Amazon Finds // What We’ve Been Using Non-Stop This Summer

Summertime is still in full swing over here and between our new pool and the Desert Casa, we’ve spent a ton of time outdoors this year. From pool days to beach days and activities for the kiddos, we’ve been using a ton of summertime Amazon Finds that I thought you girls would be into!




1– Hands down the best speaker brand! We’ve tried a lot over the years and these are great for sound, connecting throughout the house, and they’re hubby-approved.

2– These beach chairs are a great deal and are light and easy to carry down to the beach.

3– We started using a backpack cooler a few years back and I can’t go back to anything else. So much easier to carry goods down to the beach or the pool, or to kids sports games- these are the perfect size!

4– These are the slim ice packs we use in the backpack coolers- they’re great for regular coolers too.

5– The kiddos love smores night so we’ve spent a lot of time around our fire pit making them. These are the roasting sticks we use.

6– We had been using these fun water bottles all summer and Ava got one of the fun colors for the school year. They’re foldable too which is great for travel!

7– Praise be for these fly repellant fans! These have been AHHHMAZING for outdoor entertaining out at the desert and in our backyard.

8– You girls know we love our outdoor movie nights and this screen is awesome!

9– Another fun water bottle that’s great for the kiddos for summatime or the school year.

10– This mini projector is under $100 and works great for us!

11– The fam-friendly SPF that we all use. I have one of these outside by the pool and one inside so it’s easy to apply. Love that it’s clean but protects and blends well!

12– Tons of swimming this year with our new backyard edition– Luca likes these that are leak-free and anti fog.

13– Have loved and used these Mexican blankets for YEARS now and they’re the best! Great for beach BBQs and park hangs. Lots of good color options at Amazon.

14– Hubby made fun of me for this purchase but you know he’s all about it now that he’s seen how good it cleans up our backyard spaces. I usually use it 1x a week or before pool parties while home or at the desert.

15– This mesh food cover is another awesome option for outdoor entertaining!

16– Into these simple and sleek pool floats- we grabbed a couple for our Socal house and for the Desert Casa.

Any other summertime Amazon Finds I need to know about??

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  1. Great ideas, already have two of your picks Tabletop fly swatter …who knew lol & smores sticks! Keep ‘em coming love the new RedeSigned site

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