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I’m a few weeks late, but thought I would share a quick little photo recap of our trip back to Park City, Utah with you girls this morning. It’s such a fun new tradition we’ve started (now that the kids are a little older), taking them to the snow each year. They get SO excited and literally start the countdown weeks in advance.

We really wanted to try somewhere new this year but had such a shortage of snow on the West Coast this season.bWhen we saw Park City got snow…we quickly rallied up!  You may remember our trip there last year (full post HERE) but Park City, Utah is quickly becoming a  favorite Winter getaway for us. This trip was a quick one so no major photo shoots -just kids, snow and my camera phone ;)…

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Winter Travel Style

The Softest Fuax Fur Jacket ever! // Hoodie // Vegan Leather Leggings // Isabel Marant Hiking Boots (obsessed!) // Zipper Travel Tote (look for less HERE) // Tumi Carry on and The BEST budget friendly aviators i’m seriously obsessed with!

The gangs all here! I’ve mentioned it before but we recently had both sets of cousins make their way to SoCal and I can’t tell you how awesome it’s been. Yes, they’re all next level CrayZay 😉 but it’s so great watching them grow up together.

I’ve mentioned it on insta before but let me say it again…car seats on airplanes are a game changer!! I honestly don’t know why we haven’t been doing this all along. I saw someones insta story last year where they had done it and thought hmmm maybe I should give this a try. A few you were asking about it and why it’s a game changer so I wanted to elaborate a little more.

Basically, once the little ones are two they can no longer sit on your lap and you have to buy them a full seat anyway. When we’ve traveled with Luca in the past it was tough. When he’s buckled in the airplane seat he was always getting up and down, unbuckling and trying to get comfy. With the car seat it’s awesome because he is so used to sitting in it in the car that he lasts so much longer when he’s strapped in his car seat on the plane. On a five hour flight to Miami last year he even slept in his car seat on the plane for almost two hours because he was used to falling asleep in his car seat in the car. I feel like Ava wasn’t as difficult to travel with it at his age but if you have a high-energy boy …like us 😉 the car seat on the plane has been super helpful!

If you’re thinking about trying it (I highly recommend) just make sure one of your seats is a window seat per airline guidelines. if it doesn’t work out then you can always just give the car seat to the flight attendant to check or stow.


A few of you were asking about how we carry the car seat through the airport. So far I’ve always traveled with my hubby when I’m with the kids and we literally just throw our car seat on top of our umbrella stroller. I have seen some really great (and inexpensive) products that would be super helpful like these below…

Another travel tip….we always download new games/movies/shows for their iPads and don’t let them use them until we’re actually up in the air. I also always come packing’ with a bag of tricks. Snacks, mini crafts, putty and basically any kind of distraction to keep them entertained are always in my bag when we travel. We have a couple trips coming up in the next couple months so if you girls want to see the odds and ends I bring to keep them entertained just let me know and i’ll share specific snaps of those.

Okay I hope this was helpful for you mama’s and if you have any travel tips or hacks please share!

park city utah

st regis park city utah

This trip we stayed at The St. Regis in Deer Valley. It was a beautiful property but we mainly picked it because we wanted to kids to take ski lessons and their location is perfect to walk right out to the ski school. We’ve stayed at the Montage as well and might actually prefer it more because the kids club was amazing and the property was larger but it is kind of a bummer to have to shuttle the kids down to ski school. (Both hotels are prettttty pricey so if you all have more budget friend hotels in Park City please feel free to share below!)

Early Morning Hangs

The prettiest view from our patio!

Ready for the snow!

Cousin LOVE!

I’m so proud they all hung like champs even though it was fareeeezing! Ava did SO much better this year and really enjoyed skiing.

