Our Backyard Pool Reveal

I always like sharing exclusive content and first looks with my newsletter fam so after sharing our pool a couple weeks ago, I wanted to give the whole Honeybee fam a look at it since you girls have had a lot of questions! Be sure to sign up for MY NEWSLETTER to get all that exclusive content moving forward since I typically don’t share it on the blog.

We had always played around with the idea of a pool in our backyard but when we first built the house the kids weren’t water-safe and we honestly didn’t even think the backyard was big enough to do a pool there. This space started as a small grass area that then turned into a trampoline space during quarantine…that quickly turned into an area with muddy dead grass underneath.

We decided we were going to do an oversized hot tub (as my hubby and kids LOVE a hot tub) but felt inspired to add a little pool section after seeing our friend’s backyard pool who had a very limited backyard space like we did! I’m answering some of my frequently asked DM’s below as it sounds like several of you are contemplating pools in your backyards as well. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get to be as creative as I wanted to be with the pool given the size of the space and how limited material selections were but we’re so happy with how it turned out. We’re slowly getting in our new backyard and pool furniture too so will share more pics soon but the kids are absolutely obsessed with the space!! And I’ve gotta say the hubs and I have used it a ton this summer, too.

Here are some FAQs you girls have sent in through DMs but let me know if there’s anything else:


Q: Size?

A: Approx 18 x 22

Q: What type of pump system?

A: It’s a one pump system. I wish we could have done a two pump system but we only had room for one pump (which was enough to have the little waterfall option that the kids love). We’re currently watching our bill to see if we need to consider solar to cut down on costs so TBD! There is also another spillway off of the Jacuzzi but because it’s a one pump system you can’t run both at the same time.

Q: What material did you go with?

A: Charcoal pool tile and micro pebble tec (much softer than regular pebble tec but a little pricer too). I went with the darkest color they had (basically black) because I love the deeper moodier color it makes the water. We did concrete coping around the top which wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it was a must since it’s the safest for the kids (so they don’t slip) as I knew they were going to be jumping off every section of the pool. Around the pool, we added artificial turf which we’re SO happy with!

Q: How long did it take?

A: Our team was awesome and the project took less than four months I would say, which is unheard of in SoCal right. If you’re in OC or Palm Springs this was our contact (they handle landscape too!): brockb@teserraoutdoors.com

I know a few of you were asking about the hedges and plants so I will get those specific details and share with you guys soon! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them here and I’ll try to answer them too!

You girls can always see more of our home remodels and reveals on the Honeybee Home section here btw!

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  1. Looks so beautiful! Just curious if there was a certain reason you didn’t have the hot tub / jacuzzi level with your pool?

    1. Thanks love- so we wanted ours to look different than all the others we had seen in our neighborhood and we also wanted a waterfall/spillway off the side so we raised it. I’ll share a pic of what it looks like when that section is on. Also it’s kind of a bonus because the kids love jumping off of it and walking to the other side to jump off as well. I also love that who ever is in the hot tub is more level with people that are in the couch section area.

  2. Did you do salt water or chlorine? My husband wants a pool so badly but I’m concerned about the maintenance.

  3. Hey there! Love your pool post! We are building one now and deciding between concrete coping and bluestone/travertine. Was your concrete coping poured into forms around the pool or was it preformed already before you laid it?? Are you happy with it?? Thanks

  4. Hi, what is the size of the pool? I know you wrote 18×22, but I was wandering if this was feet on metres? I am trying to convince my parents we need one in their garden! xxx

  5. I know this question might be harder to answer, but if you could ballpark the final cost, i would appreciate it 😉

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