The Monthly Beauty Edit // January 2021

Happy Friday babes! I’m back to end the month with my Monthly Beauty Edit where I break down my favorite products of the month. From items I’ve been using for a while to ones I recently discovered, these are always fun to share since you know I’m beauty obsessed. Let me know what you girls are thinking of this series now that it’s been about 6 months and keep reading for what made the January 2021 list!


I’m always trying on new eyeliners and I was pleasantly surprised by this one from Urban Decay. It comes in a TON of colors so definitely a good option if you girls want a color that’s not neutral- and it’s super easy to blend in for a lived-in look. I used it to create this look here if you want to see it in action.


Still on that Artis brush kick over here and this is what I’ve been using for eyeshadow and liner! Love that it blends everything together because I feel like some brushes lack there.


Ava has been stealing this leave-in spray from me lately so it’s safe to say we’re both fans! It detangles (even our curly-ish, tangled hair), protects from heat damage and adds a hint of shine too. Can’t recommend this enough!


I started using this in 2020 when I wasn’t getting as many hair cuts because my split-ends were out of control. Tons of good reviews and I’d agree with them! I put this on my ends after spraying the leave-in spray from above. I like that it prevents future damage on your ends/dryness too!


You know I can never pass up a good peel and my faves lately are these peel pads. I’ve loved peel pads forever but Elemis just seems to do it best! These not only exfoliate but they help with dark spots, pores and uneven skin tones so it’s an awesome multitasker. Makeup always goes on much smoother when I’m consistent with these.


Another item I’ve used for yearsss and they just keep giving! Been relying on these a lot lately since we’re not doing much but I still seem to be behind every day and they’re a quick way to get volume and a little bounce. They take a minute to get used to and then once you have it down, it takes about 10 minutes total and I finish up my makeup while I have them in. Here’s a full tutorial on how I use them!


My go-to budget-friendly lip liner that I’ve used since foreva! My favorites are nude truffle, natural and peek-a-boo.


You girls have definitely seen me use this concealer (which is on sale for $16) but it’s too good not to share again! I especially like this concealer for blemishes since it not only hides them but it’s also a drying lotion so it works to get rid of the blemish while concealing it. It also has collagen and anti-aging peptides which you know I’m down with!


Thank the lawd for this product during the pandemic and fewer trips to the salon! For you girls who are dealing with grays or grow out like I am, this comes in all different shades for a quick root cover-up. Life-saver, you girls have gotta try and let me know what you think!


Last but not least let’s talk about this concealer duo stick! This is REALLY good coverage for the under-eye area that I’m constantly trying to cover up. One side works to conceal and the other to brighten which is why I think it works so well since it’s a 2-in-1. Easy to throw in your makeup bag on the go too!

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