Back to School Style // Luca Toddler Update

I can NOT believe the little ones are headed to school in just a couple weeks! It’s safe to say this mama is already having a moment as Luca will be starting pre-school and Ava starts Kindergarden! Ugh, seriously where did the time go?! I just started our back to school shopping and am teaming up with Bloomingdale’s in today post and sharing some pieces  I snagged for them (along with a little toddler update for Luca since it has been FOREVER since i’ve done one of those!)


mom style toddler style

Ugh where do I even begin with this sweet babe! Girls what they say is true about little boys…they will melt your heart! My hubby thinks I am way more easy going with this boy than I was with Ava but I don’t know if that is entirely true (…okay maybe a little ;). I don’t know if it’s because he is our baby but this kid kind of gets away with murder. He is such a little hamburger, stinkpot and lover boy all at the same time with SO much personality. Freak he melts us!

 Luca is about two and half years old now so lets talk all things toddler (…boy)

First things first…Yes what you hear about toddler boy energy vs toddler girl energy is pretty spot on. We always joke that Luca has some sort of super power  (who is that Krypton or someone 😉 where he drains all of our energy and stores it for himself.  This boy gives us a run for our money and are always feeling tired.  When Ava was little we could do crafts, watch a show or play something inside in the afternoons. With Luca I feel like we HAVE to get out every afternoon or else the house is destroyed and we’re all going nuts. I’ve officially been initiated into Boy life 😉

Potty Training

A lot of you have asked about this on Insta Stories or DM and yes Luca is potty trained! We kind of got a jumpstart on it about 4 months ago as we wanted him to be potty trained for pre-school. He caught on super quickly and was actually easier to potty train than Ava was. He definitely had a period of really preferring bushes over the actual toliet 😉 but I think we got that under control. I will say that the potty training with boy and correct aiming is still very much a work in progress. If he loses focus for half a second there’s a new coating on the wall paper lol. I swear we have clorox wipes in EVERY bathroom. As for the actual potty training we started him sitting down (we have little seats on the actual toilet versus the mini kiddie potty) and definitely used some gummy’s for a reward after he did it.  Then we bought a little foot stool as we found having him stand up was better. The thing with potty training boys sitting down is that you’re right in their firing range if they forget to aim downwards for one second. I CAN NOT tell you how many times i’ve been hosed down by this kid in the last few months ha! He still wears a diaper at night but during the day it’s cute little big boy undies. And seriously how cute are these little guys in big boy undies! The sweetest!

Sleep (could always use more 😉

Luca is in a big boy bed as of a few months ago and it’s great when we are at home. You girls would laugh if you saw what his room looks like now. We literally had to take out just about everything except a bed and dresser. The kid was trying to take pictures off the wall, clearing out book shelves and basically getting into anything in the room you could possibly get into. It’s great that he is in his big boy bed butttt that does make it super tricky when we travel now. He used to be such an early riser (5:30 maybe 6 some days) but this month he’s been waking up at 7! whhhat?! I am trying so hard not to get used it because i’m sure when the Fall time changes comes it will be back to the early rising.


I think I mentioned before in a previous post that Luca wasn’t speaking as much as I had hoped but over the last couple months he has really seem to have taken off in the verbal department. It’s so hard not to compare when they have older siblings but Ava was talking SO early on and so well but then again she is a girl and you hear often that girls tend to speak earlier than boys. So I think we’re doing okay in that department.

Terrible Twos?

Ava never really had the terrible twos butttt the “Threenager” stage with her was a bit more challenging for sure. I feel like the same is kind of taking shape with Luca. He definitely has his moments and may throw a mini fit here and there but nothing major. I have a feeling that three and four are going to be more challenging but let me know if you mamas have any theories on that!

I don’t know if I am forgetting anything else but I have to say this stage is just really awesome! Yes some days are exhausting and the kids are cray but I have caught my self saying (to myself) how freaking amazing these two are and how much i’m loving this stage of motherhood in general. The first few years can be HARD and then adding another baby to the family is always a bit of an adjustment (as you’re trying to balance EVERYTHING and with the attention shifting from your first born) but this little fam we have built is everything! Seeing these two babes develop into their own little people is (legit!) the best gift in life.  Ava is  still such a little mommy to Luca and seeing him randomly wrap his arms around his sissy and melt into her….melts me! Okay enough mommy mushiness but just wanted to share a quick little update with you girls as it’s been a minute. Now onto the rest of today’s post….

mom style

This little dude xoxo

mom style

Toddler Style

mom style

mom style toddler style


Luca’s Vintage Style Tee // Joggers // and Camo Print Hoodie are all on SALE 20% OFF now  (use code FASHFUND at checkout) // My Off the Shoulder Top + Skinny Jeans  (under $100 and also available in a regular color denim HERE) are also 20% OFF

I have to say dressing boys is so much fun! Luca’s style is all about comfy joggers, soft tees, and cute kicks. I scored these great pieces at Bloomingdales and found some really great stuff for Ava too!  They’re also having a promo SALE now with 20% OFF so many items!

A few more picks for the LITTLE GUYS…

Ava is most definitely into a girly stage right now and loves a pretty dress and sandals! There are so many great dresses on SALE now so here

are a few favorites for the GIRLS….

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  1. Love the top knot, girl! My daughter is about to turn 2 so I am starting to spin my wheels on when to try for babe number 2. I love the age gap between Ava and Luca and it seems perfect! XO

    1. Yes! I felt like after Ava hit 2 I could see myself getting prego again. I will say having Ava potty trained and in her own big girl bed before he arrived was a huge help! Then she was also in pre school a few days a week as well! I love the age gap between A & L!

  2. You have a beautiful family! My little boy is almost one (seriously, where does the time go?!) and it was so encouraging to see that potty training went well. Obv I’m thinking ahead but have heard such horror stories! Love the boys fashion you post because it’s not always as easy to find compared to little girls.

  3. Can’t believe how big he is now! Such a cutie and I love his outfit! My little guy will be turning 1 in two weeks and I feel like time just flew by, I’m not ready for him to be 1 yet😩

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