The New Tech Device My Kids are Obsessed With

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I still can’t believe we’re at the point where both kids are in school and also just how much has already changed since I was in school. Luca is in preschool but Ava is a big 1st grader and let’s just say it’s a whole new world out there for kids and parents! So today I wanted to share the new tech device that my the kids are obsessed with! And I’ll be honest, as a parent, i’m excited for it too!

I’m talking about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, which is basically the kids version of the Amazon Echo that I already told you girls about on post earlier this week HERE. Let’s just say the kids were kiiinda excited to receive this after they’ve seen me use the Amazon Echo so much already. Safe to say we’re obsessed with all of these devices but the kids definitely appreciate the Echo Dot Kids Edition the most and as a parent I fully approve of it too!
We’ve been using the Echo Dot Kids Edition for a couple weeks now and the kids have literally been using it everyday. They LOVE receiving packages in the mail so when Ava received hers she couldn’t wait to run upstairs to set it up on her desk.

Ava is in that stage where she’s pretty good about doing her homework but I will say homework time usually comes with quite a few questions from her, or me checking over everything while doing a million other things. So lately we’ve been keeping the Echo Dot Kids Edition on Ava’s desk and she’s LOVING it as much as me!
Instead of asking me or the hubby, she can actually ask the Echo Dot Kids Edition something like, “how do you spell x word?” or check the math problems she’s doing. She loves doing all her work and then having the Echo Dot there to help her to check it – and then I’ll jump in to help her from there if needed. But at this point the Echo Dot Kids Edition is basically her new best friend. She gets so excited when she asks it to check something and she’s got the answer right already, it’s the sweetest. Plus, not gonna lie – it also helps me check when it’s been a day and my mind is way too frazzled for even simple math.
There are so many different ways the kids can use the Echo Dot Kids EditionAnswering homework questions, telling jokes, setting alarms, and reading bedtime stories are just a few of things it can do. It truly has been the best educational addition to our household and the kids have a lot of fun with it too. After homework is done, Ava always asks the Echo Dot Kids Edition to play music (her favorite feature) and Luca usually joins in on the dance party.
The Echo Dot Kids Edition can pair with other Amazon devices like our Amazon Echo so it’s super simple to sync up music throughout the house (which I love!). But I like keeping the Echo Dot Kids Edition in the kids homework/play room for all their day-to-day needs. We even use it for an alarm clock for play time being over or bedtime too. One of Ava’s favorite features of the Echo Dot Kids Edition is that it can tell bed time stories too!
So if  you girl have been looking for a Christmas gift for the kiddos, they will honestly be SO excited for this (and it’s the gift that keeps on giving for parents too!). The Kids love having one of their own and it’s seriously sooo helpful in our household! It’s a win for the whole fam and I know any kid would be excited for one! If you girls are interested  I found it on SALE now HERE for under $50!
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