This week on Black and White is my guilty pleasure (as im sure it is yours as well!) They have some really great stuff right now! Here’s what is in my shopping cart….

I purchased this high waisted jumpsuit! They had one last month I waited to get and so regretted it when they sold out!

As mentioned in a pervious post im really getting into the velvet trend (finally) and love this sweetheart style. (Although I WISH they made it in that deep red color)

I also snagged this white backless top! I love anything open back! Were going back to Miami in a month so I figured this would be perfect for drinks!

Love the lace inserts on this silk blazer. New twist on a classic piece

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  1. I bought the white top tooo!!! If it wasnt for your blog I would have never know about this site!! Thanks for all your great fashion tips!! Love the leather jacket too!!


  2. I love the first and last pictures. So cute! I only own one blazer, and it's seriously dated. (I also can't fit into it anymore, but that's another story. LOL!)

  3. great picks! Im waiting to order until the website goes US for cheaper shipping. Not sure when thats gonna happen but I just read that it was happening.

  4. i seriously spent hours searching through asos yesterday! i could spend so much money! sometimes i have a hard time with their sizing though.

  5. thanks girls… i can do some SERIOUS damage on that site! @shaglam I heard they are having a US site as well…and cant wait. I usually do the cheapest shipping but bummed it takes almost two weeks to get here! @ Cheryl I agree… Sometimes the sizing can be tricky! @Stephanie anne your so welcome and glad you're an fan now 🙂

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