How I Organize My Makeup Drawers

After I shared my Makeup Vanity reveal post a few weeks ago, I received several requests for a post on how I organize my makeup drawers. I was so happy to put together this post for you girls but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really the most organized person so this was WAY overdue! Today I’m dishing on how I finally organized my makeup drawers and I can’t tell you how excited I am to open up my drawers and finally find what I need immediately.

I was determined to have a space where I can take 15 minutes (okay, 5 minutes) to sit and get ready everyday. A place where all my jewelry, makeup and hair products can live together in beauty harmony 🙂

To achieve this literal dream, I hit up the Container Store and Amazon to stock up on all the acrylic trays and containers that I could get my hands on. Then I came home and put them together like a puzzle in the drawers of my vanity.  There are so many great options for organization, you honestly can’t go wrong. 

I’m trying to be careful and not clutter the top of my vanity  because I know it can easily become a dumping ground for stuff I don’t feel like putting away.  I mean what’s the purpose of organized drawers if everything on top is a disaster right? I keep the top for more decorative (but still functional) accents like my hat rack, mini brass mirror (use this daily!), sunglass case and a larger glass box case to hold some my everyday products.

Let’s Talk Organization

-Always Line Your Drawers-

First thing’s first, line your drawers. I made the mistake in our old home and just put containers down without any drawer lining and let’s just say it was a disaster years later when we moved. I like this Non Adhesive Grip liner (and you can trim it whatever size you need).

As for makeup, I like to keep my top drawers for the products I use on the daily. My primer, foundation, concealer, brow kit and tinted moisturizer are all front and center for easy access. I like to organize by brand and product type so I know exactly where to look for the product I plan on using that day.

and probably my favorite new edition is this eyeshadow palette holder.  I use it to display my most used palettes and love how pulled together it looks.

Jewelry Organization

This expandable jewelry tray was the piece I never knew I always needed! I have so many dainty necklaces and this tray has been so great for displaying them while keeping them tangle free too!

I used an Oversized Tray Style like This One  to hold those daily makeup favorites and then several of these long slender style trays for brushes, mascara, lipliners and my individual eye shadow palettes. I prefer the 9 x 3 or the 12 x 3 size.

I use This Clear Container to hold my foundations and most commonly used lipsticks (I like that my foundations can stand upright in it).

If you have endless lipsticks like me that are still stashed away in a drawer, I just found this Lipstick Holder that’s now in my cart that holds a ton of lipsticks along with This Lipliner Holder.

My Favorite Makeup Drawer Containers

and that’s how i’ve tackled organizing my makeup drawers! Hope this was helpful for you girls! If you want to see more of my Makeup Vanity area you can see my full post HERE.

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  1. This is so cute but I am dying to know how you keep your NARS compacts & tubes clean?! I stopped using that brand a while ago b/c the compacts get all yucky & sticky and I’m such a neat freak, lol. Maybe they’ve changed the packaging material since then but I just had to ask, haha!

  2. Hi, your a girl after my own heart. Just re-organized my makeup table today. Serums, moisturizers, oils, primers…labeled shadows (eye sight not so good lol), dated open mascara tubes, lip & eye products in organized shades not to mention my reserve stock. Brushes are washed and old ones not cutting it tossed. Feels great to sit and have fun! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Love this post so much! Finally gave me the motivation to get my make up organized!! Can you please share where you got the acrylic photo frames and the ring holder! I just got engaged and need somewhere to put my ring when I’m doing my makeup. Love the one you use xxoo

  4. Love love this post! Thanks for all the details! Where did you get your A initial necklace? I’ve been looking for one since having my son. Thank you!!

  5. Hi, I love your vanity set up. I want to replicate it. You inspired me. What size/ measurements are your glass boxes? Looks like they are no longer available through your link. Thanks!

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