharing a super fun and CRAZY EASY Valentine’s Day Breakfast idea that your kids will lalaLove!

As some of you may have seen, Ava and I did our first LIVE on Instagram last week. It was so much fun and a little nerve racking becccause as I’m sure many of my fellow mama’s can relate… at 5 and 6 years old, you really just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths. 😉 Ava had a BLAST basically taking over the LIVE with her mini cooking show. This girl has SO much personality and I think she is now convinced that she has her own Youtube channel (and I’m shocked she didn’t ask you all to “subscribe” at the end! ha)

Okay okay back to the fun Valentine’s Breakfast. I promise you this breakfast will win you MAJOR mom bonus points and it’s SO easy! I found the cutest mini waffle maker at good ol’ Tarjay and thought Ava would love to make something in it. My kiddos are obsessed with cinnamon rolls so I just scooped up a can of Annie’s Cinnamon Rolls from the fridge section, some festive heart sprinkles and pink icing to create some VDAY Cinnamon Roll Waffles. Sugar Rush…yessss but it is Valentines Day after all. 😉

valentines breakfast idea for kids

All you have to do is put the cinnamon roll in the mini waffle maker and close it down for a minute or so until it’s firm and cooked through. You really don’t even need to spray the machine but feel free if you’d like. They cook so much faster this way than in the oven.

(Clearly lots of little fingers sampling along the way 😉

valentines breakfast cinnamon rolls

Just place them on the cookie rack to cool, add a little dollop of icing, and let the kids spread and sprinkle!

READYYYY to decorate

valentines breakfast idea kids


vday kids breakfast idea

and let the sugar rush begin 😉 Hope you enjoyed this cute Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea

Happy Early Valentines Day loves!

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  1. Where are your mini cooper prep bowls from? They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing my little ones are going to love this activity.

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