Honeybee Q+A Series: Fitness

Hey loves! Back today with another round of the Q+A series. Seems like you girls are really loving them which I’m so happy about! I’ve owed you girls a fitness post for FOREVER so finally delivering on that today. Got lots of really great questions so hopefully this covers most. You girls know fitness is a big part of my life and this is a little look into what I do, how I find the time, and how I’ve worked on my post-baby body. I can do another Q+A on eating soon too since that deserves a full post of it’s own;) Hope you girls like this one and let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

Have you always been naturally thin?

 Gosh I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am naturally thin. I am really disciplined in how I eat (firm believer in the 80/20 cleaning eating) and think that that plays a major role. I have a longer torso, shorter legs and am only 5’4 so if I gain 5lbs I definitely notice a difference. When I gain weight it tends to go to my lower body (thighs and booty) and when I lose weight my upper body gets really thin (too thin looking in my opinion). It’s just my body type and no matter how much I work out or watch how I eat I still always have a bit of curve (which I actually love). It’s true what they say though that as you get older you just start to feel more comfortable in your skin. The things that I used to be self conscious of growing up I totally embrace and rock now (imperfections and all).

How many times a week do you workout?

I used to work out five days a week but now I always make sure I get in at least three days. I really would love to get back to 5 but honestly it’s just harder and harder these days between the constant chauffeuring of the kids, the new house, running a business and just being present with the fam. I have been making more of an effort to sneak in that “me time” even if it’s 30 mins at home (will share what I do with you girls soon- just working on clearing out my garage space). I am a firm believer that doing a little bit of something  is way better than nothing! Get some gliders, a few weights and resistance bands and just do what you can ….when you can!

Are you willing to share what about your body you’d like to improve? It’s just comforting to know that women who have bodies I would die for and that seem perfect to me don’t think s themselves and still struggle with body-image issues.

Well firstly I think it’s so important not to pick ourselves apart because as women we are all WAY too hard on ourselves. There’s so much pressure on women to look a certain way but just know that there are definitely things that I have been self conscious about at one point or another. I’ve told you girls before I played soccer for years and have super athletic legs. I literally never used to wear shorts and now I’m like wow these strong legs are pretty amazing. They’re not perfect but I’ve learned to embrace and appreciate them. I’ve also always been an A cup my entire life (i’ve talked about a boob job for literally 15 YEARS but never pulled the trigger). I still feel sexy rocking my smaller chest but it would be nice to fill out a bathing suit or bra completely ;). I’ve had (and breast fed) two babies so maybe one day I’ll decide to do it, or maybe I won’t. But I’m also a firm believer in fixing something if it bothers you. All of this being said, I bet that if you told a friend the part of your body you were self conscious about she would have never noticed or thought that in a million years. So go easy on yourself because NO ONE is perfect.

Do you work in any cardio in your routine? If so, what’s your go-to?

YES! I pretty much always do cardio. I’m such a gym rat and love the Treadmill, elliptical and (hate but the love) the stair climber. I always aim for at least 40 minutes of intense cardio.

What’s your workout routine and how many days a week do you workout? Also, what do you eat on the daily to maintain your slim figure?

So I really think that I should do a full food post for you girls. Some of my OG followers may remember my Honeybee Health posts but if you click on my NUTRITION tab at the top you’ll see some go my previous Honeybee Health posts talking all things food. I share my grocery store finds, meal snaps and recipes. More of these to come soon! I really want to make these a weekly thing I just truly need to hire one more person for The Honeybee team because I feel stretched super thin right now. So more of those to come soon!

As for the workout routine, I just have two classes at the gym that I love and  try to take weekly. I also try to take a boot camp class (similar to Orange Theory minus the rowing) and try to add in another day of cardio. It’s a juggle depending on what days I’m not shooting content or carpooling etc, but I try to switch it up as much as possible so I don’t get bored and the classes seem to help! I just like to keep my body guessing so I am constantly switching up my routine. I also love just going into the gym and doing my own workout so I can focus on the areas that I want to improve.

