Honeybee Q+A Series: Let’s Talk Hair

As promised, I’m kicking off a Q&A series today which I know you girls have been asking for…finally got my stuff together and am excited to share! I really try my best but with our schedules getting crazier, I don’t always have time to respond to every DM, so thought this would be a good way to get you girls answers. Plus, this way everyone can see my response and there’s a place for you girls to reference back to. So here we go with tackling your girls hair related DM’s…

I get TONS of questions about hair care and styling, so I thought I’d start there! Honestly, I’ve tried so many different things with my hair, the struggle has been REAL, but feeling like i’m in a really good spot now. So I’m excited to share some of the things that work best with you girls. Got a LOT of questions so this post is long but I’ll try to get to everything you girls sent in. I organized it based on type of question so hopefully that helps. Here we goooo…

(I’ve condensed your messages into the specifics so that it’s easier for you girls to read through)

Styling & Hair Type

Is your hair thick or fine?

My hair is actually pretty fine. I don’t tend  to have a ton of volume at my roots so I always use This Mousse for volume when my hair is wet. Personally I like to wash it a night, let it dry and then tame it in the morning.  I round brush it with my blow dryer. I’ve been using This One  for a few years now and it’s great because It has a digital touch screen that allows you to make adjustments for specific hair type. After I round brush it I add This Texturizing Spray (obsessed!) to add a little life and body into my fine hair. 

Has your hair always been healthy?

I would say for the most part it is but after I started what has now been a year long process of lightening my hair it definitely has it’s super dry moments. To be completely honest though, I don’t really mind it because when my hair is damaged it actually has a little more texture to my hair. Any other fine hair girls feel that way? 

What are some quick go-to hair styles?

Honestly my go to hair style is my loose beach waves. I SWEAR by This Curling Iron (worth. every. penny.). I love the interchangeable barrels (GENIUS!) but I definitely use the one inch barrel the most. I like my hair when it’s round brushed straight but adding beach waves just gives mine a little more umph! 

brunette baylage

How do you keep fullness throughout the day?

R+ co dry shampoo

This Dry Shampoo is LIFFFE! and I can’t rave about it enough! The consistency, texture, results and smell are all spot on. I’m super sensitive to smells and can’t do ones that are overpowering so love love love this one.

How do you get volume?

The volume struggle is real over here! You girls always message about my lift in my roots but if you watch my “BEAUTY” highlight tab on my instagram profile you’ll see a little random trick I do half way through the day that gives me that crazy good volume.  This Volumizing Mousse (I’ve tried a ton and keep going back to it) and This Texturizing Spray are key players in the consistency of my root volume.

If I have time (which seems super rare these days) I will round brush it then leave in my Velcro Rollers  or roll and pin it to place using these metal clips at the roots until they cool completely. The longer you can leave them in the better! But to be honest most days I just use these HOT ROLLERS. I know that sounds so old school but I seriously love them. I feel like I have zero time to do my hair these days so I roll em up, leave them in while I do my make up and get dressed, once they’re fully cool (about 10mins) I take them out and spritz with hair spray and done! 

How do you style Ava’s curly hair?

Ha! You mean when she lets me 😉 Gosh do you guys remember how curly Ava’s hair used to be?! I feel like the older she is getting the less curl she has. There are a few products I swear by for Ava’s Hair…

This Wet Brush definitely lives up to the hype

Kerastase sent me a goodie bag a couple years ago and This Elixir is the shizzzzz! It’s a bit pricey but honestly the tinest bit goes a long way and a bottle will last me about a year. I found it marked down HERE. I had tried a million things on Ava’s crazy hair and this hands down worked the best. If you don’t have a kiddo with wild hair maybe try something a little less pricey like This Oil (works well and smells really good!). But if you had little ones with WILD hair you may want to invest in This Elixir. I apply after I’ve washed and towel dried her hair and then let it air dry. Bonus is I use it too on my ends when they are super dry..works like magic!

Oh and lastly LOVE This Leave in Conditioner! I actually had received it in one of my Fab Fit and Fun boxes last year and loved it so much I just repurchased it. I use it nightly for Ava’s hairs well (after a bath and then I put it in a braid when she goes to bed). 


What hair products are your faves?

I’ve touched on many above but will link them all for you here….


Hairspray (medium finish)



Dry Shampoo

Texturizing Spray

Curling Iron

Blow Dryer

and This Leave in Conditioner

What blow dryer do you use?

Mentioned This One above and it’s amaze! Works really well and has a cool touch screen to adjust the setting to your specific hair type. I’ve been using it for a couple years and it’s been great. T3 just sent me This Blow Dryer as well so i’ll keep you posted! 

Do you use any hair care treatments?

Gosh you know honestly I don’t really. My hair girl recommended This Mask for my Hair (so I purchased it because i’ve loved so many other products from This Line) when it needs some extra TLC but I haven’t used it yet.

What shampoo + conditioner do you use?

Since  i’ve been coloring my hair I only use This Purple Shampoo and This purple Conditioner! They’re both game changers that really help keep the brassiness in check. If you girls struggle with brassiness def check these two out! 


