The #HBDesertCasa // What We Bought for the Living Room

Alright ladies it’s taken me way longer than anticipated (#AlwaysLateOverHere) but The #HBDesertCasa is pretty much finished and we finally shot it to share with you girls!! As some of you girls probably remember, we bought an original Alexander Century Modern home in 2020 and have spent the last year renovating it- it went from a couple quick tweaks on a few rooms to us basically knocking down walls and doing way more than originally planned…sorry hubs!

The last few months have been all about decorating it. It was a big project but honestly I’ve had a ton of fun with it. Shipping delays were insane but I’m happy to report that for the most part, the house is complete and I’m so LOVING how it all turned out! I plan to share lots of glimpses of the house on the blog and to cover it room by room but definitely follow along on the Instagram handle @thehbdesertcasa for lots more details and BTS looks! You can see the essentials we’ve bought so far right HERE too!

Today I’m starting off with a look at our living room and everything we bought to decorate the space. Since it’s the desert, we wanted it to feel cozy year round but also light and airy for the hot months. This project is wayyy different from our moody Newport home- think lots of playful elements, light and bright, and lots of vibes that fit the whole desert scene. I was drawn towards acrylic, brass, pops of color, fun textures and just a mix of design features.

The #HBDesertCasa Living Room

Went with this Colorful Abstract Painting. It was a bit of a rush but I am in looove with this piece!

Like I mentioned, I was all about incorporating different textures like this Leather Sofa which felt sexy and masculine mixed in with other feminine features like these Knit Pillows and this Lightweight Herringbone Throw.

Definitely wanted to add some greenery to the space but since it’s a rental and I’m not the best at keeping plants alive as is, I went with this $50 Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree which looks great!

One of my fave finds for this room is this Brass Round Mirror which is super unique.

The house has a lot of vintage mod elements so this Crescent Swivel Chair fit in perfectly- ps it’s on sale!

I’m always a sucker for a good piece of acrylic furniture so I grabbed this Acrylic Coffee Table which was pretty budget-friendly, too.

I’d been eyeing this Linen Credenza and was excited to be able to use it to add texture and something unique to the space. It’s the one pictured above!

and lastly, lots of questions about my acrylic record player. It was pricey but I was determined to find one that was aesthetically pleasing too. I found it on Amazon HERE (but FYI you’ll need to buy a separate speaker too).

Alright, hope you girls enjoyed that look at The #HBDesertCasa – stay tuned for LOTS more and for the house to be on Airbnb soon!

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