How to Organize Every Area of Your Home For the New Year

Now that I’ve covered 2021 fitness goals which is a major focus of mine for the new year (and lessening the wine consumption…), it’s time to tackle something else that’s veryyy necessary in our home right now. Between everyone at home, the holidays, and not a ton of structure, our house has definitely gotten messy. Time to reign things back in and go back to my own advice on ways to organize things- which honestly makes the days go much smoother in general.

I’m honestly usually pretty good about organizing our spaces and having easy ways for the kids to contribute (aka me setting up systems that I ask them to follow), but again, 2020 was a #HotMess. I’ve already shared a few organizing articles which I’ll link below but I thought it was time to get everything in one space in case you girls are also tackling organization to start the year. I have pretty much everything in the collage above so it makes getting things in good shape easier since now it’s just about taking the time to put everything back.

Recently snagged this $35 Charging Station which is genius for all the tech we have going, especially with virtual school life.

I shared a full post on How I Organize My Makeup Drawers and Beauty Vanity but want to call out this acrylic organizer for palettes and this lipstick organizer (you can also flip over the lipsticks so you can see the color on the bottom). Also swear by a good ol’ lazy susan for skincare products, etc.

Baskets are LIFE around here and I honestly have a couple in every room of the house for blankets, kids school stuff, toys, etc. Just found this soft budget-friendly storage basket on Amazon and also like these black and wicker baskets from H&M.

Alright let’s talk jewelry bc I have a ton of it and I like to keep it organized, especially my nicer jewelry. I recently got these Amazon jewelry trays which are honestly really pretty! This jewelry display is nice for necklaces and isn’t an eyesore either. Also down for trays (affordable marble one here) for rings or things that you reach for daily. Lots more on Everything You Need to Organize Your Jewelry in this post!

In our kitchen area, we have a similar Wall Calendar which is great for the whole fam to see – especially when we actually had plans. Right now it’s mainly virtual school stuff but like having it all in one place! I also have a whole post on our Pantry Organization which was a major win over here and still holds up pretty well!

Alright ladies I’m sure you have a ton of tips and organizing items too- please share with me in the comments!

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