What cut do you ask for?

it’s kind of  embarrassing but i’ve literally been getting the same cut for 1o years. I like layers around my face (starting about an inch or so below my chin) and I ask for long layers in the back to give it a little  bounce. 

I am forever pinning a hair cut i’m obsessed with on my Pinterest BEAUTY board but just need to take the plunge!

What’s your base color and what hair color do you request from your stylist?

Okay let’s talk hair color. First let me just say my hat is off to you girls who have been lightening your hair for years. As you girls know my hair was jet black before. I personally loved my dark hair  (and am starting to miss it!) but I never intended it to be black. I think years of layering on the dark chocolate color just ended up making it a solid black. I wanted to lighten up my hair but it would always go brassy. I stumbled upon @tauni901 ‘s instagram feed and saw she actually have worked with serval brunettes that I really loved their color and it wasn’t brassy. It’s been a year long (priceyyy and time consuming!) process of going light and I swear every month my hair looks different but ultimately I have enjoyed the lighter hair. I just saw Tauni last week and told her I was doing this post and told her you guys wanted to know color she used on my hair. I told her she didn’t have to share if she didn’t want to (never know if hairstylist like to giveaway their formulas or not).  She had no issues with sharing the color but said she uses some many different things on my hair it’s hard to say.  She does Marianna Hewitts hair and shared her color info recently (which I love!) but my hair is super complicated. I go in one day and get color and literally a month later it lightens like crazy and is a completely different color.  Last week I went in to get more pops of blonde around my face and know i’m thinking they are too blonde? I swear I don’t know how you light hair girls do it….it’s so much work. Long story short I miss my dark hair but also appreciate the softness going lighter has added to my look. 

So what do you girls think back to dark or loving the light?!!!

How do you keep your hair from frizzing?

Luckily living in SoCal I don’t have to worry about that! The weather is amazing here but when we lived in Miami …the frizz was NEXT level. So when we lived there This De-Frizzer Spray was my go to and worked really great.

Is there a vitamin or supplement you take for healthy hair? What are your secrets to hair growth?

If you girls are struggling with hair growth I highly recommend Maxi Hair Supplements from Whole Foods or on Amazon HERE. I’ve raved about them for years and if you take them religiously (everyday) you will 100% See growth in your hair and nails. They are stacked with Biotin which really helps in that department. They’re a little large and don’t taste the best but I definitely saw growth in my hair and nails after taking these.

Do you do anything special to maintain your hairstyle while you’re sleeping?

No but I don’t like my hair in my face when I sleep so sometimes i’ll use one of those mini claw clips for my bangs and roots and it actually ends up giving my hair some volume in the am too. 

Did you deal with hair loss when pregnant?

Omg mom’s of two, isn’t it so crazy how different each pregnancy is?! With Ava my hair was thick full and SO good! With Luca…nada, zilch, zero 😉 so with him I didn’t notice any postpartum hair loss (my girlfriend is struggling with that right now) but omg those damn baby hairs growing back in after each pregnancy were the WORST! No matter what I did they would always stick straight up! Oh one of the other lovely side effects of mommy hood 😉


OK , hope this was helpful for you girls! If you have more questions about hair, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you. I’ll add to this list as I get more questions too.

and let know if you girls into these Q+A posts. I know they can be a bit on the lengthy side but let me know and I’ll keep them up (with different topics!) if you’re into them! 




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  1. First off love the skinny on your AMAZING hair! Gorgeous!!

    I don’t wash my hair on the daily and wondered what heat protectant you use for second day hair styling?? Ouai had been the latest one in my arsenal but still on the hunt…

  2. Thanks for the tips! What are you doing differently (or recommend) about all the baby hairs? I have so many that I look like a deranged lunatic when I wear a pony tail because all my baby hair/fly-aways

    1. oh my gosh girl I wish that there was a solution for those! I would just try my best when I blow dried them to make them kind of curve to the side and set in place with hairspray. When they finally grew out to a good length after Ava I got pregnant with luca and sure enough it started over again! You literally just have to wait it out and try to tame as best you can! ugh

  3. Thank you thank you for this! Been Cushing on your hair forever! Off to buy all these products now 🙂


  4. Such a good post! I have super fine hair so the hair struggle is real over here, especially on the days I don’t wash it ;(. Do you do anything differently on the days you don’t wash besides some dry shampoo? And I do really LOVE the lighter hair on you ;)!

    1. thanks so much Kelly I’ve been going back and forth but it’s taken so long to get it light that i feel like i need to live in it awhile 😉
      And pretty much on the days I dont wash it the dry shampoo and or texturizing spray does the trick!

  5. Hey Andee
    I love your hair line. What do you do to keep it neat (wax or thread)? I have had 2 kids and my hairline looks patchy.

  6. I absolutely love your style!
    Thanks for all your helpful suggestions and tips. Can you pls do a hair video tutorial on how you typically blow dry and use these products (especially the mousse and texturizing spray?) That would be so helpful! Thanks:)

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