The Online Services We’re Appreciating More Now Than Ever Before!

Week four of quarantine and it’s safe to say we’re settling into our new norm. The kids are home from school for the rest of the year so between all four of us home and trying to homeschool, cook, work, and live somewhat normal lives, we’re relying on online services more than EVER right now. We’ve actually been using some of these services since forever but some I’ve recently subscribed to because it’s #necessary and thought I would share with you girls too. If you have any other services you’re loving right now too, pllllease share!

OBÉ Fitness

You girls have probably seen me share some of these workouts even pre-quarantine but more grateful for them now than ever before. I’ve been trying to step up my at-home gym situation for months now and have been loving Obé. They have a TON of live and on-demand workout classes of all kinds so whether you’re more of a boot camp girl or pilates or even dance, they’ve got you covered. They have different plans depending on your fitness level and situation, which I think is really cool since it’s all catered to the individual. It’s been a lifesaver and love that since there are so many videos, I’m not bored at all, and can choose what I want to focus on or how much time I’ve got. They offer a 30% OFF plus a 7 Day Free Trial with code (ANDEE) so if you girls are interested, definitely try it out! You can read all about how it works here but it’s definitely been a huge help keeping me sane while my gym memberships are on hold!


PVOLVE is another at home workout favorite I’ve been adding in. They focus more on small movements that you can REALLY feel the burn! You can use code ANDEE15 for 15 % OFF their services and they’re also having some major markdowns on their equipment right now. Their P Band is what I like to use for my arms as I feel it doesn’t make them bulk but just adds nice tone. Their starter kit is now $40 OFF too.

Home Chef

All I gotta say is thank the lordddd for Home Chef right now! After attempting to home school the kids and work myself, my brain has been fried at the end of these quarantine days. Anyone else?? Their recipes are super simple and they give you everything you need to make the meal including the instructions and just the right amount of ingredients to cook. You can customize your menu each week and each week they throw in new recipes so you’re always switching things up. They have offers like carb-conscious, vegetarian, under 30 min, and my favorite – you can opt-in for organic protein. We’ve loved everything we’ve made from them so far and it’s been a nice change from the same recipes we make all the time. The home delivery part has been especially helpful during these times, and let’s be honest, ALL times. They gave me a code – ANDEE100 – last month and I’m trying to get another code for you girls for this month if you want to try it out.


Anyone else’s wine intake going up lately?! I’m about to buy stock in red wine because it’s been on repeat over here. Since we’re not out and about and grabbing bottles as often as usual, the idea of Winc is perfect right now. They handpick wine they think you’ll like after you take a quiz on preferences and deliver to your door – yasss plz! It’s also a cute (contact-free) gift for someone during these times too. I just got a yearly subscription for my mom for her birthday to switch things up from the standard flower delivery (that usually dies a couple days later). You can get $20 off your first offer too!


During this time there are just certain things that I don’t want to have to think about and everyday items like my razor is def one of them. I raved about Billie Razors last year and honestly, it’s one of the random switches I made that I haven’t looked back on. They truly do work better than any razor I’ve used to date and I love that you can sign up for the subscription and don’t even have to think about reordering new cartridges. The best part is that they make a magic holder that sticks to your shower wall and the travel case is a genius addition they just came out with too. For $9! You get the handle, two blades and the magic holder! 

Amazon Fresh

I think we can all agree that Amazon Fresh is always the best and even more so right now. The first few weeks of quarantine it was a lifesaver but now it seems like the delivery dates, unfortunately, are becoming harder and harder to get. If you girls have other grocery delivery services you’re using please feel free to share but also loving…

Walmart Curbside Pickup + Delivery

Walmart has SERIOUSLY been stepping up their game lately and also is now offering free curbside pickup for groceries and 2-day delivery on a TON of inventory. From beauty products that you’re out of to games for the kids to laundry detergent, love the quick delivery option here and I’ve honestly been using them a ton.

Anyhow, these are just a few of the online services we’re using and appreciating a lot right now so wanted to share them. What are you girls relying on right now?


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