This dude begged to do ski school with the older cousins…but that lasted 5 minutes and it was hot chocolate and snow balls for the rest of the morning 😉

But you know it was a good day when this wild child falls asleep on you in the hotel lobby 😉

Okay if you’re coming to Park City with kids, you have to put Gorgoza Park on your list! Shoot, you don’t even have to have kids to go…it’s so much fun! My stories are still saved on my Instagram Highlights tab if you want to see tons of snaps (Park City section) but this place was a HIT! They have huge slopes that are SO fast and fun and then they also have a smaller slope section that was perfect for little ones.

gorgoza park park city

These little hamburgers xo

(mom of the year forgot his gloves so he rocked sissy’s purple pair the whole trip 😉

This snow carousel was freakin’ genius. I swear I thought Luca was going to nap on it. He literally stayed on it for 30 minutes.

Hot Chocolates with extra whip on repeat for this babe.

When you get to sneak away for 45 minutes to grab drinks in the lobby with girlfriends!!

A few families from Ava’s school happened to be staying at the same hotel so it was awesome for the girls and mamas 😉 to sneak in little meet-ups.

and of course a trip to Park City (Deer Valley) would not be complete without a stop at the Veuve Clicquot Yurt! It is seriously the cutest so if you can stop in for some bubbly and a cheese plate, do itttt! It’s located at the Montage in Deer Valley.

We always love cruising Main Street. It’s SO charming and there are TONS of great restaurants. This year we finally got to try Riverhorse on Main and it was awesome! It’s def a little more fine dining but we still brought our kids and they loved th  live entertainment! I highly recommend it but make sure you make a reservation weeks in advance. If you girls have other restaurants favorites there please share as I’ll add them to my list for next year!

Until Next Time Park City!

Hope this was helpful for you girls and as always I LOVE to hear your recs!

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  1. Would love to see instastories of the next time you travel and your bag of tricks! Also, dumb question but how do you buckle in the car seat? Or do they just let you sit it in the seat and they’re fine w you buckling them in the carsear seat belts?

    1. okay ill share with you girls! And not dumb at all! You just use the airplane seatbelt to strap in the car seat and then you obviously strap them into to the actual carseat as well too. xo

  2. How do you carry the carseat through the airport? Do you have a special carrier for the airport? Would love a honeybee health/daily food post. Haven’t seen one of those in a while 😉

    1. Hi babe I just updated my post… but we just throw on our carseat on our umbrella stroller and cruise through but I’ve linked some even better options above! And yes SO overdue for Honeybee Health posts! I’m on it!

  3. I would love more tips for traveling with kiddos! I’m flying to Nashville with my 2, 2&5. I need all the help I can get!

    1. You know it’s funny you mention that because we just took Uber’s and taxi’s but with all the driving we did we just mentioned it probably would have been a better idea to rent a car.

      1. How did you handle the kiddos with Uber’s and taxi’s? Do you haul the carseat around? We always rent a car because of the carseat for our 1.5 year old, so it seems easier. BUT…If there is an easier way to get around with a taxi/uber when traveling with kiddos, sign me up!

        1. hi babe the hotel had a car service we used and we got to keep our car seats in there but we’ll probably rent a car next time as it would have been much cheaper and easier with the car seat sit. xo

  4. Yes please on your bag of ticks for traveling with kids. My daughter is almost 5 and my son almost 2. We are flying to NYC and I am so nervous! DD will be fine but the little man is High energy and I have no idea how to keep him entertained

  5. Planning our snow vacation at Park City so I specifically came to your travel section for tips! Traveling with 2 little ones ages 5&8. What time of year did you like better there? Winter or Spring?

    1. Hi babe! Both times we went were in Winter (Decemeber and Feb) and we loved it! Haven’t done a trip there in the Spring but thinking of Jackson Hole in the Summer as they say its amazing

  6. Andee,

    Love these types of post! So fun following along on your family adventures. Question! Do you take these types of vacation pictures with just your iPhone? If so, do you put a slight filter on them? They are so crisp and clear!

    Again, Love following along! XO

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