MONDAY MOOD // 5 Pieces of At-Home Workout Equipment I Use Weekly

Morning loves! Super excited to share a new series with you girls called MONDAY MOOD. You girls seem to love the series and more Lifestyle/Real Life content so wanted to start bringing those to you weekly. All Monday Moods will be inspo or motivation to kick off your week on the right foot, especially during these crazy times! From fitness to clean eating to productivity to balancing it all, can’t wait to bring these to you girls every Monday. Definitely let me know if there’s a certain topic you want me to tackle that might help you out!

As for this first one, since we’re all at home and struggling to keep those workouts going, wanted to talk at-home equipment. I’ve already shared my full at-home gym with you girls but I know not everyone wants to turn their garage into a gym or has room for the bigger stuff. And honestly, most of my workouts can be done just about anywhere so you can def get your butt kicked without a treadmill or whatever. Here are small pieces that I grab weekly for my workouts:

1. Ankle Weights: They may seem a little dated (hellllo 80’s) but ankle weights are a MUST!  I personally love using these as they just force me to push myself a little bit harder and help sculpt and tone. I always reach for them when I do my lower body workouts (focusing on the thighs and booty) to help keep it everything tight. I know you can find fancy ones but honestly I love these OG 5 pounders. I shared an IGTV video last week on my 10 Minute Ankle Weight Workout if you want to check it out too!

2. Resistance bands: I LIVE for resistance bands! I use this band for any arm workout and LOVE how it helps sculpt your arms and has slots for your hands. This set is great for legs and booty work like side steps, booty raises, side leg lifts, and so on. This set comes with different resistances from light to heavy. I usually bring all of my bands when I travel since they’re so easy to pack but reach for that X-Heavy band the most.

3. Gliders: You can use towels  as gliders if you’re on a budget but I love having actual gliders in my gym because they hold up and stay put a lot better. I’ve been using these a lot lately for abs (do a plank and slide your leg out to the right, then left), Pvolve and booty work, and when I want to turn up things like mountain climbers. So many uses and not a bad price at all! These are awesome for travel too (once we start doing that again)!

4. Adjustable Step: A step is killer for the legs and booty and somethng I’ve used for years! You can get risers to make them as high or low as you want depending on your body and the workout you’re doing and they’re amazing for modifying things like push-ups, etc.

5. Workout mat: So we actually have a large mat that covers a good portion of our garage but totally not necessary if you don’t have space. I love an OG yoga mat for most workouts and just look for something with a slight cushion if you’ll be doing workouts on wood, pavement, or anything hard. I love this one because it stays in place and it’s super affordable! If you girls are doing yoga or anything super sweaty, these mat towels are great for even more traction of hands, etc. I clean my mat with this stuff every week or so.

That’s it! I’ll go ahead and link all those weekly items for you girls below but let me know if you have any questions! And then LMK if you have any topics you want me to cover on future MONDAY MOODS. Have a good week!

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  1. Hi! Great post! do you have any good resources for resistance band workouts? I just bought some bands, but am looking for some short workouts to do with them.


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