Aside from eating clean, what are your top 3 recommendations/workout moves for getting back in shape after baby?

Cardio, cardio 🙂 and abs. If you’re trying to drop the baby weight, get that cardio checked off and always throw in some abs. I pretty much am always doing abs because after two babies you just have to put in extra work. Don’t just roll into the gym and barely make a sweat. Get in there and tear it up for that hour that you have to yourself!

Do you have a Peloton bike? Was thinking of getting one!

I don’t. I used to spin all the time pre-babies but stopped years ago because I found running made my legs look leaner than spinning. Spin is a crazy good workout though and those bikes look amazing too. My girlfriends are trying to talk me into Soul Cycle so I may give it a go.

Did you ever have the “mommy pooch” or saggy skin from having children? If so, how did you get rid of it?

Yes, if I bend over I definitely have a bit of the mommy skin but can’t and wouldn’t complain about it. I’ve had two babies and no matter how fit or lean you are, the skin has been stretched (not once but twice for me). I just try to eat well and do all areas of ab work as much as I can, but I feel happy with where I’m at after two kiddos. I haven’t looked into it so I can’t speak to if there is something you can do for it (but I am sure there is) so if you mamas out there reading this have any tips please feel free to comment below as I am sure other moms are interested in hearing!

What is the one thing you do that you feel makes the biggest difference in your body? Like major results?

Honestly ladies, it’s eating! I have always said and will say it again, eating clean makes all the difference. You can workout 2 hours a day everyday of the week and go home and can cancel it all out with poor meal/snack choices. When I cut out the late night snacking and do my weekly meal prep…. I can definitely see a difference.

Do you track your calories intake everyday (using some app, etc)?

You know I don’t. I’m not trying to drop weight so I just estimate my calories to maintain. If I’ve over indulged then I will just tack on a little more cardio the next day etc. My mom did weight watchers years ago and the point system there seemed to be a good fit for her. I have been thinking about getting one of those Fitbits or watches that track your calories burned because it would be nice to see specific numbers at the gym (if you have any recs please share!)

How many calories do you eat daily approximately?

I think for my weight and height my daily calorie count should be around 1750 to maintain. I don’t necessarily keep track but I’m sure it’s usually 2000 calories or below and as I mentioned above if I’ve overindulged then I will just add on a bit more cardio the next day. I try not to obsess about it and probably weigh myself less frequently now than I ever have.

If you’re interested, you can calculate your BMI (body mass index) on this site HERE but entering your age, height and weight to see what range your in. Then you can also get your recommended daily calorie intake on This Calorie Calculator HERE. It will tell you how many calories you should consume daily to maintain weight and also give options on how many you should consume if you’re trying to lose a pound a week etc…

What is the name of the book you mentioned once that changed your eating habits?

Oh yes! You must be one of my OG followers 😉 Love that! So it was one of Bethany Frankel’s books (gosh I think before she came out with the Skinny Bitch line and think it was called Naturally Thin?). It was literally 10 years ago and I was already kind of health nut but some of her highlights just always stuck with me.

A few tips she had (don’t quote me because it’s been while) but she said…

Cancel your membership to the clean your plate club

Basically portions are so large these days, you don’t need to eat everything on your plate

Check yourself before you wreck yourself 

Treat your diet like a bank account…If you fall off the band wagon and over indulge don’t just say F* it and keep eating badly. If you overdraft your bank account you wouldn’t just keep overdrafting right?

You can have everything just not all at once

This is one I live by still which basically means you can have wine, bread and dessert just not all at once. I’ll have wine with dinner so I’ll skip the bread etc.

These were just a few examples but they always stuck with me.

How did you stay motivated to workout after baby #2?

