The $40 Product your Kids Will Go Nuts for this Summer

Summa’ time is in FULL swing and it isn’t officially Summer without a snow cone partyyyy! Right?! There’s just something about a snow cone station that makes everyone goes nuts. Today I’m sharing some snaps of Ava and Luca (living their best Summer life;) and THE BESSST $40 product you’ll buy this Summer.

Making homemade popsicles is on our Summer Bucket List buttttt I think I scored some major mama brownie points with this snow cone machine. The kids went nuts when I set it up and couldn’t wait to dive in. A lot of you were asking about it last night from my IG story and I purchased it HERE from Urban Outfitters. I’ve said it before but Urban Outfitters is seriously one of my go to sites to shop. They always have super unique selections with pieces you won’t find anywhere else. I was torn between the homemade ice cream maker (that also has a homemade waffle bowl maker yasss!) or the snow cone machine but honestly am so happy with my choice because it literally took 2 minutes to set up and was SO easy to use! Not to mention I will be using it to make adult snow cone skinny margaritas so stay tuned for that ;))

snow cone maker

All you need is a bag of ice, mixers and some fun paper cups and straws and you’re good to go!

snow cone machine


snow cone machine

It’s so easy to use! You literally just plug it in, add ice and twist and lock the lid to shave the ice!

womens overalls

The kids wanted to use it as soon as it arrived so I didn’t have time to order specific snow cone mixers online. I went the quick option and just bought The Whole Foods version of otter pops (UNFROZEN) and cut and poured them into these little dispensers and they worked great. If you want to go for a healthier option you can go with puree’d fruit and veggie blends but I wanted to quick and easy route and it was still a hit!

It’s safe to say Luca’s favorite part was the pouring…

snow cone maker

and basically making a snow cone soup instead of cone 😉

snow cone maker

Your kids will LaLaLove this snow cone machine!

Ava and Luca are obsessed with any kind of cooking, mixing or baking. You may remember our fun sweets we created with this mini waffle maker ($18) a few months ago on my post HERE and we still use it a ton!

Here are a few more of my favorites from the kitchen section….

and with the new house interior in full swing we’ve been snagging tons of unique home pieces from Urban too…

Happpppy Summer Loves!

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  1. Hi Andee! this is adorable and obviously a hit with the kids! i will definately have to purchase! can i ask two things – where did you get those adorable straws and what color do you have on your nails?

    Have a great day! – Jenny 🙂

  2. You look so young when you smile! I don’t see you smiling in pictures often so this is refreshing. You look like you are still in your 20s.

    Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Andee you have such a beautiful smile! Have you always had such great looking teeth? Or did you wear braces as a kid?

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