My Current Workout Routine + Amazon Fitness Finds

So my current workout routine is kind of all over the place lately but slowly getting back into somewhat of a routine. The kids are still only in school a couple hours a day (but fingers crossed hopefully back full time soon!) so my home gym is still coming in super handy and transitioning a small section of my garage in a workout space last year was one of the best things I did. You can see all those details HERE!

I aim for 2-3 days of cardio a week and add some strength training on most of those days, too. Honestly if I get a workout in 4x a week these days, it’s a damn good week lol. Keep reading for what I’m up to these days!

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OK let’s get into the schedule…

Workout Schedule

-1-2x a week: I use my DREADmill (what I like to call it because most days it feels dreadful 😉 but always so glad when I’m done). I alternate speeds and incline to keep my body guessing. (speed usually 6.5-9.5) and aim for no less than 35 minutes each time.

-1x a week: On days I can’t bring myself to hop on the dread mill, I do floor workouts using my risers and moves that really get my heart rate up without having to get on a machine (squat jumps, mountain climbers, burpees etc). My crossrope jump rope is also great for switching things up 1x a week and getting my heart rate up (love that they have an app where I can sneak in a quick class that incorporates lunges, squats etc). I have the ‘get lean set’ and you may still be able to use my discount code if you’re interested: ANDEEL20.

-1x a week: You girls know I love my band workouts that I shared here!

-2-3x a month: On other days I try to get outdoors and run by the beach or take it to the stairs.

-2-4x a month: I finallllly just found a local spot that has created an outdoor gym with HIIT classes (which are my fav) and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be back in a gym-like-setting with some energy!

Here and there: Lastly, without sounding like an old lady, I started playing pickleball and not going to lie it’s really fun! Another good way to get outdoors comfortably with friends and get some exercise.

Amazon Fitness Finds

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