Gosh well having a job where you’re taking photos multiple times a week was always motivating 😉 but after having both kids, sleep was my first priority. After the first few months and getting through the newborn fog, I started slowly with walks and at-home workouts. I have basically been going to the gym or playing sports pretty much my whole life. I started going to the gym consistently when I was 15 and have never really stopped, so getting back in shape was just always important to me. Honestly don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s definitely a lot more challenging to workout after kids (believe me!) but I always feel so much better when I take those 30 mins to an hour to sneak in a little “me time”.

How did you create your workout plan?

You know I actually don’t have a specific workout plan I follow. My plan is do what I can when I can and just make smart eating choices. As long as I am in the gym doing something different multiple times a week, that’s success for me. MY goal is to just keep my body guessing. I love working my lower body so I am all about the lunges, squats and ab work but I have to force myself to do upper body too. If I did stairclimber one day, I’ll run on the treadmill the next time. It really has become a lifestyle for me and I think that’s the key. Finding workouts you are excited to go to (well as much as you can be excited for a workout ;)) and food choices that I can stick with long term is key!

What do you use as an inspiration or foundation for doing a plan that works for you?

Great question! As mentioned above, I think it’s honestly just about finding something that works for you. I’ve heard of so many fad diets, meal plans and cleanses and the key is just finding something you can stick with and that works with your lifestyle. I haven’t fully researched them so I don’t know what all they entail but if a plan sounds like something you can stick with for the long haul give it a go! I’ve never done a cleanse, intermittent fasting or anything other than just clean eating. I started my 80/20 clean eating probably 12 years ago and it just works for me. I’m all about lean proteins, fruits and veggies and complex carbs  80% of the time and then I have the other 20% where I splurge. It’s usually wine/cocktails or splurges with my kids like sprinkles cupcakes or pizza (because I think it’s important for them to see me eating that stuff too). It truly is just a way of life for me and think that has allowed me to pretty much stay the same weight (minus two pregnancies) over the past 15 years. I can dive more into the clean eating in a full post if you girls would like too.


Okay I hope this Q+A  was helpful for you girls and please feel free to leave any other comments, questions or things you want to see on here!

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  1. Hello Andee! I love all your answers to these fitness and workout questions! I think it’s super hard to find time to workout and keep that motivation, but once you think of it as a routine it’s a routine you look forward to every week! Also, I’m a firm believer that women need to stop comparing themselves to other women all the time! With all these filters and highlights on Instagram it’s quick to forget that being “healthy” is what matters. I’ve never been a thin person myself, but working out and eating better makes me feel good and I’m ok with never being a size 0! I appreciate your honesty on your blog every week! Thanks for always keep it real.

  2. You’re the best! I love your honeybee health posts. I’m currently expecting and am due next month so I really appreciate your insight and realistic approach to eating especially after pregnancy!

  3. Such a good post! I have to recommend the apple watch for tracking workouts – I’m slightly obsessed and love using it for all types, cardio, strength and even barre. Also shout out for showing us the cauliflower fried rice option at TJs! I love that you’re not pushing any fad diets and that you’re keeping it real for us

    1. oh thanks for the tip love I was actually thinking about that and may have to cave on the apple watch! and you’re so welcome… I’m all about the cauliflower options over here 😉

  4. Hi Andee! You are stunning!! I appreciate you sharing your tips and tricks to staying healthy. Can’t wait for you to share more regarding your meal plans. Question for ya.. do you drinks protein shakes? If, so do you have any u like/recommend? Also, any recommendations on vitamins, pre-workouts would be so appreciated! Thank you!! Ilda ❤️

    1. Thanks babe so glad you girls love these posts too! So I don’t really do protein shakes often. I haven’t found an organic one that I love that isn’t high in calories. I always find shortly after a shake or smoothie I’m hungry again so I just try to hold out until I can fill up on an actual meal so i’m not eating basically two meals. However I do LOVE Power CRUNCH bars. They’re not organic but they taste really good and are a great snack on the go that will tide me over.
      Vitamins I am so bad I really need to get back on the vitamin bandwagon. I used to take MAXI HAIR vitamins from Whole Foods for years. I actually want to go get blood work done to see exactly what they said i need more of. Hope this helped!

