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Alright loves it’s been a minute since i’ve done a little update on my two little crazies on here. Can you even believe Luca is going to be 2 in a couple months?!!! Seriously WTH?! They aren’t lying when they say it goes in a blink! I was just watching old videos on my phone with Ava last night of her on Christmas morning a couple years ago and just can’t believe how much our little babe has grown. I share a lot of randomess of them on my SnapChat but today I thought I’d do a quick little update on these babes and some fun Fall pieces I picked up for them recently.

Ava is 4 1/2 now and this age is SO SO great. She is seriously the sweetest with the silliest little personality but lets not forget about that 20% sass. She most definitely has her moments that give me flashes of what the teenage years are going to be like (#MOREWINE). But something I never imagined is just how great she would be with Luca. I grew up being constantly tormented by my older brother 😉 so to see what a little mommy she is with Luca was so unexpected. Now who knows what the future will hold, but for now i’m soaking it all in! She is such a mommy’s girl, even though I am definitely the disciplinary in the family (the hubby is a lost cause in that department). We just finished her first soccer season and while she tried to quit after the first couple practices….we followed through and showed up to every practice (even when I forgot her shin guard and we showed up with cardboard hahaha! as you girls saw on Snap) and she ended up LOVING it! I’m just so so proud of this little lady and absolutely loving this stage with her!

Luca on the other hand…this boy is CRAY ZAY! lol but he’s just so dang cute though it’s hard to be mad at him 😉 I don’t know any other way to explain it but he is just in full blown boy mode. Jumping, climbing and throwing…that just about sums up his entire day. The hubby and I are beyond exhausted every day but our hearts are so full at the same time. #ParentLife. Luca is still in his crib (i’m so dreading the day he figures out how to climb out!) and he sleeps from 7:30 to about 5:30. Yes 5:30…Why does 5:30 just feel so much earlier than 6:00? We’ve tried so many different things but this boy is just an early riser. He still isn’t talking a ton…but I know boys tend to take a little bit longer in that department. He says quite a few things but just not as much as I thought he would for almost being two. He is such a little lover boy and  I can totally see his spunky little personality taking shape now! He loves his sissy and pretty much wants to follow everything that she does (the good and the bad;). All in all I just can’t believe these babes are getting so big!! Some of you have asked if we’re having more babes but the answer to that is we’re not planning on it. Life is so crazy right now with everything (bless you to those mamas who are holding it down with 3+ kids!) we are totally content with where we’re at 😉 So anyhow I just wanted to share a little update on mom life. If you girls have other questions I missed or want to know feel free to ask below and i’ll try to answer them for ya!

Here are some recent shots of my bambinos at their favorite spot,The Candy Store! It’s finally feeling like Fall in SoCal so it was time to pack away all the shorts and sandals. I just stocked up on a ton of fall weather basics from Nordstrom and am sharing a few below!


All about the comfy stretchy pieces for this little dude on the move. You girls know I love these shoes for him. I’ve purchased them three times now as he’s grown. They look so cute dressed up or down and are the EASIEST to slide on! They also come in a canvas option HERE.




ugh this little yumminess!





Wishing I could keep these feet this size forever!



  Cozy knits and her converse are a no brainer!

and Love that she loves her Faux Leather Leggings




VanessaLentine Photography

And here are a few pieces I snagged and am loving for the little ones…

For the Boys

Can I just say there are so many cute pieces for the little guys lately! I stocked up on tee’s and loved This One and This One. We’re headed to the snow in a few weeks so I just snagged These Boots for Luca. They look super easy to put (and keep 😉 on. They’re waterproof and don’t look super bulky like a lot of snow gear. If you have a pre walker THESE SHOES were legit for us last year when we went to Jackson Hole and highly recommend! I’m SO in love with these boots but they only start at a size 10 and Lucas not there yet. For you mamas with a little bit older THESE would be so darn cute with jeans, a flannel and oversized cardigan!

For the Girls

Ava is all about comfy these days so I snagged This Cozy Sweater and This Fun Hoodie for her. We have these fun Gold Tights (they run a little big so if your little on is between sizes I would go with the smaller size). It’s all about velvet right now and These Leggings are perfect for the holidays. Lastly loving This Cozy Zip Up Hoodie and if you’re looking for classic holiday dress shoes, THESE are great for under $40.

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  1. Your babies are so adorable and beautiful. I couldn’t agree more with keeping them little forever! It’s so exhausting but oh so fun! Love all the picks from Nordstroms, they have the best kids gear!

  2. Awww so glad you did a mini post. My son will be 2 in March so I know what you mean about the total boy craziness! My guy says a lot of words but isn’t talking as much as I thought either but he talks a lot of gibberish so I think you’re right on boys taking a little longer. He just started sleeping until 6:30-7am so I feel like I am “sleeping in” but really my body just can’t sleep in anymore haha 😉 Totally going to get him those little black converse because they are adorable! Thanks for the update on your cuties!!

    1. yes Luca does a lot of gibberish too so glad I’m not the only one. I was just used to Ava talking SO much before her first birthday so was getting a little worried now that he’s almost 2 but glad I’m not alone! Oh and i hear you about the sleep! If the sun is up when he wakes up were both SO excited lol

  3. My kids are almost exactly the same age as yours 4.5 (girl) and 18 month (boy) and the dynamic is identical!! He’s wild and crazy and never sits still but loves his big sis so much and she just loves on him and is a silly soul and it’s incredible watching them together! Your family is simply beautiful.

    Now where is your sweater from?!

    1. awww thank you so much mama! Isn’t it crazy what a game changer two is lol?! Oh to think about the days I thought going out with Ava was so difficult lol And my top is linked at the top of my blog on the SHOP section (Currently Craving section) xoxo

  4. Your children are simply adorable !! Two is a difficult age, I know that well having five children of my own. Love the outfits you dress them in. Love love your posts.

  5. Andee I’ve followed your blog since before you were a mama and have loved loved loved keeping up with you!! I just had my first babe this past september and now that I know how much freaking work it is I’m dying to know how you keep it all together girl?! This is kinda boring but would you share how much help you have, how you meal prep, get to the gym etc? 💟

    1. Hi first thanks so much for following along and congrats on your little one! I will most definitely put together a post for you girls touching on these things! Thanks for the request xo

  6. Love the boy options you posted! Funny, I was dead set on 3 (or more) kiddos but with 2 boys that are 19 months apart (3 & 18 months) mama has closeddddddd up shop!! Toddler boys are no joke, especially when they out number you. A little jealous you get 5:30 though, my older one has been getting up at 4:30 since being potty trained a few weeks ago to handle his business and wants to get his day going then. 😩

  7. Omg that nike sweater is too cute and i think i’m going to order those converse for my son whose laces are always untied and dragging when i pick him up from school! These will be perfect for him!

  8. I really enjoyed this little post/update on your babes! I have a 13 month old boy and he already has me chasing after him. Your posts give me glimpses of what I’m in for so thanks for the heads up lol. And I gotta say I just love the way you dress your kiddos. Gonna have to snag those converse for my little guy 😉

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