Inspired By Pinterest // Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Kids

You girls probably know by now that I’m all about Pinterest and grabbing ideas from the site. I’ve relied on it for years and honestly make a board for pretty much every holiday or event I’m hosting. The best ideas come from Pinterest and I love grabbing an idea and then putting my own spin on things. With VDay coming up, I started a Will You Be My Valentine’s board which you girls can come follow here, and I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas I’m saving to the board. Also sharing some Etsy printable ideas and cute cards since they have a ton of Vday craft ideas. Whether you’re looking for ideas for the kiddos or yourself, hope you find something below!


Vday Card Ideas for the Kiddos

Love the idea of creating your own Valentine’s Day cards together with your kiddos. This could be fun to do the night or weekend before and I think Ava and Luca would love to put their own little touches on what they give to their friends. Also a cute idea to do with neighborhood kids or cousins as a group activity. Invite the other mamas over, grab some mimosas and make it a fun little thing. This post had a bunch of ideas that didn’t seem too hard or expensive. Saving it for sure!

This Frozen themed card is so cute!

Etsy Printables & Craft Kits

One last thing that I always find helpful with the kiddos are Etsy printables and crafts. There are TONS of ideas if you search their Valentine’s Day Crafts . Luca is dino obsessed so these tags could be fun and super easy for him or these coloring cards are good if the kids are younger. I’ve used a DIY craft kit like this for Ava in the past and it was helpful. Love that everything comes in the kit so you don’t have to be running around collecting materials.

I found these Gem Tags on Etsy and think they’re so cute! I know Ava would love these!

Mini Valentine’s Day Donuts

Ava and Luca absolutely LOVED this activity we did around this time last year and I actually was inspired by Pinterest. We’re all donut fans in our house (if I’m not splurging on a drink, it’s usually a donut) so this felt very fitting and festive. We made our donuts homemade (promise they’re easy) which I liked since they were baked vs. fried but you could totally grab pre-packaged donuts if cooking isn’t your thing. Last year we handed these out to neighbors but I think teachers would love them too. Or could be cute for your mailman, cleaning lady, babysitter, or anyone you want to thank. Head to this post for the full instructions!

If you want to go the healthier route, I love this idea! AwesomeSauce Tags from Etsy

Friendship bracelets

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: 14 Lovingly Sweet Handmade Valentines

 Ahh this one totally brings me back to my childhood and is super fun. I feel like all the beaded and yarn bracelets are back so it’s the prefect time to make these friendship bracelets with your kids. Ava would die for this so I’m going to surprise her with the goods so we can make a few, even just for her and I. I think this could be fun lots of ages and is just a sweet token to hand out to friends. This beaded bracelet option is adorable, too.

A heart straw is a super cute idea, If your kids love using a straw for everything too 😉


5 Classroom Valentines You Can Make Using Dollar-Store Finds | Kitchn

Okay! Think this is the one i’m doing for Ava’s class! They’re definitely in the gum stage and who didn’t love bubble tape growing up right?!  Tags Here

Teddy Bear Hearts

How cuuuute are these teddy bears holding conversation hearts?? TBH I’m not a huge fan of the taste of these hearts but we all know they’re fun and cheesy and perf for Vday. This is an idea for the older kids and would def need some help from mom or dad but I think they’re worth it. Thinking about making a bunch of these with Ava and then bagging them up for a few of her close friends.

and lastly these are so sweeeeet and easy! I want to make them with the kids this year!


Let me know if you girls have any other ideas  you and your littles love to do too! And if you’re not already, you can  come pin with me too!

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