This is FIVE

I can’t believe our sweet baby boy turns FIVE today! We celebrated him over the weekend and today figured it was only fitting to do a little Mom Life update sharing a little Luca Lately.

Ugh where to even begin? If you’re a mama you know your kids have your whole freakin’ heart (yes, even the days they drive you absolutely crazy…and TRUST they do over here too ;).  Being a boy mom is such a special thing and I can’t tell you how much we laugh over here on the daily. He’s sweet, silly, wild, a free spirit and gosh he just feels so little to me still!

10 Things about Luca

Potty Humor

Poop, poopy, farts, tush and butt butt are alllll still a big hit over here. It’s been over a year and he still thinks it’s hilarious every time he says or hears them.  Honestly we probably should be better about following through when we tell him not to say them buttttt it’s kind of funny (#guilty).

Personality for dayssss

He just has such a sweet and silly spirit and I feel like he just kind of lives in his own little world. From his little dance moves to his crazy facial expressions and random comments – he literally melts us all.

Boy mode is in FULL effect

Dragons, Power Rangers, Bakugans (do you boy moms have these yet?! He’s obsessed) and anything experiment related he is allllll for.

Baby boy

I know he is five but honestly, he just feels like such a baby to me still! Am I crazy? My husband always makes fun of me and says I’m so much easier on him than I was with Ava but he just feels so much younger to me at five than Ava did. I agree it really is like night and day between stages with girls and boys but he just feels so small to me still.

The sabotager of sleep

Oh yes he still comes into our room multiple times a week (not every night thankfully) but some nights he does because he is scared. My husband jokes that I am so soft on him but truth be told… daddy is weak sauce with both of our kids. We’ve gone through phases where we were firm with him and walked him back to his room multiple times in the night and he stillllll comes in. I can’t sleep with him in our bed because he is a ninja in his sleep so we usually end up playing musical beds and I end up in his room. Now we’re just chalking it up the fact that they won’t want to sleep with us forever (hopefully) ;).

Big boy milestones

On the other side of things he really has made tons of big boy progress this year. He knows his whole alphabet and recognizes all the numbers, he now dresses himself (which is both a blessing and a curse depending on the day ;), he learned how to swim and is killing it! And he LOVES his school. He really is obsessed with his school and I’m actually a little nervous for his transition into kindergarten next year bc he loves his current school so much.

Daddy’s Boy

And lastly, he’s still a daddy’s boy. So many people said that will change but I’m still over here waiting ;). I have to say he is a mama’s boy too but I think if he really had to pick it would probably be daddy. They just have such a sweet bond that I’m so grateful for on the daily.


Every year honestly just keeps getting better and better and I LOVE this wild little man more than I could ever put into words!

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  1. My son turned 5 in December and I couldn’t relate anymore to this other than he is a Mama’s boy THROUGH AND THROUGH haaa. I don’t have a little girl to reference to but I hear that boys are a thousand times different than little girls, and my son is definitely no exception with the wild energy he brings into my life. But definitely wouldn’t change it <3 Great blog mama!

  2. Awe your little boy turned 5! It’s a milestone on its own! 5 years seems to fly fast!! The coming turning point will be school friends and oh yes, girls! And enjoying learning new things! Don’t forget to read to him and listen to his stories (: I have 3 handsome boys ages 2,4, and 9. The 9 year old got to his ago too fast lol enjoy this year especially during these hard times. Nothing wrong with an overload of kisses and hugs!! 😘 you’re doing great with everything! @melnbis

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