  5. I’ve lost around 5-6 stone now (i’m In the UK) in just under a year & it has done so much good for my mental health. I was always thin as a child but into adulthood I got more ‘chunky’ When my little one turned about 2 I decided enough was enough I need to be healthy & so I started eating better, exercising more & now I’ve joined the gym.

    I’m loving this journey I’m on now I never thought I would be so much into health & fitness but I’m making better choices food wise, exercising etc. I do spin class, body balance & body pump which I’m loving as I find each one has a positive effect on my mind & body.

    I’m still not 100% happy but are we ever? I know I won’t get abs, still have a mommy tummy but I need to be able to realise that I grew a wonderful healthy child for just over 9 months.

    I 1000% recommend a fit bit I never thought I needed onenow I’m literally obsessed with mine and I never take it off! It tracks my work outs, the calories, heart rate, the percentage of fat burn & cardio done. It’s amazing & it isn’t too expensive either. Well worth looking into I have the Fitbit charge

    1. exactly girl and good for you! It’s so true we are always so hard on ourselves but after having babies we just have to be grateful to have a happy and healthy babe!

  6. I love this post! Please, please, PLEASE do a honeybee health “what I eat” post soon! You and I have a very similar body type and you are MAJOR goals so I live for your food pics and tips/posts! Many thanks for keeping it real!!

  7. I loved this post and used to love the honeybee health posts – glad you are planning to bring those back :). Would love to see the more in depth food post and also how you feed your family (for example, do you all eat the same things and any dinner ideas that are healthy that kids and hubby will eat too are always super helpful!).

  8. Really helpful and motivational! It’s crazy because I know what my downfalls are, personally, but I just have so much trouble actually changing them. But you give some great tips here and it makes me want to try harder!

  9. Thanks for this post! I love hearing what works for different women and then pick things from it that will work for myself. And yes, thanks again for that cauliflower recipe with bell pepper & onions, it’s now a staple for a quick lunch at work!

  10. This was so refreshing, thank you for your honesty! I love that you didn’t push one workout or one fad diet, it’s so true that everyone has to find what works for them. I am an ‘OG’ follower and loved your Honeybee Health posts, keep them coming! Thank you again for always ‘switching it up’ as far as content!

  11. I love everything about nutrition too! I’m eating egg whites more and more now because your stories remind me this is such a good breakfast 🍳 plus I add some spinach and bacon! I’m still recovering from an emergency c section with my second daughter but once I regain strength and feel completely healed I can’t wait to do abs! Looking forward to your workout posts!! 💜

  12. Thank you for this post!! I feel like it has been so hard for me after having 3 kids to lose my midsection weight. The things that used to work for me in the past don’t really work anymore. I am wondering if you could explain your 80/20 rule a little more in depth. For example is it on a weekly or daily basis? Is it something where you have a treat or cheat day? Thanks!!

  13. Great post! Would love more posts like this and please bring back the honeybee health posts! I miss those terribly ;). I’m with you on the 80/20 rule, I just need to be better practicing it on the weekends ;/. And we literally have the same body type! Hate how when I gain weight it goes straight to my ass/thighs and when I lose weight it comes off of my already scrawny arms. Your body is on point, so if you have any tips on more specific workouts you do for lower/upper body, would love to hear! Thx!!

  14. As a mom of 3 under 5, I have the workout part covered but I am struggling with lunch prep. I cook healthy dinners for the hubby and I most nights and breakfasts are covered and routine for us, but some way to get great tasting, easy lunch recipes prepped for myself would be fantastic because of course it’s the only meal that I make solely for myself so I rarely get a chance to spend time organizing it, and it’s where I end up slipping up nutritionally most of the time.
    Off topic, I love what I’ve seen of your new home. Congrats! I know it’s a lot of work, and you did an amazing design job!

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