Travel: How to Pack Carry On Only

This weekend a group of us are going to San Francisco to run our first half marathon. My hubby has become very strict with the “Carry On only luggage policy” 🙂 I was not a fan at first but with all the added fees and time it saves at check in I’ve converted to Carry On only. Its taken some time to get used to but it can be done. We will need about 6 outfits for dinners,site seeing and a quick trip to napa for some wine tasting. Heres how you can pack with only a carry on……

Here are all the items you need…easy items to roll up like maxis, rompers, One pair of skinny jeans that can be worn dressed up or down, Minimal jewelry like hoops, cocktail ring and long necklace, A knit cardigan that can be worn day or night and lastly and oversized tote you can put under your seat that contains your makeup bag and toiletries.

Here are some outfits using the same items. I would bring one pair of neutral flats for day time and one pair of killer heels for going out for dinner and drinks. I would also always throw in an LBD. You never know what may come up and will be glad you packed that extra option.

Carry on is definitely possible if you are traveling to warm places but takes some thought when packing. I have tried to do this with a trip to NYC in the winter and Toronto last year and it was not successful. Its to hard to pack all your boots, jackets and scarves into a carry on. Do you guys Carry On???

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  1. How long have you been training for the half marathon for? My knees can't seem to handle running more than 5 miles at a time. =/ I REALLY want to run a half marathon though!

  2. I agree, its so much easier to travel carryon only when going to a warm place. Things are so much lighter.

    p.s love ur blog and good luck!

  3. Thanks ladies and thank you for the support with the race! Hopefully I will make it the whole 13 miles without stopping. Ive been training for a couple months so hopefully that will pay off! xo

  4. I have only successfully carried on once, in the summer to nyc and didn't even wear all the stuff I brought. Unfortunately since then, I am a packing disaster. Have fun in San Francisco…Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the ideas!! My husband and I are going to a little island off of Nicaragua. The plane and boat there only allow 30 lbs of luggage!! This post totally helped!!

    Good luck with the race!!

  6. thank you! i needed this…it's my first time trying to only bring a carry on haha and i leave tomorrow..better get started (:..good post

  7. Thanks for the ideas for carry-on. I'm notorious for trying to pack my entire closet when I go on trips but all these extra charges have really put a stop to that. I'm going home to NC in October and I will definately be putting these tips to good use.

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