Our Summer Bucket List

So I’ve never done one of these before but I got to thinking yesterday that there were SO many things I wanted to do with the kids this Summer and it’s already almost August!  With moving and our new home finishing up  I feel like the Summer is totally slipping away from us so I thought it would be fun to make a Summer Bucket List! Here is a quick list of the Summer’y things I want to do with my littles before we’re back to school…

1.) Have a Sunset Picnic at the Beach

It’s so crazy that we live less than a mile from the beach and we don’t go very often. I have the best memories as a kid watching the sun go down at the beach and want my littles to experience that too. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant but just grabbing dinner to go and hanging at the beach is on my list!


2.) Take the Kids Strawberry Picking

Okay this has been on my list for yearsss. We have the cutest local farms here and every year I say I am going to take the kids so this year it. is. on. my. list! (Have you girls taken your kiddos?)

3.)Explore a New Beach

Living in Orange County we have some crazy amazing beaches here. There are 2-3 on my list that i’ve been meaning to check out for years so even if I get to one new one i’ll be happy!

4.) Go to an Outdoor Concert

(Can you tell I started this list last month?) Yeah, I got one checked off my list! I took the hubby to see the Counting Crows a few weeks ago. It was at a new outdoor arena and it was amazing. I’ll share pics soon!

5.) Take a Staycation

SoCal has TONS of amazing hotels so a quick stay cation is always fun for us and the kids LOOOVE packing for a hotel 😉

6.) Make Homemade Popsicles

My kids are definitely in a “love to cook” stage and I think they would have so much fun making their own popsicles. Now off to go order some popsicle containers and pin some homemade popsicle recipes (stay tuned! 😉

7.) Watch a Movie Outdoors

I can’t wait for our house to be done and really want to get one of those outdoor projectors (please share if you have a good one!) The kids will go nuts for that so I can’ t waiiiit to do this with them!


8.) Go on a Duffy Boat Ride

This has been on my list for forever too but I really feel like Ava and Luca are at such a fun age that they will enjoy this! Orrrr maybe i’ll make it a girls night with a cheese and wine spread lol Either way a Duffy Boat Ride is on my list!

9.)Travel Somewhere New

We are such creatures of habit when it comes to traveling. We always end up going back to the same places we love which is nice but experiencing somewhere completely new would be really awesome too. So adding somewhere new to my list is on here too.

and last but not least….

10.) Go Social Media Free for an ENTIRE weekend!

annnnd this will probably be the hardest one because it’s part of my business but how refreshing would it be to just be cell phone free for an entire weekend?!! Could you do it ?! My hubby says I won’t make it 😉 but i’m going to add this to my list too.


Okay so that’s my Summer Bucket List!

I would love to hear what’s on your Summer Bucket List so ppplease share!



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  1. This is so great!!! I hope you’re able to check off everything on your summer bucket list. I really don’t have much left on my bucket list – I’ve been lucky to check off most of it already. Been recapping on Instagram (shameless plug, forgive me, haha) xo

  2. Do you mind sharing what beaches you want to try? Or what beaches you like going with the kids? I live nearby but never know the best beach to bring the kids. Between parking, crowds, lugging the heat, and waves I get overwhelmed. Thanks!

    1. gosh this is a gooood question as we have a few but we love the Tidepools in CDM (little corona) but Summer time is pretty nuts with parking. We also have a few favorites in Laguna (Thalia and Anita Street Beach are go too’s as well -good location close to our favorite healthy food and fro you shop (active culture). Victoria Beach is one of our favorites but it’s definitely further south and parking can be tricky but so worth it!

  3. I’m taking my toddler cherry & peach picking tomorrow! We live in New England where apple picking is a fall favorite, but I haven’t taken him fruit-picking in the summer! It will be fun!

    Another bucket list idea for you…Truck Day! Maybe they have them at a local library in the OC? We have gone to two so far this summer, & both have been hosted by libraries. Kids of all ages get to touch & honk fire trucks, dump trucks, etc. Sooooo many good photo opps.

  4. Duffy boat rides are the best! My kids are similar in age to yours and I want to take them so badly too. But wine and cheese might be more alluring 😉

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